As you can tell I have only just started, and tbh I do love this website, I love looking through peoples photographs and getting feedback on my own (although I have three!) At the moment I am looking to order some new film and get shooting! If anyone reads this recomended film for my Diana F+ Please :3

Thank you

Sarah xx

written by sarahpaigexx on 2012-06-15

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  1. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Hey there, and welcome to the site. The diana was my first Lomo camera :D I love it.

    I love redscale film, and most slide film, just for the colour saturation and mad shifts when x-prosessed. Ilford HP5 400asa B&W film is a very reliable B&W film under any condition, and is my fave of all the black and whites. My absolute fave film is Fuji pro T64 Tungsten colour slide film, but its very hard to get now. it is crazy cool when x-pro'ed. For good colour on duller days I go with the Lomo CN800 or 400.

    If nothing else the Diana craves light, its very easy to underexpose. Always use a flash in low light conditions! Also, expired or old 120 film (which I adore) can have a tendency to jam or feed poorly, but I feel its worth the occasional issue.

    I also recommend the Fisheye lens particularly, and the splitzer, for more experimental days.

    happy lomo-ing. :)