Trai Anfield


I recently took a series of images of my friend Trai & yes I used the iPhone5 together with the app hipstamatic – the reason was simple – I liked how the images looked using a handy everyday pocket tool.

I think some may well frown upon this use within the lomographic community and some may wonder why – my answer is quite simple – A creative tool comes in many forms. My first love will always be film – but it’s been impossible for me to find good affordable processing these last few years. I became accustomed to an excellent standard of processing locally but this sadly is no longer available to me. I’ve looked high and low and tried and tested many labs but to no avail.

I started experimenting with my iPhone some 3 years ago – long periods of illness kept me housebound so messing about with my phone passed the time in a creative way … Looking at the recently launched kickstarter project I see a possible new way forwards and I’m looking forward to seeing what this new product can offer, I have the feeling it will open many new door ways – – I know that many lomographers shoot with iPhone and use instagram – which is great fun to see and a good way to share!

Credits: scootiepye

Check out Trai’s video featuring her recent trip to Africa and her encounter with the Mara Naboisho Lion Project. – she’s an extreamly talented multimedia presenter, producer, director, video journalist and trainer for the BBC and independent productions.

You can see her company website here –

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written by scootiepye on 2013-01-17


  1. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Well said. I don't have a problem with digital photography, but I don't want to encourage to start using it too much as the whole point for me is encouraging the use of film. However, as is clear from these photos, there is a place for digital when you are following the rule that the best camera is the one you have with you.

  2. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    @iamtheju - I don't think that will happen with lomography - film and analogue is the lifeblood, heart and soul of lomography - the New Lomography Petzval is a gateway between old and new tech - and is in my opinion it has a place as such ...…

    Read if you want to know what else I think about it - if it interests you