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Digital vs. Analogue Photos

When I was travelling, I tried to compare the photos taken by a digital camera and an original film camera, specifically an LC-A+. Why don't we play a little game by guessing which photos were taken by which camera? It's a face-off between the old and new!

Lobbygraphy: Check In!

My profession requires me to travel from time to time so I have to stay in hotels for a few days per year. As hotels are somehow unreal places, I thought it would be interesting to catch a little bit of that spirit. So check in, this is Lobbygraphy!

Greg Ash's 10 Reasons Why 'Shooting Film Makes You Arty'

Film photographers are innately artsy. Everything they do, whatever kind of pictures they take: they are, more or less, automatically considered to be funky-fartsy. Every film photographer's self-portrait is his/her diary — or another just "another arty accident," says blogger Greg Ash.

Fuji Instax Mini with Color Border

Not your traditional white border instant film!

Polaroid Joycam – The Death of a Legend

One of the last Instant products produced by Polaroid, easy to use and a fun camera, ideal to use with your friends... If you can find good film...

Give Your Diana a New Look!

Want to make your Diana even more special than it already is? Give it a refeshing new look with a new skin.

CD-R King Camera

This camera package is as cheap as it gets. For the price alone, it is a must have!

Traffic Lights in My Photos

The traffic lights are signaling devices which are placed at the intersections of the streets, but also within your Lomographic cameras.

first shots

My Friend Lakandula

"I never thought someone would find interest in interviewing me about Lomography. Considering myself as a newbie in comparison to many experienced lomographers, I feel privileged to share my private thoughts on the subject." - @lakandula

A Beginner's Guide to Star Trail Photography

Let's call this an overview to the basics of star trail photography for beginners from the pros. These are a short collection of techniques I've read and learned from books and tutorials that I want to share with you.

Wear Your Camera Wherever You Go

You've already picked out your favorite shirt and your most comfortable pair of Oxfords. Before stepping out of your house, do not forget to dangle your most beloved Lomographic camera around your neck! Polyvore.com helps us visualize how to be hip while shooting from the hip.

lomo tree

Of Wanderlust and Film Cameras

Travel and photography are without a doubt inseparable, but film makes the trip more exciting!

Diana`s Dream

I ♥ RED: rollei nightbird 800

'The Little Prince' tells us that one loves the sunset so much when one is so sad... and yet seeing the captivating Rollei Nightbird 800 RED's effects on my Manila sunset just blows me away and literally keeps me in a happy bubble.

Mansalay in Color Burst

See Your Photos in Technicolor, Without the Fuss of a Mask!

A very quick tip that gives you vibrant, rainbow-coloured photographs on ANY camera, be it toy, SLR or even (dare I say it?) digital!

Call-Out for LomoMatrix Manila Participants

Hello there, analogue freaks! Have you heard of stop motion videos using 35mm films? In the Lomographic community, this is popularly known as LomoMatrix. Groups of brilliant analogue photographers in London, Chile, and Berlin have already created their own LomoMatrix masterpieces and all of them are amazing to watch!

...chasing the sun in my hometown...

Darkroom Effects / What Is the Original Image?

The possibilities in a dark room are as unbelievable as they are endless. Although many people argue about "The Original Image", they mostly don't know about possible image manipulations within a dark room. However, I think that scans should be as honest as possible and they should not be enhanced by digital color filters. Be honest.