Clothes and shoes, cameras and films: A lomoGIRLpher's dilemma.

크레딧: saidseni

Every time I say “I don’t know what to wear!” my boyfriend gives me a weird look. It probably has something to do with the way we share our wardrobe (70/30), men never understand that…

Just because I have 10 coats, that doesn’t mean I have the one I need today. The same with shoes. The weather is changing, one day I’m wearing my sandals, the next day is raining cats and dogs… Girls know the problems and dilemmas that come with that (so do scientists and birds, it’s global warming… :/)

But there is another major dilemma ALL lomographers know very well, both boys and girls, with the change of the season… What camera to take out today? With which film?

크레딧: saidseni

Summer is great for x-pro and low ISO films. The days are huge no matter what time I wake up… it’s so easy to choose, both clothes and films, everything goes! I like low ISO and wearing few clothes, oh!, how I miss Summer already!

But now…

Is it sunny or rainy? Or both in one day? Am I going to shoot in the evening? Most likely, days are so short now… high ISO than.

But I’m in Portugal, winter days can be so sunny! Hmmm… is it enough to try the new Tungsten? Maybe, maybe not…

It’s not the best time for x-pro, it gets greenish with lack of light and I’m not very found of green… I always go for b&w in Winter but I also love it on summer beach days… Everyone takes b&w pictures in the Winter…

Ok, that’s it. Jeans and snickers, LC-A+ and Fuji Superia 200. There is no mistake. But… boring!!

And all the things you love you have to say goodbye?

Bye bye, Supersampler, Robot 3, I already miss you, see you next Spring! Bye bye, my dear favorite sandals, thank you for surviving another summer! My beloved Spinner, I’m still trying to use you but it’s getting darker and darker… Lovely orange shoes, I want to use you but it’s getting colder…!!

크레딧: saidseni

Dear Lomographers, I trust you to understand me on this… just because I have 10 cameras and 50 films, that doesn’t mean I have the ones I need today! ;)

written by saidseni on 2011-11-14


  1. minchi
    minchi ·

    LCA+ the camera for all seasons :D

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @minchi: Yes, it is true! ;)

  3. largun
    largun ·

    it's all true also for lomography males, except for the shoes.

  4. blablabla-anab
    blablabla-anab ·

    OMG, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!!! same issues over here :)

  5. attelid
    attelid ·

    I don't have this problem because I wear the same things in summer and in winter (except for coats, cachemire sweaters and shorts! :D), but I can't help wondering which film will fit good with the day.. For example, thursday my friends will play a soccer match and I want to take my actionsampler with me, but in winter I don't use it much, so should I put a film in it, even though maybe I'll finish it next year? :/

  6. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @largun: Oh, I bet there is at least one male lomographer with shoes issue...!! ;))) @blablabla-anab: Eu sabia que ía encontrar compreensão! @attelid: Really?! Where do you live? Well, that Actionsampler issue is exactly the kind of problem I'm talking about... I think you should load it anyway! :) Thank you all for the likes and comments! :))

  7. attelid
    attelid ·

    I leave in Rome, and it's getting dark soon, these days.. I guess I'm taking the camera with me, when I'll be there I'll see if I can load it or not! :)

  8. largun
    largun ·

    @saidseni: Sorry but, i'm not :)

  9. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @largun: Maybe hats...?! ;)

  10. largun
    largun ·

    my hats is not's pleasure :D

  11. sorrilha
    sorrilha ·

    Great article!! So true!! keep writing...

  12. pomps
    pomps ·

    you just said it...perfect :)

  13. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    It's easier being a guy. Shorts and t-shirt in summer. Jean and t-shirt (+ sweater if it's cold) in spring and autumn. Jeans and t-shirt and sweater in winter. Now as for what camera and what film . . . well, that does take a lot more thought.

  14. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    Oh, and with 10 different pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, choosing the right shoe isn't really an issue either.

  15. dalairona
    dalairona ·

    I only got three cameras (for now) and I use 'em all along the four seasons!! Sure I'm my wishlist to come which includes a sprocket rocket and a lubitel 2 (maybe a Holga too, and a Diana F+ too..bah!). Maybe when I'll got 'em I will be tangled by your same problem!! Nice post!!! ^^

  16. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @deepfried_goodness: 10 different pairs?! What am I complaining about?! ;)) @dalairona: You'll get there, believe me! ;))