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Reviews on Rewind: LC-Wide

Wanna take a ride on the wide side? Check out these Reviews on Rewind and learn more about the Lomo LC-Wide, our very own full-frame, feature-packed snapper. You'll be wide-eyed in wonder in no time!

Meet Malaysia Community LomoAmigo: maduz

I’m glad to introduce our newest LomoAmigo, Firdauz Ghazali, otherwise known as maduz. You’ve probably seen him around, you know, the quirky guy with the gas mask on? Get to know more about Firdaus as he is this week’s Community LomoAmigo!

Shoot that Scene with the LC-Wide

It is undeniable that a compact analogue camera is the best companion when you're out on the road or on a trip. It's easy to use and definitely easy to carry!

If Slides Had Flavors

What if slide films were labeled in flavors? Have you ever wondered which one would be the strawberry? Or watermelon? Read on to see what flavorful slides will suit your taste buds or should I say, your eyes!



Industrial beauty
Industrial beauty
Something Industrial
old piano
Old days
I Swear
Old days
Nagoya city night
Nagoya city night
Highway colours
Nagoya city night
Nagoya city night

Make Your SuperSampler Fly!

Here's one tipster that is almost not one, but rather a boldness and nothing more. Read about how you can make your SuperSampler fly after the jump!

Add Colour to Those Sequential SuperSampler Shots!

You love those Supersampler shots but after some time, don't you think you always get the same old sequential shots? Add some color gel filters, and TADA! Your boring shots immediately become fantastic!

The Lomographer's Survival Kit

Just because we lomographers are carefree snapshooters doesn't mean we don't need some essential tools and supplies when we're out in the field. Let me share with you some of the basic stuff you can easily find and put together to create a Survival Kit!

Dreams Do Come True: adi_totp In India #3

After a funny day at Jaipur, I continued my journey to The Perfect Lake City in Rajasthan, Udaipur! I think Udaipur is already known by many people because of James Bonds's Octopussy. Oh well, I will not talk about Roger Moore here but let's see this very beautiful city that touched my heart. Yes, I'm in love with Udaipur!

Homemade Splitzer for the Lomo LC-Wide

Adoring all those wonderful photos done with the help of splitzer, I decided to make one for my Lomo LC-wide as well. The results are very nice and what is better you can make the splitzer in 10 minutes and achieve great results with stronger vignettes.

Lomo stash

Meet Malaysia's Active Community Members from Sarawak #4: cutebun

This month, let's go across South China Sea and hit the shore of East Malaysia! We are going to feature some of our most active community members located in Sarawak! Today, let's explore the biggest state of Malaysia together with Cutebun aka Sherrie Pui!

Horizon Perfekt 的日与夜 —— 地平线相机简配版攻略之“白天”

本次用 Horizon Perfekt 配合 Lomography x tungsten 64 35mm 和 Lomography color negative 400 35mm 2款胶片,为新入手Horizon Perfekt 的玩家做一个简单攻略,希望可以帮到大家!

Horizon Perfekt 的日与夜 —— 地平线相机简配版攻略之“黑夜”

本次用 Horizon Perfekt 配合 Lomography x tungsten 64 35mm 和 Lomography color negative 400 35mm 2款胶片,为新入手Horizon Perfekt 的玩家做一个简单攻略,希望可以帮到大家!这是文章的第二部分,关于夜色下的 Horizon Perfekt。

Super Selfies: Fun with Self-Portraits

I believe that a lot of lomographers out there like to do self-portraits. It is a fun thing to do. Find out why I enjoy taking self-portraits!

20 Terrific Lomography X-Tungsten Photos from the Community

Since it joined the roster of Lomography's line of films, the X-Tungsten 64 has been steadily making its way into every lomographer's list of favorite and wanted films. Why exactly? Well, we'll let some 25 marvelous photos from the community tell you why!

Mongolian Kids' First-Time Reaction to their Own Image on a Fuji Instax Mini

I leave you with a video that shows some Mongolian nomad kids' cute reactions after seeing for the first time their image on a Fuji Instax Mini.

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200: An Elegant and Retro Film

I had always wanted to try redscale films but I was put off by the intense fiery reds of Lomography Redscale 100. That was, until I discovered the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200!

Cherry Blossom Girl.

Letter from the Editor: Updated Guidelines for Lomography Magazine Submissions

Got analogue ideas? We want them! Read up on our freshest Magazine updates for your article submissions and learn how you can get your masterpieces published right away!

Magazine Update: Lomography Reviews Section Submission Guidelines

The Reviews Section is all about sharing your thoughts and insights on the best Lomography and analogue gear out there. In this updated set of guidelines, we seek to explain what we are looking for in a Review submission. We want to encourage personal freedom but also point out what to keep in mind before you submit a work to this section. Remember that these are only guidelines though, they’re not rules!

Magazine Update: Lomography Lifestyle Section Submission Guidelines

The Analogue Lifestyle section caters to community members and analogue enthusiasts who wish to share and discover what’s happening in the world. From short essays and real life stories, to special interest pieces and critiques, this section examines all things analogue!