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The Future is Analogue: The Oldest Photo Negative in Existence!

As we ponder how the future is full of all things analogue, let's take all take a look back and view the oldest photography negative in existence, dating back to 1835!

The Million Piggies Giveaway: Day 5 – The Grand Giveaway!!!

Thanks so much for all of you who have taken part in our Million Piggies challenges over the past four days – It’s now the final day and here’s what we’re going to do…We’re letting all the remaining Piggies loose!!!!

Lab Rats - Evidence of the Body!

The laboratory has been recently disturbed with a series of case studies begging to be examined. Lab Rat novices wondered aloud on the Lomography blog. about the effects of body processes on film emulsions. Without a smidge of hesitation, we sent out our volunteers on three highly-delicate missions. View the reports at your own risk.

Dr. Lab's Tipsters Using Organic Materials

How do you bring back overtones, nuances, smells, shades, dirt and dust in your analogue pictures? A bunch of experimental Lomographers (there are a lot of you!) has been keeping us busy with Do-It-Yourself techniques for quite some time now. Now we present to you a compilation of some of the best Tipsters using organic materials!

Diana Multi Pinhole Operator: Multi Image Madness

I'm a sucker for pinhole cameras so when the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator showed up at the Lomography store awhile back, I knew I had to have one.

Sprockets on the Level

This simple "mod" will help you compose your Sprocket Rocket shots.

Help Japan - A Hug Goes a Long Way

It's time to send Japan some strong Lomo Love an Support. Join this competition and show the people of Japan how the Lomography Community is here for them! Read after the jump for more information.

Gakken Stereo Pinhole Camera

Gakken Stereo Pinhole Camera, is a DIY camera from a Japan magazine, is very simple to assemble. This is not my 1st roll of film to try out this Gakken Stereo Pinhole Camera.

Come on! Let’s Do the Color Process!

Since I got into analogue photography, I´ve only developed one roll in the lab: they took one day to develop and scan it, and then I found out they hadn’t scanned the sprocket holes… I really needed a scanner and knowledge on processing/developing!!

How To Be As Happy As Epicurus

Tired of that daily digital grind? Want to take a different approach to life? Why not try out these awesome tips from the Ancient Greek self-help guru Epicurus!

Organic to inorganic

No, not the rallying cry of Monsanto and other big bio-tech companies who want us to eat genetically engineered food, but a simple tip for creating eye catching multiple exposures.

Redscale Rocket

Here's one more feature to add to the awesomeness of the Sprocket Rocket - dead simple redscale shots.

Leave the Digital Grind Behind

Turn on your computer. Check your inbox, social network, synchronize your phone. Rub your aching eyes and wonder why you communicate all day every day without really talking to anybody. Wake up! It doesn’t have to be this way - Leave that digital grind behind and embrace Lomography’s 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future! Join our biggest rumble ever, find out how to get the posters or place an order in the Shop to get some free Posters and enjoy time travelling film prices in your analogue life!

Happy to Have Film Rumble

Have you ever had an experience where a backup roll of film in your bag or in your car become a centerpiece of an epic tale? Tell us and win Piggies!

The War Against Photography

We've all heard and experienced it one time time or another. You're just minding your own business taking a few snapshots with your Lomo cameras when out of nowhere, uniformed individuals accost you and demand that you either show them a permit or stop shooting. This is the war against photography. Know your rights!

Not an Alchemist? Then This is for You!

Chromogenic monochrome film. For all those who value the convenience of C-41 processing over total control.

35 Reasons to love 35mm Film

Film truly is a Photographer’s best friend - And to prove it, here are 35 reasons to love 35mm film (or any kind of film for that matter!).

Go Analogue For a Day Rumble

Can you live without the internet for a day? How about your laptop or computer? Your Phone? We challenge you guys to try it out for a day and tell us your experiences!

20 Analogue Acts of Kindness

Simple acts of kindness sometimes get forgotten amongst the business and busy-ness of everyday life. We’re often too occupied sending that email, editing that playlist or updating our status to pay attention to what’s happening in the real world. Let’s change that! Leave that digital grind behind for a moment and try out some of our analogue acts of kindness – Simple photographic ideas for making a positive impact on the people around you!

Todd Bieber Finds Owner of Missing NYC Blizzard Roll!

Do you still remember the incredible news of the lost film roll in New York early in the year? Well, it seems that Todd Bieber, the film maker who found the roll, has finally found the elusive owner!

Little Photographer Mermaid

How to transform a normal roll into a special effects one.

New Feature: Add Time and Date to Your Photos

We've added a new feature in the lab and photos: adding a date and time to your photos. In this article we'll let you know how to do that and tell you where to find it (right now hidden) in photos.

The manual Light-leak effect

A pure experiment. It is an all-or-nothing tipster. It all began with a small accident...

Download the Future Is Analogue Posters!

You can now download the Future is Analogue Posters for free - So wherever you are in the world, you can spread the analogue love and take part in our Shoot Your Prophecy Rumble!!

Awkward Family Photos Rumble

Admit it. No matter how much you try to deny it, we all know you have an embarrassing and incriminating family photo at home and we want to see it!

Piggies: An Updated Guide

Our 'refresh' of the Online Magazine wouldn't be complete without a Piggy Update - Be in the know about the lowdown on how it's going to be from now on! Do not fret, as it's all for the community's favor! The more you contribute, the more Piggies you get to spend!

Invite Your Friends Rumble

Love Lomography? Good because in this rumble we want you to spread the analogue word and get your friends to join too! We've got some yummy prizes!

The 10 Prophecies Desktop Backgrounds

You can now download all 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future as desktop backgrounds - So go ahead and decorate your computer with true lomographic style!

Shoot Your Prophecy Rumble

We’re giving 3 people the chance to take the trip of a lifetime and visit the Lomography headquarters in Vienna! Read on to find out what you’ve got to do for a chance to win.

RAUWesome Photo Rumble

Explosive, extreme and dangerously sexy – this sums up Holland’s most exciting club night: RAUW. It's all in the name, 'Rauw' means 'raw' in Dutch. Together with the RAUWesome crew we proudly launch this RAUWesome Photo Rumble where it's all about natural, rude and realness - we want your RAUWesome Lomographs!

A Red World

Fuji T64 Pro is a very good film to Xpro with. It gives a red colour when it is Xpro, in my case.

Kodak Elitechrome EB (35mm, 100 iso)

Realized your roll of Kodak Elitechrome EB is expired?? No worries! It still delivers good shots!

You and Your Camera Rumble

We want photos of you and your partner in crime, the Thelma to your Louise, the Bonnie to your Clyde - what else but you and your camera!

Ship, Ship Hooray!

Beat the blues! Visit the Lomography online Shop and fill up your shopping carts. We're offering free and discounted shipping all over the world until 23rd February!

Light Spirographs

You may remember the lowly Spirograph toy from your youth and the joy of geometric art it created. Now you can mix your love of old time kitschy toys with your love of lomo.

Artists & Alchemists

A new documentary is beeing produced about the revival of historical photograph processes.

Basics of Multiple Exposures

Multiple exposures defined as a a frame of the negative being exposed twice or more to create a single photograph, but sometimes you forget to wind the film and press the shutter again, a surprise will come out after you develop the film.

Developing Color Negative Film in B/W Chemicals,

I always wanted to know what happens if I develop color negative films in b/w chemicals. i just gave it a try! and I liked it!

Double Exposures with Any Camera!

It is very simple, but also very fiddly, to do a double exposure with any camera, and it can be done in a few easy steps.

Twitter Jeopardy

Everybody loves Jeopardy! So let's play some Lomography Jeopardy in Twitter and you can win some piggy points to spend on the Online Shop!