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Fun with Seoul Edition La Sardina Camera in Hat Yai, Thailand

Redscale Your Prints By Using Instant Coffee and Tea

This is a very simple tutorial to make your Lomo prints looks like you shoot it with redscale film with just using coffee and some tea.

A D.I.Y. Lens Cap for a Lubitel 2

A simple way to made a DIY lens cap for a Lubitel 2, using a plastic strip and two film roll container caps.

Creative Corner: Glass Gift Jar

Perfect for any gift; camera related or not as long as it fits! A beach-y presentation that just about anyone can enjoy. Read on to see how it's done! :)

Frozen In Time: Why you Should Freeze your Films

Although a lot of us love using expired films, some of us still love the sharp clean and fresh look of well... fresh film. But what do you do to keep expired films looking fresh? FREEZE 'EM

My 2013 Analogue Resolutions

In this brand new year of 2013, I hope that I would be able to continue sustaining my analogue life without any obstruction and opposition. Here are my 5 resolutions to be achieved in this year.

Tipster: How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)

Today I will be introducing the technique so called EBS, exposing both sides of the film, one of the most unique techniques within Lomographic photos. Is it hard to do it? Maybe! But once you get good luck and concentration, you might get amazing results!


Long Exposures in Redscale

As I had only used redscale film once before, on a sunny day, and it came out under-exposed, I was a bit worried about trying night shots with it. I was pleasantly surprised...

Surprise Your Valentine with a Film Canister Love Letter!

If you have some empty film canisters with a little bit of film sticking out, let me show you what else you can use them for (aside from making DIY redscale films), perfect for this season of love!

CD Jacket? Photo Frame? A 2-in-1 DIY Present!

I thought about how to make an inexpensive present that would bring back good memories about any place, as well as combine photography, music, and crafts.

The Tardis - Making the Dual Filmed Film Box Pinhole Camera!

With my last tutorial, I showed you how to turn an ordinary film box into a super wide angle camera. This time I decided to stack two 35mm film rolls into one camera, exposing them simultaneously resulting in an image split over two negatives! You like the sound of that? Of course you do!

How To Reload an old Agfa Rapid Cartridge With 35mm Film

Rapid was Agfa’s reply to Kodak’s instantly popular Instamatic. Cameras are still widely available on the cheap, but the film rolls have become rare and precious. No problem: revive your Rapid camera in five minutes with this easy tutorial.

atriotxatriot007 ^_^

A Beginner’s Guide to C-41 Developing at Home (It’s a Lot Easier Than you Think!) - Part One of Two

People are often surprised that I develop and even cross process my own negatives in the comfort of my own home, especially after they've seen my photos. And I am often surprised that they’re surprised, considering how easy it is to do.

Don't Sweat the Large Thread!

Here's a quick fix for that large Russian Lubitel tripod thread!

Cleaning: An Easy Fix

Sometimes, cleaning will not only get your camera sparkling clean, it will actually fix it when (seemingly) broken!

Oh My Socks! I Have to Save Those!

Sometimes, socks needs new life!

Basic Analogue Gear Cleaning and Upkeep: Take Care of your Third Eye!

Finally spring has arrived! Ready to get out and shoot amazing pictures? Have your gear ready? Have you properly cleaned you camera and lens from the winter dust? Here are a few tips on how I clean mine.

Dorkeling: snorkeling with dolphins

How To Scan Regular 35mm Photos Using Lomoscanner App

Last week, we launched the first test version of the Lomoscanner app for iPhone. The app is still being worked on by our app developers, but we wanted to launch a test version for you to try out. In this tutorial, we run through the most basic type of scanning you can do with the app. Soon we will also have tutorials on how to scan panoramic photos and LomoKino films!

EBS: Shooting Negative with X-Pro Style

I could not wait to try out EBS after coming across a Japanese Lomographer's tipster. Never had I expected the results from a negative film could be so fabulous! I have deeply fallen in love with EBS shooting style!

360° Pinhole Fun with the Panopticam

Want to try something different for this years' World Pinhole Photography day? Why not make crazy scrambled 360° panorama pinhole photos? Find out how in this tipster!

Pinhole Passion: My 110 Pinhole Camera

To celebrate this year's World Pinhole Photography Day, I've been making pinhole cameras in all the film formats I'm familiar with: 35mm, 120, instant film, and now...110!

Alternative Developer: Red Wine

Some of you have tested the development of Black and White Films with instant coffee, called Coffenol. Alternatively, you can also develop the film with red wine. This process is called "Winol".


Salt Printing: How to do One of the Earliest Photographic Processes in History at Home!

Print images onto ordinary paper turned light-sensitive by some almost magical alchemy from the earliest days of photographic history. Salt your paper with ordinary table-salt and sensitize it with silver-nitrate. Contact print large negatives in the sunlight and see the images appear right before your eyes. No darkroom needed.

How to make 3D Stereographic Images

I made 3D stereographic images using 2 disposable cameras and duct tape. Once shot, I easily made them into a moving image using photoshop. Originally for a class presentation.

Camera Modification Tips - Actionsampler

I have always hated the borders between four pictures in the Actionsampler frame. I decided to get rid of those and here’s how i did it.

Super Fast Focus with a Big Depth of Field- Accurate Focus is for Pansies

Who needs the rangefinder? Use the hyperfocal distance of your lens.

Camera Mods: Make a Double Faced Camera

EBS (exposing both sides) is fun, but a bit of a hassle. Forget that hassle, and make a two faced camera out of some cheap cameras. But don't make the mistakes I made.

Shutter-Speed-Tester for your iPhone!

"Shutter-Speed" is an iPhone-App that allows you to measure the shutter speed of a camera. With this app you can check whether your camera is exposing the film correctly, or if there are any deviations. If there are, then the App tells you how to correct it !

How to Save Your Money and Films with 72 Lomographs in 1 Roll with LC-Wide

What will you do if your finger feels itchy for shooting, but you only have a roll and an LC-Wide ? Find out the answer after the jump!

Perfectly Exposed, No Batteries Required

No exposure meter, no batteries, no problem; make perfectly exposed photos with this handy DIY exposure calculator.

Use the Frame Area of your Fisheye to the Maximum: Make a Frame

Do you wanna use all the millimeters of space on your photo? Do you dream of getting interesting Fisheye images with a beautiful frame instead of a black space around the edges? Then this short tip is for you.

Magnification Made Easy

We all love a good macro shot, but most of our toy cameras do not allow for in-focus close-ups. In the past, I have experimented with using a hand-held magnifying glass to obtain some close-ups with the LC-A+. However, the focal length was always estimated, and often wrong. I wanted a way to use a magnifying glass and always obtain an in-focus close-up despite using a camera that doesn't have true viewfinder.