My first lomo camera-Diana F+

I bought my first camera, Diana F+ , few months ago. I caught a glimpse on it when i was in the gallery shop. The worker of the shop was so aggressive, she immediately came in front of me to introduce the camera. Despite the shortage of money(I am a student), I bought the original diana F+. The first roll of film I bought is Lomography colour negative iso 100 film. With the passion I got when I had just bought the Diana F+, I used up the roll of film in 10 days. After the photos were printed , i was terrified as the photos which were printed out were dark or grey in colour. I used $50 hkd to buy the lesson of controlling the shutter speed. To start learning how to use a pinhole camera, i bought the Diana F+ instant back. With the instant back , i got experience of light testing. I took few pictures on a same scene to ensure that I learn how to test the light of the environment. I got my first successful photo on the Star Ferry. I think that I will try to use iso 400 120 fim later when I eventually get the way to use Diana F+.

written by ryanbb99 on 2013-04-28