6th Lomowalk of 2012 - June


Sintra is a great place 30 minutes from Lisbon. It’s on the hills, full of trees, ferns and plants, it’s like a (huge) garden. Sintra has a special whether of it’s own, very different from Lisbon, it is much fresher. That’s why it has been through out the centuries the place chosen by kings, nobility, and rich foreigners for their summer palaces.

Horizon Kompakt and Fuji C200

I wanted to visit Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra for a while. I didn’t care much for the palace, what I wanted was to walk around the park that surrounds it. I used to work in Sintra and the daily contact with nature is the thing I loved (and miss) the most.

Horizon Kompakt and Fuji C200

Everybody talks about Quinta da Regaleira, it’s a mysterious place full of masonic symbols. I had arranged with several people to go there but it never happened. And when I started thinking about the amount of cameras and films I wanted to take to this place, I understood only a lomographer could come with me and (make me) feel normal.

Credits: saidseni

Me and sorrilha went on a Saturday noon loaded. Really loaded…! I took all the big ladies: Horizon Kompakt, Polaroid 600 and the Spinner. I had an Impossible Silver Shade Film with Black Frame saved for this lomowalk. It has everything to do with the place but I think I should have stored it properly… the weather is hot here! They were black and white, beautiful when I took them. Not anymore. :/

Credits: saidseni

The Fuji C200 with the Horizon came out as pretty as I expected. And the Fuji Sensia 100? Oh, I can get impressive x-pro results with this camera… but this looks like it’s from another planet!!

This was the last film developed – I’m so happy the well pictures are good, it didn’t work out with the other cameras and films!

These aren’t my favorite Spinner pictures, the Lomography CN 400 and the Agfa Vista 400 did their job but none of the pictures are remarkable to me (and the ones I took inside the well came out totally black). Maybe because Spinner pictures are so spectacular I’m always expecting too much…

Credits: saidseni

…but there is a special thing about the Lomography Lady Gray – it was my first self-developed film ever! :))

Credits: saidseni

Chech out sorrilha's pictures!

written by saidseni on 2012-08-10

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