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When Long Exposure Meets Multi-Coloured Flash

I love to see pictures taken with long exposure mode that give outcomes like light painting, light trail, star trail and etc. So I came up with an idea: what if I combine the long exposure technique with multi-coloured flash? In my experiment, I'm using my holga 12MFC flash. Read on to see how it works.

Hungry Go Singapore Rumble Winners Announcement

Yummy yummy yummy I've got Lomo in my tummy! Ready to salivate at the winners of the Hungry Go Singapore rumble?

Your Choice for Portraits: Films

Last month, we asked you for the camera of your choice when it comes to shooting portraits. We all have preferred films as well when it comes to portraits, so now, why don't you also share with us the emulsions of your choice for portrait snaps?

Lose Yourself Rumble

It's great to get lost in something; a book, hobby, passion, sport, you name it and you can easily find yourself running around in the things you love. And that's exactly what we want you to do with this rumble! After part one - A Facebook Giveaway, it is now time for the follow up. Enter it with your pictures and maybe you'll be featured in Lost & Found magazine!

15 Million Likes: Top 10 Photo Likers Winner Announcement

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us reach the historic 15 Million photo likes on Lomography! It’s time to recap our top 10 ‘Likers’ from 14 million to 15 million – Our winners each get super prizes so head over the jump and see if it’s your turn to celebrate!

Wanted Dead or Alive in Singapore: Your Old LC-As!

Want a whopping 75 Piggies? Join the Great LC-A+ Buyout in Singapore and you shall be duly rewarded! LC-As with stuck shutters, broken winders, scratched lenses, or dirty bodies are okay. As long as your LC-A isn't completely wrecked, Piggies will be coming your way!

Meet Lomography Singapore Community Star #5 wallflowersforjane

This month we are shining the spotlight on some of our most popular and awesome community members in Singapore. Let's meet the newest all-star, wallflowersforjane!

Charismatic Portraits Shot with Lomography Black & White Film Rumble

There is a subtle unique characteristic about a black and white photo that has it's own beauty! We would like to see your favorite portraits shot with any of our Lomography Black and White films. Make sure it illustrates the character you are portraying! Read on to find out how to win!

Digital vs. Analogue Photos

When I was travelling, I tried to compare the photos taken by a digital camera and an original film camera, specifically an LC-A+. Why don't we play a little game by guessing which photos were taken by which camera? It's a face-off between the old and new!

Canon AE-1: A Heavyweight Champ!

The Canon AE-1 is definitely not heavy on the eyes, but maybe a bit heavy on the shoulder. Completely worth it though. Let me tell you why after the jump!

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Smokin’ Hot with a LomoWall

With the new timeline format being rolled out all over facebook there are lots of grumbles and groans as people get used to the changes. Leap ahead of the crowd and use your cover photo to show off your very best LomoWalls in three easy steps, then sit back and enjoy the compliments from your 10,000 friends!

Celebrating Women in Photography

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8. Celebrations around the world take place to honor women and their achievements. This year, we’d like to celebrate by showing appreciation for some women who have made their mark in the photography world.

The Lomography Win Your Wishlist

Are you desiring something so badly in our Online Shop? Is it the LomoKino? The LC-Wide perhaps? A La Sardina sounds pretty neat, too!

La Sardina: Multiple Love at First Shot

Love at first shot...my whirlwind romance with the La Sardina. Who knew that a camera modelled on a sardine can could be so sexy and functional?

Hungry Go Singapore Rumble!

Hungry go where? Go Singapore, lah! Singapore is world famous for her street food -- the chicken rice, the char kway teow, the durian... the list goes on forever. We're challenging you to capture the best of Singapore cuisine and enter the ranks of the best of Lomography!


There is nothing better than to receive a fun disposable camera as laughable as this! This is quite a camera you would enjoy indeed!

500 People in 100 Seconds

We ran into this link on a friend's Facebook page and we couldn't resist sharing it! Not only is it awesome that they had over 1,500 images developed, the stop motion within the stop motion really had us smiling. Check out the video!

The War Against Photography

We've all heard and experienced it one time time or another. You're just minding your own business taking a few snapshots with your Lomo cameras when out of nowhere, uniformed individuals accost you and demand that you either show them a permit or stop shooting. This is the war against photography. Know your rights!

Help Japan - A Hug Goes a Long Way

It's time to send Japan some strong Lomo Love an Support. Join this competition and show the people of Japan how the Lomography Community is here for them! Read after the jump for more information.

My favorite lomograph because...

Develop Films by Yourself

I finally decided to try and develop my film rolls by myself. I did this since I wanted to try and cross-process my films easily. Find out how I did it!

Jump for Joy! Rumble

Jump for joy for your Lomographer friends from Singapore, because Lomography Singapore has finally landed in town!

Add some wide angle to your Diana Mini squares!

Ok, we know all that the lens of Diana Mini is already a very wide one with it's fantastic 24mm lens. But what if we try to have a much wider view on the Diana Mini square shots??

Diana Mini - Splitzer Made of Film Canister Caps

You can make this tipster even if you are all thumbs. Within a couple of minutes you can tinker a Splitzer for your Diana Mini!

LomoKino Review: Welcome To Real LomoMovies

When I was told I was going to be given the opportunity to test a new Lomography product I felt so excited. I received a wonderful package and it reminded me of great noir films from the 40’s and 50’s. The name sent me straight back to my childhood and all those family movies made with the Super 8. I opened that wonderful box and here it was - A light and mysterious black box with a very small 25mm lenses.

Lomography Camera Featured in a Fashion Magazine!

I came across this magazine "Choc" while traveling to Taiwan and happened to see Lomography cameras featured in the fashion magazine!

Amwar in CT Precisa

Win your Lomography Wishlist

Got your eye on an LC-Wide? Longed for a Diana Mini since forever? Well you could be in luck - This week, we’re giving you the opportunity to win your most wished for Lomography goodies! Read on for details on how to participate in this dream-fulfilling Rumble…

I fell in love
My Trip to Taiwan

Lomo T-shirt Printing!

Nothing feels better than wearing a shirt you designed yourself!