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Pioneer Square Saloon and Hotel
Ivars on Pier 54
Downtown Dockside
The Glowing Frankfurter of Doom
Miner's Landing at Pier 57
The Dancer Again
The Dancer
Shanghai GP3 @ Iso 400
Overlapping Summer Days
hanzia (ziggy's daughter)
cin cin
steampunk punisher
Walking around Downtown LA with the Diana Mini
Modified Supersampler Roll 1
Modified Supersampler Roll 1
Altoids Tins Pinhole Photos
Altoids Tins Pinhole Photos
Altoids Tins Pinhole Photos
Photography Class
Altoids Tin Pinhole Photos

When Vivid Gets Really Vivid Even In Low Light: A Review of Fuji NPS 160 Pro

Honestly, being a huge fan of the inexpensive Lucky 200 among color negatives, I seldom use the film under review. But the few times I did, it did not fail my expectations in producing images of vivid colors even in low light condition and even while in transit.

Basics Applied: Belair X 6-12

The Belair has to be one of the easiest cameras to use that Lomography has invented. Even a novice can get good very good shots from it. With a little know-how, you can achieve amazing shots with it.

San Francisco's BelAir Review

It's officially in stores! The Belair has finally landed at the Lomography store in San Francisco. One of our Lomo staff members, Joe was rewarded the right to be the first of the staff to test the camera and write about his experience using it. If you missed out on pre-ordering your Belair, now's your chance to see the camera in person and pick it up in stores. Please welcome the new addition to the Lomography camera family...

Pdexposures.tv Reviews the Belair X 6-12

Since pdexposures.tv premiered two new episodes last week, we're already up to episode four of this new web show focused around the joys of analogue photography. This week's episode is a review of our new Belair X6-12 camera! Watch it after the jump!

Right Brain Photography

What happens in our brain while we are taking a photo? Well, when the brain's right hemisphere activity is predominant, we shoot in an instinctive way. Meanwhile, when we are using mainly the left hemisphere, our photos are more rationa,l with more care to composition, depth of field and other technical tricks. This is the first of three articles. This one is dedicated to photos taken using mainly the right side of the brain.

Beautifully Nostalgic Photos of 1950s - 1960's Paris

Paris may be the famed city of romance and culture that it is today, but it probably wouldn't have earned that reputation if not for the stories, artworks, and photographs that immortalized its glorious past. Let's take a look at a slice of the French capital's olden days through beautiful photographs taken during the 1950's and 1960's.