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LomoCelebs: Brad Pitt's Black & White Portraits of Angelina Jolie

Take a look into the private lives of Hollywood's power couple in these monochrome photographs by Brad Pitt himself! Using rare tech pan film, Brad captured his family's intimate moments for W magazine, starring the stunning Angelina Jolie. If you think Brad does well in front of the camera, wait until you see him work behind it.

Monochrome Madness: Rodinal Stand Developing

Rodinal is my favourite developer and you can develop almost anything in it. Using this developing method is my favorite way and works with every film I have tried to develop in it. Read this tipster and learn exactly how you can do it.

Double Exposures Using Pop9 Film Reloaded into a 35mm Camera

The Pop9 is an excellent way to create a solid background for double exposed film. Since the Pop9 produces 9 identical images the backdrop for each picture is consistent throughout the entire 35mm frame, which allows the reloaded film to focus on a particular subject.

Justin Quinnell: The Wonders of Pinhole Photography

We have featured pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell a couple of times here on the Magazine. This time, we'll be looking at the results on one of his projects wherein he taught kids about pinhole photography. See the images and what the pinhole wizard has to say after the break.

Flashbacks on Film: Elise Daniels with Street Performers

If you’re a fan of Richard Avedon, you have got to see the photo on this instalment of Flashbacks on Film. The photo was one of Avedon’s earlier works and even then, his style was already evident. Read on to see which photo I’m talking about!

Hollywood Audition for Black Cats

Those who are superstitious might veer away from these photos of a Hollywood callout for black cats but we can't resist the furry felines! Lucky for us LIFE was able to archive these exquisite black and white photos by Ralph Crane from 1961.

Fire Woman and Man with B Setting and Some Light Sticks

Making your friends and family burn up is easier and safer than you think.

Analogue for a Day: The Day We Left the Digital Grind Behind

Sometimes the overwhelming nature of reality becomes too much and as individuals we are lost in the mire of Twitter, using an online supermarket, mobile phones, iPads, Facebook statuses, traffic jams, signing up for your exclusive club card -and of course... internet banking.Sometimes you just need to let that go. All of it.

Lessons from Photography Masters: Diane Arbus

Today, we bring you yet another set of valuable lessons from a well-known photography master, Diane Arbus. Although she was labeled as a controversial photographer during her time, there are many notable lessons that we can all learn from the renowned American street photographer.

Some Tips on Redscale

If you love a limited color palette and shades of red, you've likely already discovered redscale film. Despite a simple concept, the range of achievable results with this inexpensive film is huge. Read on for a few simple tips!

Photo & Stitch: Inge Jacobsen's Embroidered Images

Danish-Irish artist Inge Jacobsen does something unusual and unique to photos: she sews on them! Not that they need any mending, but the threads and stitches definitely add dimension and texture to an otherwise flat image.

Photos That Show Silent Screams

Dark wisps of hair masking faces, seen drowning in silent screams, rusty, bloody hues, and vignettes. These are the works of Israeli artist Yell Saccani, who composes and expresses her innermost feelings through her photographs that channel famous expressionistic paintings.

Florian Imgrund's Double Exposures in Monochrome

A German photographer got his first film camera two summers ago, and has been taking amazing photos ever since. Among them are some beautiful, nicely done double exposures. Take a look at some of his work after the jump!

Anonymous Snapshots from the Half Frame Camera

Most people view the diptych printing from half-frame camera negatives as a given. Read on as contributor, Mark Sullo, describes the discovery and serendipity of finding these unintentional diptychs that bring two separate pictures together as a dynamic pair.

Candids of Strangers at Work

We all know that strangers act differently when they know they're being photographed. A lot of people are shy and cover their faces while others give strange looks. But that shouldn't deter you from photographing strangers. If we only took portrait photos of people we knew, we'd be missing out on a ton of opportunities for great portrait shots.

Photoproject Switcheroo Puts a Spin on Clothing Swap

Canadian Hana Pesut has a slew of exciting, hip, photoprojects in her portfolio. One of the projects the self-taught photographer currently has underway is 'Switcheroo' and involves two or more people switching outfits and even signature poses for the camera! Check them out, after the jump, as you'll be pleasantly surprised at how spot-on the people in switched outfits portray their friends!

Secondhand Love Affair: My Home

I love secondhand stuff. My wardrobe contains mostly of clothes bought in flea market or in charity shops. I created my home in the same way. Almost everything in my flat isn't new. I like things with history and mystery.