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July exhibition: Man's Ruin by Richard Heeps

Lomography UK’s July exhibition will feature work from analogue photographer, Richard Heeps. In his Man’s Ruin collection, Heeps explores retro Americana imagery in vibrant, immediate photos. Working largely with rare, end-of-line films, Heeps travelled the US, capturing this collection on his Mamiya RB67 and Nikon FM2 cameras. Join us for the opening night on Thursday July 4th.

Mi sono scaldato bene!
Double with fotoglove
Double with fotoglove
Black and white with Red filter
霧氷の森 -winter blooms

Just Like Sand in Your Lomograph

Some people hate it while some eventually develop a love for it; the sand-like texture in your Lomographs that make you say it is truly analogue.

Double with kokakoo (2 Years ago)
Double with kokakoo (2 Years ago)

Chinese New Year Rumble

Kung Hei Fat Choi! The most important festival of China is all about celebration and the importance of tradition. We'll be greeting the Lunar New Year with a bang with this rumble!

Redscale-Winter Time
Party Doubles with my Lc-Wide + Colorsplash...... perfect combination
Chaotic life in the city

Using Light to Shape Landscape Photography

Landscapes are a favorite of many photographers, but it's often a challenge to make most of the light conditions outdoors. If you want to learn how to work around these various light conditions for striking landscape photographs, we have the PhotoTuts+ article to help you! Read on!

Never Crooked Photos

Have you ever made crooked photos? It happened to me with my film test with my Lubitel....but there is a solution!

Sunglasses are a Filter!

When you were removing summer clothes, I hope you didn't remove your sunglasses, either. Because you will need them as you will be listening to my little tips. If you are ready to walk around with sunglasses in the middle of the winter, I will tell you.

Splitzer Fun With the Belair!

A fun indoor project to keep your spirits up during the miserable winter weather.

Silhouette Love

I think silhouettes are familiar to everyone. I personally love to take the silhouettes of tree branches. Silhouette is full of mystery, mood and emotion. I love silhouettes because they do not give a clear picture of the photos for us to create imagination.

Introduction to blueskyandhardrock’s Analogue Girl About Town

With her Lomography cameras and her trusty MacBook, LA-based Lomographer and freelance travel writer Michelle Rae writes a new 365-days-esque series about her urban adventures to present to people an entirely different perspective of the City of Angels.

Analogue Girl About Town: Drifting

I need a good long drift but for now I have to content myself with mini drifts around the city instead.

Analogue Girl About Town: DIY Filters for Bokeh Shapes

This week on Analogue Girl About Town, I thought I’d show you some of the nighttime bokeh photos I've taken of the LA skyline from some of the best spots in the city and write a tutorial on how to make homemade bokeh filters.

Long Exposure Tips: Jazzing Up Your Nighttime City Skyline Shots

Jazz up your nighttime city skyline shots with a few simple tricks!

Creative Corner: Photo Accordion Box

A quick and easy tipster for those of you that don't have much time to spend on arts and crafts. This little box is the perfect gift for anyone to express your love, happiness, gratitude, thoughts, etc! Read on to find out how to make it.

CopyCat Nat #10: kingdjin

Until now, I haven't been doing much face work with paint. But this time, I tackled it with water colors! Take a look at the tenth edition of my CopyCat series after the jump.