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Catching up with Keith Vaz from Tropics on SXSW

Keith Vaz and his bandmates from Tropics took a trip to play SXSW in Texas last month. He brought his trusty La Sardina along to capture some of the fun, and checked in to let us know how they're getting on.

Introducing The New Russar+ Lens, Now Available For Pre-Order!

Our new lens, the super wide angle Russar+ has landed and is ready for pre-order! Read on to find out more about this stunning modern reinvention of a legendary Russian lens ...

Fresh, Impressive Snaps Taken with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator

Take a peek at this selection of lomographs picked from the latest uploads in the community!

David Marquis shares his experience with the new Petzval Lens

The Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens is one fine (re)invention, and more photographers are sharing their Petzval photos to the rest of the world. Another Petzval artist has agreed to share his photos and insight to inspire all of you: David Marquis.

A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 5

The wait for our mystery product is almost over! Here is one last clue before the big reveal tomorrow, April 10th!

An Analogue Roadtrip to the Petzval Museum in Spišská Belá, Slovakia

Once we heard that just a few hours away from Vienna in a small town called Spišská Belá exists a Joseph Petzval Museum, we knew we had to pack our cameras and hit the road.

A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 3

We have a great animal themed clue today for our new mystery product! Take a look after the jump to find out more and take your guess what it could be. All will be unveiled on April 10th!

A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 4

It's the fourth day of clues for our mystery product. This time we'll be introducing you to a few of our character's close friends ...

Priscilla Ahn hangs out with the Diana F+

Priscilla Ahn is an acclaimed singer-songwriter based out of LA. Priscilla took the Diana F+ out on the road just after the release of her new album, "This Is Where We Are."

A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 1

Attention! Soon, we will introduce you to a new character here at Lomography. And not only that, this is someone rather special – head past the jump to find out more and start guessing what could be on the way!

A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 2

It's time for our 2nd mystery product clue! To lead you closer to our quality character, today here are 5 important events that happened in Russia during the year 1958 ...but what connection do they have to our new friend?

Our Analogue Photo Petzval Shoot At Lomography HQ

From its vintage 19th century design to the fantastic, creative and unique photos it produces, the Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Art Lenses just oozes analogue. We set up a mini photo studio at Lomography HQ a few days ago and got snap happy with the New Petzval attached to the Canon EOS 5 film camera. Check out the results after the jump!

Are You Searching For Super Spray? Don’t Be Fooled This April 1st!

Oh no, we are terribly sorry! Alas, our amazing Lomography Super Photo Spray is only a pipe-dream invented by us cheeky chaps for April Fool’s Day! Whilst this Super Spray would be pretty awesome (if the photos didn’t take quite so long to develop!), there are still all kinds of ways you can enjoy analogue photography this very minute...

Brock Scott takes the new Petzval Lens to Panama

Brock Scott is an Atlanta-based artist and the lead singer of the band Little Tybee. As part of his efforts to produce a video for a TEDx event in the Panamanian Jungle, he visited Kalu Yala -- a sustainable jungle settlement for entrepreneurs and tropical cowboys. A special opportunity like this certainly calls for a special lens, and Brock brought none other than the new Petzval Lens with him.

Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: Sid Ceaser

Sid Ceaser is a portrait photographer who specializes in studio and location work for bands and musicians who are in need of images to use for publicity, press kit, cd/album artwork, and promotional purposes. His work is clean, crisp and compelling. Through this interview, he shares his experience with the Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens.

Brazilian photographer documents David Bowie tribute concert with the new Petzval Lens

To complement “David Bowie is,” a touring retrospective exhibit organized by The Victoria and Albert Museum, London that revolves around the prolific career of David Bowie and is currently ongoing at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in São Paulo, Brazil, the MIS as part of its Stereo MIS series of musical projects, held a David Bowie Tribute concert featuring a few of Brazil’s homegrown talents earlier this month. Letícia Godoy, a photographer for the museum and one of our Kickstarter Petzval supporters, documented the highlights of the concert with the help of the Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens, and here is a gallery of her photos.

Konstrukting The Impossible at Lomography HQ

We tried to turn a display piece into a working camera and the result was ... a great success! Read on here to discover the magic formula.

LomoAmigo: Singer and Songwriter Ceylan Ertem

Musician Ceylan Ertem couldn’t stop taking pictures despite her busy schedule last November. In this interview, she shares her experience with the Diana F+.

Mark Goslingstar in his Film and Toy Camera World

One of the great things about photography is that we can look at the world and preserve that image on print instead of just looking at it again and again in our heads. Also, we can create a world as we’d like it to be – with everything just the way we like them.

Photography artist Bobby Sham shares his enthusiasm for the Petzval lens

Bobby Sham is a photography artist and large format photography and Petzval enthusiast based in Hong Kong. He is also an art administrator and the secretary of the Hong Kong Photographic Cultural Association, one of the Initiators of Hong Kong Photo Festival. He shares with us photos that he took using a large-format camera and an original Petzval Lens, as well as his Lomography x Zenit test shots. He also grants an interview with Lomography Hong Kong and shares his enthusiasm for – and insight regarding – taking photographs with the Petzval lens.

Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: Driely S

Hailing from Brazil and now in busy NYC, this young photographer accepted our challenge to take the Petzval Lens to one of the most busy and moving events of the city: The Fashion Week.

Photo Stories: Barrel of Death by snoop

At first glance, this image seemed like that of a band having a sound check on stage. But scrutiny reveals something more exciting, and the story unravels a feat that is death-defying.

Photoshoot At Lomography HQ With The Petzval Lens!

We can't get enough of shooting with the new Petzval Art Lens! Have a look at what went down when we got in front of that luscious Russian lens at the Lomography HQ ...

LomoAmigo: The Away Days

This month's LomoAmigo is an indie band from Istanbul --- The Away Days. The band shot its personal musical world with the Lomography's Fisheye No.2. Take a look at their wonderful photos and read our interview with the band's guitarist and lead vocals, Oğuzcan Özen.

Richmond Lam Shoots With The Petzval

LomoAmigo Richmond Lam recently tested the Lomography Petzval Lens out in Hong Kong and we're pleased to share his shots with you after the jump!

Impossible to Possible: Taking a Picture with the Konstruktor Transparent

Our product, the Konstruktor Transparent Edition, is purely for display purposes and not for photographic use. Its unique see-through body makes it impossible for anybody to take pictures. However, a Japanese creator named Naga-san used some tricks to make taking photos possible! How did he do it!? Read on to discover what kind of tricks he used.

Shooting with the Lomography Petzval x Zenit Lens in NYC

One of my biggest passions has always been to walk around the city, day or night, aimlessly, without a plan or a specific destination. The pleasure of " kicking " the streets and finding new places, environments and people, is reason enough to get out and move your feet.

See A Few Picks From Geoffrey Berliner's Massive Petzval Collection

We've featured Geoffrey Berliner in the Lomography Magazine as an avid collector of vintage Petzval Lenses. Curious to see what these vintage lenses look like? Here are a few picks from his collection!

From the Magazine Team: Send Your Letters to the Editors

Your thoughts and opinions count, and we are here to listen. Send your Letters to the Editors and be heard.

Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: Hans Hendley

Hans has been an ardent lover of analogue photography for over 15 years. His photos, while beautiful, denotes sensitivity; he lets us see his surroundings in an almost poetic, sensual way. He presents space in a kind of erotic way. Hans, who was part of the Lomography team for over three years, was one of the first enthusiasts to shoot his analogue Nikon camera with the new Lomography Petzval x Zenit Lens.

Peter Atwood’s Custom Aperture Plates for the New Petzval Art Lens

Say “Hi!” to our community’s very own Peter Atwood aka clickiemcpete’s nifty, custom-made aperture plates for his Petzval Lens!

Jeanne Hilary and the Am I Invisible? Photo Exhibit

We have teamed up with Bicycle Utopia NYC for their Open Call and exhibition entitled "Am I Invisible? A Portrait of New York City Bicyclists." As you prepare your photos for submission, take time to meet the lovely woman and the great photographer behind this project: Jeanne Hilary.

The Much-Loved LomoKev is the Now a LomoAmigo

Years have gone by and for some reason the well-known, much-loved LomoKev has never been a LomoAmigo. He has finally joined the club and is now one. Get to know the highly talented Lomographer, LomoKev!

Presenting Colleen Pesci of the NYC Lomo Community

Originally from the Midwest, Colleen now lives in New York and is one of the most active photographers in our community as well as one of the most ardent patrons of our LomoLab.

Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: Conrad Bauer

Actor, Skateboarder, Photographer, Lomography Store Staff; this guy definitely has talent! He is also the first person I know who was brave enough to shoot his very first Lomography Petzval photos with an analogue Nikon camera. Enjoy a beautiful snowy day in Berlin and meet our LomoAmigo Conrad Bauer.

Vibrant Color Photographs of Youth by Lindsey Lee

We all know here in the community that film is not dead and that it continues to gain popularity among the younger demographic. Just take Lindsey Lee and her amazing film photographs. See more of Lindsey’s works after the cut.

100 Fantastic LC-A and LC-Wide Photos

We're always at a loss for words when it comes to the Lomo LC-A, Lomo LC-A+ and Lomo LC-Wide cameras. How can these unassuming, compact-sized cameras produce such breathtaking photos? Here we present to you with 100 of our favorites (although of course we love tons more too). Want to share your favorite LC-A or LC-Wide shot with us? Why not post a link to it in the comments so we have even more shots to admire!

Minifanfan Customizes the Lomography Konstruktor: Meet Castle Dream

Malaysian Artist Minifanfan (依凡) loves all things handmade and has customized her very own Lomography Konstruktor: Castle Dream which we can't wait to show you after the jump, along with a how-to by the artist herself!

Fashion Portraits by Dallas Nagata White Taken Using the New Petzval Art Lens

As more of our New Petzval Lenses find their way to their lucky owners, more amazing first snaps start surfacing for us to ogle and marvel at! Today, we're thrilled to share with our readers and fellow community members some Petzval fashion portraits coming all the way from Hawaii, taken by fashion and editorial photographer Dallas Nagata White!