What can i say? It´s my first homemade redscale film and im not quite happy with it….

Okay, maybe “gravely” isnt the right word to use……..just a bit disappointed.

I used a Fuji Superia Extra 400 ASA , and a do-it-yourself Recesky TLR camera! It seemed the obvious choice for using a homemade redscale film! I went out on a sunny day to make sure i would get enough light for a proper exposure. I woke up one morning and there it was, that golden sunny light…….perfect! Let´s say that it was a 100 ASA day! I found this great spot with some nicely shaped hills and some interesting trees

I was sure to get some great stuff……
I had to crop these 2 photos as there was an unexplainable ugly Godzilla-sized flare on top!
I have mixed feelings about these photos……i think it´s too much red and yellow and i just wanted to add a little bit of warm to the photos. Maybe if i use a 800 ASA the red colour wont be so strong…..maybe i´ll try a different film next time…..maybe i need more light! Maybe i should shut up!

What do you think?
You got any tips for free?

Please feel free to insult me!

written by santa-sangre on 2013-02-08


  1. rlotze
    rlotze ·

    I've never done redscale because I don't like the strong red color - but these are some of the least red colored I've seen. I like them all!

  2. santa-sangre
    santa-sangre ·

    Oh...thanks! Maybe im being too picky about it! :)

  3. santa-sangre
    santa-sangre ·

    I woke up today with a clear mind and i looked at the photos again.....not bad for my 1st redscale i think!

  4. edenhovenga
    edenhovenga ·

    Ah! I think these came out absolutely amazing. But your best bet is to try different ASAs and if that doesn't help maybe try a couple different films.

  5. santa-sangre
    santa-sangre ·

    Thank you! As the hours pass by im starting to like these more and more....... im anxious to try different camera, ASA and film!

  6. tashaburnsred
    tashaburnsred ·

    I actually really love all of these! I've got 2 rolls of redsclae film stashed away, that I haven't wanted to use until right now!

  7. santa-sangre
    santa-sangre ·

    Hey, thanks! Now you made me wanna go out and shoot some more!

  8. aldana
    aldana ·

    Hey ! These pictures are awesome !! The trees look like they're on fire ! I followed your advice and took my redscale diy (Fuji 400 ASA too) for a day of shooting, a ASA 100 day. So I just hope they turn out as cool as these.
    Remember that the good thing of photography is that you can experiment with everything.

  9. santa-sangre
    santa-sangre ·

    Thanks! The world of film photography is a perfect example of making a photo instead of just taking a photo! With these experiments i fell that im actually making something , so much more than just pressing a button!
    Looking forward to see your photos!

  10. ojjvz
    ojjvz ·

    I think they look pretty awesome!

    If you want the redscale to be very nice and dark orange you should expose less. it's easier with a camera with auto-exposure, if you add 400 iso (redscaled) film and put the camera to iso 200 it should be a little under exposed and be nice and orangy
    also try using it when it's overcast, should also turn out less yellow

  11. santa-sangre
    santa-sangre ·

    Thanks, i will try that for sure! Going out in 3..2..1..