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    First time using my new holga tlr!!! <3 <3

  • Holga Flash Cats

    shared by kibs on 2013-03-02

    Too dreary a day to go outside I turned the lens to the only victims, I mean subjects, around, my two cats. Thought I'd try the flash out and see what turned out. Darn lens cap . . . I would have had more if I'd remembered to take it off. Meet the two felines who allow me to live with them, Annabel and Windex.

  • Holga 120 CFN shots

    shared by nadinadu on 2011-09-12

    I used a color negative 120 film in my holga 120 CFN! This is my friend Emma (@emmalotta ) ! She is always up for taking pictures and "modeling" for me, and likes snapping away on my collection of cameras, so i think its about time she gets her own lomo camera! She has wanted one for ages and I really think she would like the sardina! So pretty please can i grant her that wish? @lomography

  • der Himmel von Berlin - Holga 120 GN - xpro

    shared by biondapiccola on 2012-09-19

  • First Lomo

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    My first Lomo love, the Holga 120 SF!

  • First Holga, First 120

    shared by aguillem on 2013-08-01

    Got a second hand Holga CFN. Before to shot anything I added a wider apperture, a closer focus and fixed the light leaks to don't use tape. --------- Home developped thanks to these tipsters. Thank you @blueskyandhardrock , @sandravo & @stouf !

  • Photoshoot.

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  • Photographer Carlos Somonte Shares New Cover Image for The Criterion Collection Edition of 'Y Tu Mamá También'

    written by chooolss on 2014-08-17 in #news
    Photographer Carlos Somonte Shares New Cover Image for The Criterion Collection Edition of 'Y Tu Mamá También'

    The 2001 coming-of-age drama film by Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón is now part of the highly-respected, prestigious The Criterion Collection catalog. What's more, it has a new cover image taken by Carlos Somonte using his Diana F+.

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  • Eliška (niece)

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    first roll with &quot;new&quot; Canon A1 + Canon FD 50mm f/1,4

  • Subconscious Inspiration From A 20-Year-Old LC-A Lomograph

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    Subconscious Inspiration From A 20-Year-Old LC-A Lomograph

    Found from the archives, this meaningfully minimalist photo by one of the founders of the Lomographic Society International really stuck into my head. Shot with an LC-A way back in 1994, it inspired me to take a similar photo last year and, now that you I've seen them side by side, it creepily/coincidentally makes sense.

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    testing the dino yet i put it in upside down and it feel off the tape, i perfected it later

  • Goldfinger

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    It didn't take much to convince my teenage son to pose in a shot where he gets to stick his middle finger up at Daddy...! A tribute to 50 years of James Bond movies, shot with Bucksprock 007 film... ;-)

  • Snorkeling at Playa de los Muertos

    shared by jennson on 2011-11-09

    This beach is a paradise, the water is so clear.. Tried to shoot with Krab and LC-Wide ..this are the best shots out of 3 rolls. I´m very happy with the results!

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    A beautiful day out at the coral garden of Taha'a

  • Life en bolas!

    shared by carlos_perezderozas on 2012-08-06

    Summer time. An island in the Mediterranean Sea. No one around. You jump naked in the water. And yes, it is us! Snorkeling naked in the water. All the ducks are swimming in the water.

  • Afternoon Snorkel

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    Madivaru, Maldives

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  • fishes all around / peces por todas partes

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    fuimos a dar una vuelta en barco y descubrimos que a estos peces les encanta el platano /// on a snorkeling trip, we discovered fishes love bananas

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    Bought some fuji 64T films which in expired in 1997 and was expecting purplish tones but instead got this deep blue tone.

  • cartwheel

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    I never think of myself as a water person. When people ask "Are you a beach person?" or "Are you a water person?" the more sardonic part of me wants to reply by informing them that the human body is about 60% water, so we are, in fact, all "water people", myself included — we literally cannot exist without it. Usually though, I respond by stating that, although I'm very fond of the ocean, for example, I'm only fond of it in the sense that I like knowing it's nearby. The thought is comforting somehow. But even though I quite like living close enough to the sea to look out at it, or breathe in the salt air, or listen to the waves lap at the shore at nights, I'm not really sure what to do with the ocean. I'm an animal of the inner city. I live amongst the power lines and alleyways and hole-in-the-wall cafes and bars; rooftop gardens and dirty gutters. I like looking for beauty in the decaying concrete jungle, and the only swimming I do seems to be in the mountains of work that pile up around me. Having said that, I'm also a traveler. If not by design then out of necessity. And looking back over my lomographs it's suddenly clear to me how much water I've crossed on my travels, and how much time I've spent on the sandy edges of continents — sipping cocktails while the sun goes down, or marvelling at bikini-clad beauties, or throwing frisbees, or spearing calamari. Once I had to drive speedboats for a children's tv show I was in. I wish I had some pictures of that... So what would I miss the most about water if it was suddenly and inexplicably taken away? That's an easy one: Life. And I don't mean existence — the two are different things. I don't just mean waking up in the morning, opening your eyes and breathing the air into your lungs — I mean living; diving headfirst into a crashing wave at Maroubra, feeling a bite on the end of your fishing line at Cape Leveque, watching the sun rise over Lake Michigan, cartwheeling down Huntington Beach. Water is life.

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  • Photo of the Day by stouf

    written by cheeo on 2014-03-14 in #news
    Photo of the Day by stouf

    When the sun is high, it's always nice to take a dive to cool off. Be sure to take stouf to capture fun underwater moments like this! Congratulations to stouf for having our Photo of the Day!

  • How's Life in Paradise?

    written by vicuna on 2011-07-04 in #lifestyle
    How's Life in Paradise?

    Since I arrived in French Polynesia in July 2009, perhaps it's the most frequent question I heard from my family, friends, and people I left in Europe. How do I answer this question precisely and honestly? I will try to do this now...

  • Spotted: Mark Ruffalo playing around with the Lomography Petzval Lens!

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-03-20 in #news
    Spotted: Mark Ruffalo playing around with the Lomography Petzval Lens!

    Avengers star Mark Ruffalo was spotted having a grand time spending some time with his family and having fun playing around with the Lomography Petzval Lens!

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  • First Roll of Lomochrome Purple

    shared by lomonina on 2013-08-13

  • Vogelpark 2013

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    200 ISO

  • Vogelpark 2013

    shared by kleinerkaries on 2013-09-22

    200 ISO

  • She´s such a diva! ♡

    shared by hafenperle on 2013-10-17

    Seriously, the LomoChrome Purple is a little diva. I had known it before I shot it for the first time. That´s why I am surprised, thrilled and perfectly happy even more with these results! I've never expected anything like this, especially for the first attempt :) Thank you to @pearlgirl77, @marta1901, @suizidekid, @imbaa, @wil6ka and @reizueberflutung for giving me so much purple-and-exposing-tips! ♡

  • Purple Greece No. 2

    shared by fruchtzwerg_hh on 2013-09-24

  • Purple Pics

    shared by trw on 2013-09-14

    These are the first shots I took using Lomochrome Purple film. I really like the results and I learned a few things in the process. The shots I took at 400 and 800 came out much better than the ones I shot at 200. The shots taken in bright sunlight came out much better than the ones taken in shade or mixed light conditions. The more contrast in the subject, the better the results with this film. The fair shots were taken with my friends af-capture and supershapy on a very fun lomo outing!

  • The Daily Hex: Envy

    written by icequeenubia on 2014-06-05 in #news
    The Daily Hex: Envy

    Today's dainty The Daily Hex will sure make you go green with Envy!

  • Christopher Doyle: Filming in the Neon World

    written by antheali on 2014-06-11 in #lifestyle #videos
    Christopher Doyle: Filming in the Neon World

    Renowned Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai has made various films with neon elements crisscrossing the scenes, but have you ever wondered who's behind the brilliant cinematography? It's Christopher Doyle, who will share with you the mesmerizing world of neon lights in this video by NEONSIGNS.HK.

  • A short story in autumn

    shared by hodachrome on 2012-10-16

    With a macro lens. Around 0.3m.

  • memories, moments and my mind

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    Random beauty

  • Pixie

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    My lovely little cat Pixie

  • a dream for yesterday

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  • Tigi

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    photo by akabee

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