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My Wedding Shoot

I like to take the picture of weddings. I can feel a sense of satisfaction and joy with each moment of happiness and beauty that I could capture using film and a Lomography camera.

Rare Kodak Video Shows the Making of Medium Format Films

Ever wondered how the films we all love and crave for are made? Kodak has the answer, in an interesting 1958 documentary showing early production process of medium format films!

Mary's Photo Diary: A Love Affair with My Canon AE-1

As promised, here is Mary's first entry for her very own Photo Diary series wherein she dissects her affinity with her favourite SLR camera.

I ♥ RED: rollei nightbird 800

'The Little Prince' tells us that one loves the sunset so much when one is so sad... and yet seeing the captivating Rollei Nightbird 800 RED's effects on my Manila sunset just blows me away and literally keeps me in a happy bubble.

Photos That Made You Go LOL in the Comments or A Flock of Giggles

Once during a conversation a friend of mine said LOL to show his amusement. Which was kind of strange. So here's a gallery of funny photos that received a lot of LOLs, emoticons and HAHAs.

PinHolo - The story of how I made a Pine-Nut Pinhole Camera!

When I was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Perugia, I fell in love with stenopeic photography and started gathering every kind of document I could about it and its technical evolution. I asked for some information from my photography teacher, Antonio Todini - He suggested that I search "Pinhole Photography" on the internet and as a way of remembering things said: “Pinhole, it sounds like pinolo (pine nut, in Italian), but with the 'H' after the 'N' and the final 'E'”. Since that moment the little nut planted itself in my mind and grew in the form of a challenge to make my very own pine nut pinhole camera!

Are a Child's Eyes Made of Plastic?

Can we revisit a place from our youth? To see how much things have changed. Two important events in my life happened in 1971, the Enchanted Forest Children's Amusement Park opened in Hope Valley and coincidentally, I was born. My parents drove me to this woodland wonderland a few times every summer of my youth to enjoy the rides and basically just have a fun family outing.

Recycling Spools and Canisters

Always ask for your lab to give you back the film spools and canisters after developing. Just ask them to give it back to you afterwards.

She's Like a Rainbow

A gallery of ninety gorgeous photos ordered by their hue value. Or to put it in non technical terms: ordered like a rainbow, from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple and red again. Hence the title.

Putting the Strip on the Strips

What to do with those film leads or film strips from rolls that didn't turn out well (aka screwed up)? Grab some short strips of film and place them in all sorts of places. Take photos of them ... bearing in mind that this will be the first exposure. I used an old SLR and set the exposure compensation to -1.

Analog Interventions

Inspired by susielomovitz interventions, a new concept of photo album has been borned. Original, cute and also a perfect gift.

Time to Craft - Bring Your Lomo Wall Every Day!

Being a Lomographer, you may always have a camera with you, maybe a notebook as well. A tiny notebook can record your sudden fantastic idea, jot down the contact of new friends, and hold the instant photos you just shot! If you’d like to buy one, how about make one by yourself? Let’s make a unique “Lomo Wall Notebook”!

Dr. Lab Experiment Two: Bleach & Shout - 50’s Effect

Meet Dr. Lab aka hti. Straight from the HQ Lomography Archive where he has been whipping up some weird and wonderful experiments just for you. Many thanks Dr. Lab for sharing your laboratory experience, secret techniques and analogue passion in the second of his special edition Film Freak Tipsters. Now come on everyone bleach & shout!

Chemical Cowboys - The Best Chemical Tipsters!

A review of the most dazzling, must-try chemical tipsters ever written! Enough to satisfy even the most insatiable set of die hard DIY hands.

35 Reasons to love 35mm Film

Film truly is a Photographer’s best friend - And to prove it, here are 35 reasons to love 35mm film (or any kind of film for that matter!).

Canada's Online Shop Re-Launch & Free Shipping Week!

Welcome in a new area for Lomography Canada with the re-launch of the online shop! We are commencing the shipment of all of your treasured Lomography analogue delights right here from within Canada and right to your doorstep. What does this mean for you? Well lower shipping rates to begin with, faster shipping times, payment in CND and a week of FREE SHIPPING to boot!