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Your Choice for Portraits: Cameras

More often than not, we tend to lean towards a certain camera for a certain shooting purpose or style. Since it's all about portraits this month, why don't you share with us which one/s do you prefer when taking portraits?

12 Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Analogue Photography

You have heard of many tipsters for your analogue camera. Here's 10 tips to improve your love relationship with analogue camera! Last Valentine's Day I presented him a Sprocket Rocket. Since then we both are shooting only with analogue cameras. We have more topics than before, we hang out more often, we saved and bought a scanner together, we try the same type of film, and so our love is getting deeper.

Shooting With X-Rays

An X-ray is like a picture, except the fact that it uses the infamous x-rays instead of visible light. Another difference is that in photography we usually capture the light that is reflected by objects, while in x-ray capture the rays pass through the objects, more precisely our body. But if it were an analogue camera?

Beetles and Bugs

LomoAmigo Beyuz - pán beatov!

LomoAmigo Beyuz a jeho odpovede na naše otázky. Prečítajte a Pozrite si foto tohto slovenského hudobného producenta. Slušné na to, že väčšinu času tlačí pady na mpc a klávesy na iných aparátoch.

A Guide on Photographing Girls

When I said 'when you photograph girls', I am not referring to girl friends you have known for long, but girls you have never met before but wish to photograph them. There are quite a few things we need to remember so that both parties would feel comfortable shooting together.

PIMhole Tutorial: Make Your Own DIY Pinhole Camera

If you've ever wanted to make your own pinhole camera but you don't know how, here are some steps that could help you! You can easily make a pinhole camera out of a juice box!

6 Elements of Design for Striking Photographs

For this month's feature article from PhotoTuts+, we'll learn about the elements of design that we can apply to our photos to come up with great results!

For the Love of Bulb

When I started out in Lomography in 2009, I was confused by afraid of the ‘B’ setting on many of my cameras. My advice to any newbie lomographers out there who have similar anxieties (nope? Just me then!) would be to embrace the bulb as soon as possible – you definitely won’t regret it!

Negatives as Ribbons

Planning to give out something for your lomo loving friends this holiday season? Why not try adding a touch of lomography to your gift by attaching this easy to make film ribbon? It's fun, easy, and eco friendly too. I'm pretty sure you have a couple of film negatives that you'd like to dispose off properly so why not recycle it, right?

DIY Camera Obscura!

It was partly because of this invention that we get to enjoy Lomography and photography today!

Making a DIY Cardboard Aperture

Have you ever been fascinated by the aperture in your camera lenses, and wondered how they operate? If you have some time to spare, this is a simple project that mimics the mechanics of an aperture - using card and foam boards!

A Simple Guide to Making a Panograph

Panographs are simple and fun and there's a only a few guidelines to remember when making these stunning images.

What does dreaming look like?

Photography lovers, this is the chance of a lifetime, the chance to follow your dream, to study professional photography! How can it get better you ask? Your dreams could come true and the possibility to win an amazing Scholarship @ the Italian Institute of Photography is something you cannot miss. You just have to participate in this competition!

A Beginner's Guide to Star Trail Photography

Let's call this an overview to the basics of star trail photography for beginners from the pros. These are a short collection of techniques I've read and learned from books and tutorials that I want to share with you.

Budúcnosť je analóg! Vitajte na novej Československej Lomography stránke.

Lomography a Československo sú analóg. A kedže veríme, že Budúcnosť je analóg spojili sme aspoň virtuálne to, čo kedysi patrilo spolu. Vitajte na novej Československej Lomography stránke.

B Horror Movies: Timeless Classics for Lomographic Inspiration

It’s that time of year!!!! Who doesn’t like being scared? Well now that we are in the month of October it’s time to don the costumes, bring out the candy, and visit your favorite local haunt, hopefully clutching someone close and dear to you!

Lomo T-shirt Printing!

Nothing feels better than wearing a shirt you designed yourself!

Čo do čerta je to ten Tungsten film?

Dnes sme vypustili prvý Lomography Tungsten film, Lomography X Tungsten 64 ISO - Ak si si neni istý čo to tungsten film je, čítaj ďalej!

The Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own 35mm Pinhole Camera

For October's feature from PhotoTuts+, we'll be learning how to create our very own pinhole camera in detail!

Ako opraviť uzávierku na Smene 8M

Zažili ste si niekedy pri vyvolaní fotiek zo Smeny 8M, ktoré ste len tak pre srandu vyfotili, že jedna lamela uzávierky nefunguje? Budete sa čudovať, ''ARGH!! Čo sa stalo mojim negatívom?? Sú pekne exponované, alebo pohroma?''

LomoAmigo Aimee Fuller Shoots With a Fisheye 2

Aimee is a do-er. She can snowboard better than you wish you could, she knows how to surf, ride a quad bike and has even won motorcross competitions. Luckily for us she´s also a lomography fan and had an awesome time with the Fisheye No. 2. Check out images of Aimee´s professional and personal life after the jump and learn more about the girl wonder.

Top Lomographer Uslan Shares His Tips on How to Party Like a Pro!

Uslan is a truly legendary Lomographer, his shots have been used in so many Lomography articles that we simply had to crown him the King of Party Photography! Here he shares his tips on how to make your night go with a bang...and a flash!

Win your Lomography Wishlist

Got your eye on an LC-Wide? Longed for a Diana Mini since forever? Well you could be in luck - This week, we’re giving you the opportunity to win your most wished for Lomography goodies! Read on for details on how to participate in this dream-fulfilling Rumble…

trip to Vienna

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Lomography

I am certain that every lomographer in this loving site has his or her own reasons for loving Lomography. Here are mine.

Kodak Aerochrome III 1443 (120, 400 iso) user-review

Kodak Aerochrome ||| Infrared Film 1443 is the last false-color infrared (CIR) film in production in the world. It is now temporarily available in 120 and 135 formats.

Making the Most of Kodak Aerochrome

Since I published my Aerochrome albums, I have been swamped with questions about various aspects of this incredible film. Several Lomographers have asked me to write an article explaining how to make the most of it, so here it is.

Doubles with my friend in Bangkok....

Leaves All Around...with a Camera I Made Myself

This Autumn for my birthday, I was incredibly lucky to get a Recesky Gakkenflex camera kit and I tested my first roll around Kirkstall Abbey in the Autumn sunshine!

Diana F+ Camera Bag: Customized and Hand-Made!

Can't find the perfect bag to keep and carry your favorite camera? Do you find all designs too simple and boring? Why don't you go for it and make your own totally unique and customized bag!

Film Advance Knob Turns for Lubitel 2 + 35mm

Converting your medium format camera into a 35mm one isn't new. However, I found a lack of resource as to how to accurately advance the knob and avoid film wastage. Hopefully, this tip will help other medium format camera owners figure out the number of turns you will need per exposure to make the most out of your 35mm roll.

A Slice of Analogue Life

You usually just throw them away after using but film canisters have feelings too! Check out boredbone's latest series of quirky illustration-Lomograph mash-ups!

Film Canister Flash Drives

Make your digital life a little more analogue with this great looking flash drive that's perfect to store all of your Lomographs!

Film Canister Christmas Lights

Have you ever had a roll of 35mm film that did not turn out well? Now is your chance to use it! (Or take some shots of different textures.) These are great for your Christmas tree or to put anywhere as decoration.

A Camera with X-Ray Film

Do you want to know a large format camera that uses X-ray film? A photographer has created a handmade camera for personal use and the results are fantastic. Be sure to know.

Fritz the Blitz Prêt-à-Porter

The last heat blast as this summer ended probably made me crazy, so I finally decided to write my first article for the beloved Lomography.

Slavin, Bratislava

Slavin, also designated by the National Cultural Monument, was erected in 1960 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Bratislava in the Second World War.

How To Repair Smena 8M Shutter Blade

Have you ever experienced when you unloading your Smena 8M and just for fun, test firing your Smena 8M and suddenly you notice that 1 of your shutter blades is not working? You will wonder, "Argh!! What happen to my rolls?? Is it nicely exposed or a disaster?".

How to Pull Out Stuck Film

Sometimes, our film gets stuck and you can't pull it out. What will you do? Go to the shop and ask someone to help you pull it out? I also experienced the same problem. By getting help from a friend's blog, I have learned a simple way to do it myself. Check it out!