11th Lomowalk of 2012 - November


Yes, another lomowalk. Yes, I’m getting tired of it.

As the days get smaller, these lomowalks become almost painful.

Get me and my cameras out of the house before it gets too dark. Get my friends out of their everyday plans and go to a different place before dark. Choose the correct films and anticipate the light conditions.

It’s always too late, it’s always too dark.

And then, everything starts to fail. The expired films I bought are totally ruined or there are coincidences and I’m always making big mistakes when using them. Don’t know.

Spinner and Konika 800 on the marvelous “Kit Garden” by Joana Vasconcelos and renewed Martim Moniz? All black. LC-A and Kodak Elitechrome 100? Four pictures came out, didn’t went to get them yet but I’m guessing they are not from this afternoon. Why?

Because analogue cameras have strange wills… and from this amazing afternoon spent with 3 friends, only 3 pictures came out: a portrait of each one of them. :)

Thank you, dear Holga 120N and Lomography X-Pro 200.

Babi, aka Cheshire Girl

It was a great afternoon when we wandered around Mouraria, finding enigmatic graffiti and marvelous hidden corners… It reminded me of my high school times, wandering carefree in this amazing city I was lucky to be born in!

I’m sorry I can’t show you, maybe next time. :/

written by saidseni on 2013-02-27

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  1. micky_s
    micky_s ·

    it's a shame you had a bad batch of luck! maybe it'll all come good in the end! are you in lisbon? im in lisbon for the next few weeks!! :) if you want to try your lomo walking luck some more i'd be happy to join! :)