New photos for my article: Lift your soles up and... smile!


This is an update to my previous article … now lift up your legs, show your soles, relax and… smile! It’s so easy… and fun! Enjoy!

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Vivid colors in these great photos!

Crédits: atakancavus

Four great smiles and two little nice soles! Wonderful smile and very nice feet!

Crédits: renrep

From a nice smile to two nice soles in a funny use of the supersampler!

Crédits: ishoxi

Nice friendship and nice colors!

Crédits: zharenkov

And in a pool is so fun!

Crédits: sugiyamasatomi

Three great photos!

Crédits: sebastien

Here other masterpieces in black and white:

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A great repros!

Crédits: marant69

Nice soles, nice pose, cute little feet… add a smile!

Crédits: cristinamxm

A little variation in the pose, with nice dirty soles!

Crédits: paules

This woman is smiling, I’m sure!

Crédits: wil6ka, insanamente, sammyhoi, peterbalogh, endowaty, sushi_9009, frida_bernstein, xgitte, lomovan & chappelow

Lift your soles up… and love!

Crédits: ohoska

Here a nice crossprocessing:

Crédits: future_analog

This is a photo with a great light

Crédits: verismokid

Nice colors, and wonderful hair!

Crédits: masha_njam

And here… nice light leaks!

Crédits: alvchrist

Nice smiles and nice sprock…feet!

Crédits: noomink

Lift up and smile… on the water!

Crédits: chamielicious, marshall4480, ohoska & melvin1011

or… in a pilates exercise!

Crédits: barakalofi

Nice soft contrast in these black and white photos:

Crédits: ug_a

Reading time…

Crédits: deriz

… in complete freedom!

Crédits: quintavius

Very interesting colours!

Crédits: dreamseller

Lift your soles up… and phone!

Crédits: playstoppause

Hold your foot up… and smile with your friends!

Crédits: yonosoydeaqui & cwyeung

Great soft tones! And thanks for the smile!

Crédits: cynthiaj

SprockFEET meeting in Taiwan!

Crédits: lomographytaipei

Nice friends… nice smiles!

Crédits: melly_ramone

A little foot lifted up… but great smiles here!

Crédits: maryjane

Four great photos!

Crédits: jazzamattic

The gilr with her legs lifted up was smiling! I’m sure!

Crédits: paytenpurdy

Nice light in this wonderful redscale…. next time lift up both legs!

Crédits: mijc

Four nice black and white! Love the d.o.f.!

Crédits: systemchalk

Lift your feet up… floating on the sea! And smile!

Crédits: missmarion

Nice poses in a bed!

Crédits: theproperscoundrel

And other nice nudes!

Crédits: quintavius & jakobboehm

Two masterpieces… fly girl, fly!

Crédits: escudero

Even in the water… lift your feet up!

Crédits: allieburl, die_steffi & nicksholga

Lift your soles up, smile and… spin!

Crédits: estrellla

Hold your feet up on a mat… and take some photos!

Crédits: medizz

Smile to save the world! And … Happy feet!

written by sirio174 on 2013-05-26


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