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Brooklyn Bridge in Black and White

If you are ever lucky enough to visit New York, make sure you walk the Brooklyn Bridge and take some black-and-white film with you. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. With a main span of 1,595.5 feet (486.3 m), it was the longest suspension bridge in the world from its opening until 1903, and the first steel-wire suspension bridge.

Locations Feature of the Week

Popularly-written-about-locations can be exciting again so long as you have the eye to present it in a fresh, new light, just like what the author of our Locations Feature of the Week did!

Island in the Sun: Santa Monica Pier and Beach

California life is pretty sweet! I was lucky enough to briefly pop over there last year for work for 2 1/2 weeks, and my favorite beach location has to be Santa Monica, for it’s beach, pier, and great photography opportunities!

Paris in Black and White

If you ever get to go to Paris, you need to take some black and white film! This city is made for it! It’s moody, deep, and really lives up to it’s character!

Heather emerging from the snow
Palos verdes jumping sunset

Oh Horizon Kompakt, How I Love You!

The Horizon Kompakt is one of my favourite camera choices. I absolutely love the results I get from it and it constantly surprises me. One of my favourite techniques with this camera is to double expose as it's so simple to do and you get great results.So here's a review of the double exposure benefits of the Horizon Kompakt.

Top Photo Uploaders of January 2012

We at Lomography definitely welcomed the new year with a bang! And the Community sure did prove that right!

Lomo Lovers Vol. 5: Panoramic Cameras

I wanted to start a monthly flick book for the best of lomography out there! The online books center around themes; the previous installments have already featured the legendary LC-A and LC-A+ cameras, medium format cameras, and multi-lens cameras. This time, the spotlight is on panoramic photos!

An Unexpected L.A. Work Trip

Want to see the more relaxed side of L.A. and California? I went on a 2 1/2-week work trip where I got to see some lovely parts of Los Angeles without the hustle and bustle of Hollywood (well only half a day) and made the most of the Lomo blue skies and fantastic light.

Custom-Bokeh Multiple Exposures

This is a great technique for doing multiple-exposures. First of all, I shot a roll of film through my SLR using a custom bokeh mask. The basic idea behind the mask is that it changes the out-of-focus areas from standard circle-ish shapes to fancy shapes such as stars, faces, hearts etc.

In Shadows: Stunning Silhouette Lomographs

There are no secrets in this week's Community selection as we present you a revealed mystery right here in Lomography!

Top Photo Uploaders of January 2012

We at Lomography definitely welcomed the new year with a bang! And the Community sure did prove that right!

A Different Visualization of One's Likes in the LomoHomes

In 2011 exactly 9,184,059 different items were liked on Lomography, a majority of those being photos and articles. Right now, you can see a person's photo likes in their LomoHomes, but what if you wanted to see which articles you have liked? Or someone else's? So, we thought about a different visualization of one's likes.

Dr. Lab Experiment One: Do the Dishwasher

Meet Dr. Lab aka hti. Straight from the HQ Lomography Archive where he has been whipping up some weird and wonderful experiments just for you. Many thanks Dr. Lab for sharing your laboratory experience, secret techniques and analogue passion in the first of his special edition Film Freak Tipsters. Now come on everyone and do the dishwasher!


Creating Fun, Black and White Panoramic Portraits with the LC-Wide

I wanted to make this years work Christmas photos a bit more special and have a bit of personality, so the first thing that came to me was LC-Wide panoramic! I knew there would be secret Santa and wanted to capture the night for us all to remember...before we all got too drunk!

The Lomography Safari Hunt

It’s time to journey into the wilds of the Lomography website - We’ve hidden voucher codes and want you to find them! There are codes for discounts in the Online Shop and some for free cameras, too! Travel through the pages of the Magazine and Photos section and you might find a sweet safari surprise!

Work Xmas party shenanagans
Work Xmas party shenanagans
Work Xmas party shenanagans
Work Xmas party shenanagans