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Marikina City Lomowalk with Shutter Revolution Peeps
Marikina City Lomowalk with Shutter Revolution Peeps
Marikina City Lomowalk with Shutter Revolution Peeps

If Slides Had Flavors

What if slide films were labeled in flavors? Have you ever wondered which one would be the strawberry? Or watermelon? Read on to see what flavorful slides will suit your taste buds or should I say, your eyes!

Group Picture

A Glimpse of My Fisheye World on Canvass

I have a good idea on how to give colour to my boring room. It is by making artworks. I am onto my second piece when I thought of transforming my Lomographic photo into another form of art, a painting. I wanted to incorporate my love for lomography into other things as well.

Rainbow Bright: Circles X Squares Doubles

A Lomography Colorsplash Camera, a more than ten years expired Kodak Elite II slide film, and an idea of making doubles with circles and squares. Any clue what it looks like? Read on!

If My Cameras Were Ball Players

The NBA season is close to its culmination, with Oklahoma, as of the moment, waiting for the winner of the Miami-Boston series. In this spirit, let me introduce you to my team of cameras, in basketball style.

Walking Through Quiapo

A trip, deep into the heart of Manila, along the Quiapo streets less taken. It can be argued the the district of Quiapo is the very heart of the Manila; a microcosms of sort. It is divided by Quezon Boulevard into two general areas. In the better known part, one can locate the Quiapo Church, Raon, and the haven for photographers, Hidalgo Street. The other side, however, seems to be typically less explored by local tourists.

Even Cameras Have Names

I know some people who name their favorite things. As for us lomo enthusiasts, I won’t be surprised if most people here also give names to their cameras. This article is about how, why, and where my cameras got their names.

A Lomographic Love Poem

This is just a short and sweet poem I wrote. I hope you lomo lovers will like it!

Lomography Started a New Lifestyle for Me: An Introduction to My Lomographic Experience

A better way to start sharing my experience is through an introduction about how I started my Lomography journey. I needed something as a change in my lifestyle during my college days. It was back in 2008 when I discovered Lomography through a magazine (Seventeen Magazine) featuring the Holga 120 CFN and Fisheye 2 and a TV show where Team Manila was featured.

Quiapo Lomowalk Outtakes
Whilst We Wait
Whilst We Wait

Memento Mori: Men

A few months ago, we introduced you to the eerie practice of Post-Mortem Photography, also known as Memento Mori. It must have caught you off-guard last time, so now, we're giving a warning--the photos and stories after the jump are not for the faint-hearted. Let's start the series with portraits of men, taken shortly after their passing.

Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: The Amityville Ghost

A few weeks ago, we promised another scary story on the reported hauntings in the Ocean Avenue house immortalized in the Amityville films. So, allow us to show a very creepy snapshot taken inside the house and the story behind it!

Memento Mori: Women

The practice of post-mortem photography in the Victorian Era made it possible for some women to look their best until the very last moment. For today's Memento Mori installment, lets take a look at some portraits of women who remained beautifully serene even in death.

Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: Sefton Church Ghost

Today's creepy ghost photo takes us to another old church in England, where a ghostly figure in black was photographed in 1999. Who could be the eerie specter photographed standing inside the ancient church?

Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: Lord Combermere

Continuing with the creepy series in preparation for Halloween, let us take a look at another interesting ghost photograph: Lord Combermere sitting in his library, taken in 1891.

Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: Freddy Jackson

For today's dose of horror, we present to you another popular spooky photo taken in 1919, believed to be showing the ghost of Freddy Jackson.

Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: Tulip Staircase Ghost

Moving onto the next creepy snapshot for this Halloween series, let us take a look at a gritty black and white photo showing a phantom figure clutching the staircase railing. Prepare to be spooked by the Tulip Staircase Ghost!

American Memorial Cemetery, Manila

The American Memorial Cemetery located in The BGC, Manila is not just another memorial cemetery. It boasts of a rich Filipino-American history which dates back to World War II.

Out to Sea: Magalawa Island, Zambales

A worry-free vacation awaits you at Magalawa Island in Zambales. This place spoils you too much and you'll never want to leave. And the best thing is, it's light on the pocket.

Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: The Brown Lady

October has just begun and before we know it, Halloween will soon be quick on its heels to terrify us. So, let us get ready for the fright night by revisiting some of the creepiest ghost photos ever taken, starting with one of the most popular: "The Brown Lady."

35 Reasons to love 35mm Film

Film truly is a Photographer’s best friend - And to prove it, here are 35 reasons to love 35mm film (or any kind of film for that matter!).

Across the Globe in a 1935 London Taxi

How far can a taxi take you? For a couple in the summer of 1955, there was no limit to where a London taxi could land them. Read the story of Alfred and Jakobine, who went on a road trip around the world in a vintage London taxi.

Royal Family Snapshots: The Romanov Family Albums

In observance of Russian Family Contact Day, let us take a glimpse on the life of the Romanov Family, the last of Russia's monarchs, through beautiful photos from their family albums.

Women's Hairstyles Circa 1938-1940

Trendy and eye-catching hairstyles are part of every era's fashion statement. Let's take a look at how women styled their lovely locks to complete their look during 1938 to 1940.

Going Back to the Birthplace of LOMO LC-A

Ever since I got my first LC-A+, I started to get curious and wanted to know about the camera and its origin. A rare chance came along to travel to Russia in June 2011 and I immediately jumped on it. Thus, my journey to the birthplace of LOMO LC-A begins!

Last But Not the Least: Adolf Hitler's Last Photo

On April 28, 1945, Adolf Hitler was photographed outside his bunker in Berlin, inspecting the damage caused by a bombing. It turned out to be the last photo ever taken of the German politician and Nazi leader, as he committed suicide with his long-time partner two days later.

User Blogs of the Week

We've got ten beautifully written blog articles here prepared with love by members of the community. Check them out after the jump!

Sixteen Times the Fun

We all know that the Lomography Supersampler is four times the fun compared to a regular plastic camera. But what if we do doubles with it, and use two masks? 4 lenses x 2 exposures x 2 masks = 16 times the fun!

Analogue Adventures with Momo the Siamese Cat!

In celebration of World Cat Day, I decided to share my analogue adventures with my mischievous yet purr-fectly paw-some feline baby, Momotaro the Siamese Cat!

How Tintype Photographs Are Made

Tintype, one earliest photographic processes known to man, has made its mark in the history of photography, but very few are familiar with it at this time and age. Here, we'll show you some interesting videos on how tintypes are made.

Toys, Collectibles, Cosplayers, and More in Analog!

I make sure I don't miss the annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention usually held around the 3rd week of June. This year was my first time to capture the convention's interesting people, exhibits, and goodies in film!

CD-R King Camera

This camera package is as cheap as it gets. For the price alone, it is a must have!

Memento Mori: Spooky Post Mortem Photography

During the Victorian Era, people honored and immortalized their dearly departed in a unique and rather eerie way--by photographing them moments after death. Take a look at some interesting post-mortem photographs that will make your hairs stand on end.