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A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 5

The wait for our mystery product is almost over! Here is one last clue before the big reveal which happen tomorrow, April 10th!

A Quality Character: The New Lomography Mystery Product Part 4

It's the fourth day of clues for our mystery product. This time we'll be introducing you to a few of our character's close friends ...

A Quick Chat With Susan Burnstine

We’ve featured the otherworldly work of fine art photographer Susan Burnstine in the magazine a while back and we’re happy to return with more. We’re lucky enough to have the photographer herself talking about her creative process, following your own decisions when shooting, and every little frame in between.

Spotted: Kylie Minogue with Diana Mini and Flash Gold Edition on Stylist

International pop icon Kylie Minogue graced the cover story of a UK lifestyle magazine's issue this week, along with the equally glowing Diana Mini and Flash Gold Edition!

First Petzval Test
walking to the bank
Match made in heaven!
Winter vs. Spring: 0-1
Learned a lot today...
Winter vs. Spring: 0-1
walking to the bank
Petzval Pink
More lens testing
Infrared Petzval Swirls
Petzval Pink
Petzval x Lomochrome Purple

A Gallery of Large Format Petzval Photos by Bobby Sham

Hong Kong-based Bobby Sham's body of work is a testament of his love for large-format photography. Engaging in a craft made easier and more accessible with digital alternatives, Sham still outshines tech-savvy counterparts even if he does things the almost unpredictable, analogue way. Here is a gallery of Sham's indulgent large-format images, taken with vintage and original Petzval lens.

Lomography Smartphone Scanner

A review of the recently launched smartphone scanner.

Zero Image Pinhole 35

Diese 35mm Pinhole ist eine der schönsten Kameras, die zugleich einfach und auch komplex ist.

shoot with anything

The Theory and Psychology of Framing Your Image

Today, we’re taking a look at the theory and psychology behind the size, framing, and visual weight of different elements in your photographic composition. You’d be surprised how much there is to learn about this choice, and the impact your decision can have!

Lomography x Gizmodo UK Festive Rumble Winners Announcement

We teamed up with Gizmodo UK to bring you a festive rumble, in which you got the chance to win a La Sardina, get featured on Gizmodo UK and have your shot exhibited in our London Soho Store! Check out the winning shots here....

Join the Last Ten/twentyfour Project Ever

The 10th and final edition ever! Ending in 2011, your very last change to take part in this wonderful project! So step right on up and show us how the world looked to you on stardate 10/24!

New Feature: Browse Photos By Color

We are proud to present our brand new Colors section – a visual search tool for finding Lomographs! How does it work, you ask? Read on and find out...

hybrid 002 colour

Lomofest Ukraine - The Opening

After an exclusive press conference we opened the doors for the visitors to the Lomofest in Kiev. A few hundred Lomography fans enjoyed music & dancers, a lectures about lomography, a movie screening and of course all great installations! Check out the photos here:

The Future is Analogue Rumble pt 2: The Return of Colours, Overtones, Nuances, Shades & Real Beauty Winners Announcement

Sorry for the delay and thanks for waiting. After months of deliberation, we're here to announce the winners for The Future is Analogue Rumble pt 2!

The Beautiful Lubitel 166+

When people get to see the photos of themselves taken by LOMO Lubitel 166+, they are all surprised by the quality of the pictures. Lubitel 166+ is really so good at taking snapshots that everyone speaks in praise of it.

Lomo Amigo Natalie Zwillinger Shoots with La Sardina

The queen of multiple exposures is back again. A prodigal Lomographer, she keeps coming back to her roots after being away on some other creative pursuits. We gave her a brand new La Sardina camera to shoot with, read on to see the results!

Top Lomographer Uslan Shares His Tips on How to Party Like a Pro!

Uslan is a truly legendary Lomographer, his shots have been used in so many Lomography articles that we simply had to crown him the King of Party Photography! Here he shares his tips on how to make your night go with a bang...and a flash!

Buck 65: 20 Odd Years Rumble

Special Rumble courtesy of our friend Buck 65 where the winning submission gets an autographed copy of his latest album 20 Odd Years! Plus you can pick up a voucher code just for the Lomography Community to get a 15% discount on all Buck 65 music when you buy online at!

LCA pearls

Ten/TwentyFour Project

The annual 10/24 Project is back again!

Presenting the Spinner 360°

Presenting the most freewheeling 35mm panoramic camera in the universe! Crazily spinning 360° around its own axis, it records everything around you! Take panorama photography to new exciting heights!

미스테리한 이 제품은 무엇일까요?

미스테리한 이 제품은 무엇일까요? 수 많은 사람들의 기대감 어린 얼굴에서 무엇을 느낄 수 있나요? 모두 다 흥미진진한 결과물을 기다리는 모습을 미루어 짐작해 보세요! 이제 며칠 후 그 모습이 공개됩니다!