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Most Popular Photo Last Year: August 1, 2011

One of the world's most popular landmark, the Taj Mahal, is definitely a subject to photograph. With its beauty and living elegance, you just can't say no to this one!

Shooting in MONO !
Fotoensayo: Luz y Sombra
¡Gracias SYE!
I wanted a BMX
a walk through the fields
Scenery around the western parts of Yemen
On the Second Day of Spring, Poppy Flowers Incarnate into Women. tribute to LORCA
Flowers in my Grandma's abandoned room

Seeing Doubles: Painting Your Own Unique Image

Double exposures has become one of the important identities of analogue photography. Every double/multiple exposure image is unique. We got the freedom to paint whatever image we wanted with double/multiple exposure. The possibilities are unlimited.

Psychedelic Like Lomographs

Are you seeing red leaves, yellow skin, green skies, and white trees? Hey, you must be hallucinating! Or maybe not because they might just be psychedelic infrared Lomographs!

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012: Show Us What You've Got Competition

Here we are again. Even if you still don't know what to do this summer, and consequently see September as a month too far away, we are here to provide you with a nice little program. September = Vogue Fashion Night Out, write it down in your calendar. Want to know what this competition is about? Read on.

DWT Austin Workshop - Diana F+: An Introduction

What is this lovely medium format plastic beauty? What does her dreamy lens have to offer? Find out in this workshop, perfect for your first time with the Diana F+.

50,000 Gummy Bears

What weighs 220 pounds, looks like a rainbow, and is an homage to Alexander McQueen? Read on to find out how editor-in-chief Hissa Igarashi and fashion editor Sayuri Murakami created a show-stopper for the debut issue of TWELV Magazine.

(Possibly) The World's Smallest Tintypes Taken Using the Fisheye Baby 110

That's right folks, you're reading it right! What could be the the teeniest tintype photographs in history were recently taken using the Fisheye Baby 110 camera. We know you want to know more, so go ahead and read on!

Local Charities Benefiting from Diana World Tour Austin!

The Diana World Tour is on display from Thursday, July 19, through Tuesday, September 4, culminating in a LIVE AUCTION of prints to the benefit of local Austin charities from 6:00 - 8:00 pm!

Cherry Blossom Girl.

If Slides Had Flavors

What if slide films were labeled in flavors? Have you ever wondered which one would be the strawberry? Or watermelon? Read on to see what flavorful slides will suit your taste buds or should I say, your eyes!

An Analogue in Analogue

We all have been thanking our trusted analogue cameras for all those beautiful shots we have taken -- and the love for these fancy cameras just can't be denied; it's true and it's indescribable.

Birds in your stomach

Let Your Cameras Shine!

Too bad, your vintage cameras are only collecting dust in your drawers. Well, we've got a Tipster for you, how to let your cameras shine brighter then ever.

Into the Darkroom: Developer Trays of Famous Photographers

In his ongoing "Developer Trays" series, John Cyr aims to preserve the antiquated process of silver gelatin printing by documenting the paraphernalia used by famed photographers and institutions. See the darkroom developing trays once owned by masters like Ansel Adams, Sally Mann, and the Smithsonian.

Polaroid Super Shooter Plus - Instant Gratification!

If you thought Polaroid was dead, think again. The Polaroid Super Shooter Plus is a fantastic camera. It's one of several in a series of "rigid body" Polaroids that take instant peel-apart pack film.

Roses in the sky