Holga moved in


My first film camera in many many years, a Holga 120CFN, arrived at my door last week and has since moved in. I’ve shot one roll and am halfway through my second. I’m still as excited as a kid in a candy store.

I’m not sure when or how I’m going to develop my film. Should I develop my first roll or should I wait till I have a handful to develop at once? Should I send out to develop or should I try developing at home? These are questions that are plaguing my mind.

And not only that, but what do the pictures I’ve taken look like? What are the unique imperfections of my Holga? I’m dying to know!!!

written by rlotze on 2012-06-23


  1. herbasaurus
    herbasaurus ·

    Hey there! You should come up to a Seattle Meet someday and we can show you some holga tricks.

    As for your first roll, I suggest you shoot what i call an experimental roll. I do this with all my new cameras. Take some shots with varying distances and various lights. Then develop it as soon as you can. You can use this roll to base what your future rolls will look like and what to expect. Getting use to various distances with new cameras (in my experience) was the most important. Then light. Then various modes your camera has to offer!

    Have fun shooting!

  2. rlotze
    rlotze ·

    Hi herb! I've already joined your facebook group and plan to come up and meet you folks!
    And yes, I'm doing a bunch of experimental rolls. Oh heck, I have a feeling it's going to be experimental for a long time. lol :)

  3. rlotze
    rlotze ·

    Oh, and I'll be taking my first two rolls in to the developer tomorrow.
    I can't believe how excited it makes me. I really do feel like a kid again. heh