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Cut and Paste the Analogue Way

The Clever Collages rumble from a few months back inspired me to get my scissors and glue and create something new! Here's how I created my own clever collage from the photos that I took!

The Art of Collage With Lomo Pictures

From the first moment that I read about the Clever Collages rumble, ideas started invading my mind. So, I started creating my own collage from Lomo pictures.

High Contrast Black & White: A Quest Came to its End

An epic quest to obtain high contrast with black and white processes finally came to its end.

The Making of: Meet Me at the Rabbit Hole

Here’s a tipster about how to make a lovely lomographic collage. You can try it yourself! It’s easy and fun!

Aligning the DigitaLIZA on the Epson v500

The DigitaLIZA makes it easy to scan uncommon frame sizes and to include the sprocket holes, but lining it up on the scanner bed can be tricky. This easy tipster shows you how to get good alignment every time.

A Simple Guide to Making a Panograph

Panographs are simple and fun and there's a only a few guidelines to remember when making these stunning images.

A Simple Way to Catalogue Your Film Archives.

Imagine when you want to look for that roll of film from a special trip or event you went to a few years ago and you realize that you have tens or even hundreds of rolls stashed in your storage area. Each one of them needs to be taken out and painstakingly gone through just to look for that one roll.

Acrylic Filter Experiement vol.1

Wouldn't you like to put more sparkle/shine into a scenery with nothing? Try acrylic filters to give your photos an unmistakable shine!

Turn Your Bad Shots into Art

Disappointed with an abundance of rubbish prints of shots that went wrong? Building up a shelf full of photographic embarrassment? Never fear, here's a way to make use of those sad photos.

Paint Pens: Some Photos Need Extra Love

Some of my photos didn't quite turn out the way i wanted them to. I used to just get bummed out when i saw a shot i had hoped more from. But now i look for inspiration!

The Magic of Image Transfers

Just in time for World Photography Day, today's tipster will focus on one of the most popular alternative photographic processes out there - Polaroid transfers!

Simple Storage For Your Rolls of Film

If you're anything like me you're a clutterer. Clutter, mess, and general untidiness seems to accumulate everywhere I go. No matter how hard I try to avoid it I'm always doomed to be the opposite of neat and tidy. However, I'm striking back at fate as I've come up with a quick, simple way to store my rolls of film and express my love of movies while re-appropriating some old VHS boxes.

24 Hours or A Visualization of People Browsing Photos on Lomography

End of last week we've (anonymously) logged the locations of people who browse photos on our site – and made a visualization of 24 hours on Lomography in about one and a half minutes.

What's in Your (Camera) Bag?

Many of us occasionally get curious about what's inside someone's bag. But have you ever wanted to rummage inside a fellow photographer's bag? A newly-launched website feeds your curiosity with photos and videos of photographers and their weapons of choice--mostly delicious analogue goodies!

How Do You Store Your Camera 'Stuff'?

So, within a matter of months I've managed to gather a few cameras and film (both used and unused). The initial 'I'll just put it on a shelf' and 'throw it in a basket' just doesn't cut it anymore! It's everywhere and not in any order. Then one day I found the perfect solution.

Infants and Analogue

The day my four year old niece ran to my LC-A+ to see the photo I had just captured of her on the back of the camera, I knew I had to show her a thing or two about photography, and more importantly, direct her towards a world of dreamy abstracts and swoon inducing vignettes that only film photography can guarantee her and steer her away from the mundane digital shots she was so already used to.

A Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey Wimey Roll of Tri-X

In which our hero attempts to travel through space and time to recapture a thing of the past. Or, finding an old mystery roll of film that's set in a camera for a decade, half shot, and wondering what's on it.

When Analogue and Digital Collide

When taking analogue photos I try to keep any editing or digital manipulation to a minimum. Apart from cropping the borders of square Diana shots and scanning the images digitally they remain as much as possible true to the Lomography principles. Recently though my analogue and digital worlds collided with pleasantly surprising results.

My Output Dilemma: Scanning: Part 2 – The Results!

Finally I had time to mess around with the scanner settings on my Epson V330, after I discovered that the negatives I scanned wasn’t supposed to look they way they did. Basically, I accidentally had one roll printed (I haven’t bothered with printing the negs up until now), only to see much nicer colours and contrast. So that got me thinking – what if all the images I thought were ‘wrong’ because I can’t use the camera, was actually down to the scanner?

There Is a First Time for Everything

First time is always scary! I started shooting analog not too long ago, but I remember the first day I went downtown to get some "street" photographs. Man was I nervous. Here's a story of my first time trying to shoot something other than street.

Alice Liddell: The Inspiration Behind the Wonderland

You've read the novel, seen the film and television adaptations, and perhaps even watched the live performances. But, have you ever wondered, "Who is the real Alice?"

Holga Wide Pinhole Camera (WPC): User Review, Exposure Table, and More

This camera eats film like the leviathan swallows ships. Find here a few tips about this pinhole monster.

Diana F+ VS. Holga (The First Round)

This is a war between Holga and Diana F+. Who will gain victory in the end? We shall see!

Multiple Exposure Cheat

Do you have a collection of negatives that really aren't doing much, and quite frankly never will? The type that originates from before you discovered the Lomo world and now make you wince at the blandness of their content? Don't fear, I have a solution.

Paper Light Meter and Zombies

A (Lomo) prophecy is being fulfilled! In a zombie apocalyptic world, you will have to leave all the modern day comforts behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to electricity and battery-powered electronic automation? Paper Light Meter will help you get properly exposed shots until the end of days.

Give Your Diana a New Look!

Want to make your Diana even more special than it already is? Give it a refeshing new look with a new skin.

Mata Hari: The Beautiful Spy

If you think stories of a beautiful seductress-slash-lady spy only exist in Hollywood movies, you are mistaken. Meet Mata Hari--an exotic dancer, courtesan, and alleged double agent for France and Germany during the World War I.

The Click

A novice lomographer rambles on about returning to analogue after a nearly decade long affair with digital. The break-up was messy and they rarely talk anymore. But, alas, our hero finds rekindled love in film.

LomoPeople: Hippie-Grandpa

Which Berlin resident has not ever seen him? This hippie grandpa is to be found wherever there is music!

A Beginners Guide to Cheap and Easy Developing of Black and White Film at Home

For less than a hundred bucks worth of equipment you can easily start developing your own black and white negatives. The cost of the chemicals works out to be less than $1/35mm roll or a little less than $2/120 roll. If you like to take a ton of pictures and don't have a lot of money to spend developing your own negatives is a lot cheaper and easier than you could possibly have imagined.

LomoKids: Staring Them Young

It’s never too late or too early to start shooting film.Who knows? Your kid might be one of the next influential photographers of our generation?

Don't Diss Digital!

Analogue is the future, yes; we all know that?! BUT think how much this analogue revolution relies on digital intervention and why it works so well.

Pinholaroid Colorpack II: When Life Gives You Lemons

Is your glass half full or half empty? I carry too many cameras at one time. I don't say this because of some generally accepted number that is "too many". Like anyone can even know that. I say that I carry too many cameras because of the physical limitations of having only 2 arms and 1 back. This situation occasionally leads to an awkward moment, the worst of these being the "drop". That's right, the hair on the back of your neck just stood up...rightly so. No camera-loving fool wants to drop his or her camera. No matter how many he or she has.

Get the Film Out the Canister Without a Film Puller

The people from the labs are our friends, but we all like to doubles, whether made with us or with someone halfway across the world, but what to do when the film gets inside the canister.

A mix of illustration and photography

An artist from Ivory Coast found a new way to intervene in his photographs.

The Quest to Find a Cheap 35mm Film Developing Service

I work in the public sector therefore I don't earn very much. Film photography is not a cheap hobby so ever since falling under the filmy-goodness spell, I have been searching for somewhere that would develop my 35mm film for cheap.

Letter From the Editor: To Err is Human

I have been the Chief of the Online Magazine for some months now, and have only now found the time, and felt the right to write a Letter From the Editor. Working at Lomography has been a wild ride, and I feel like now I have a pretty solid handle on my duties here and a fairly clear understanding of the community, so I would like to share some thoughts with you.


Oh hi Mr. Postman, would you like to take a few pictures for me on your way please?

Digital Snobness to Analogue Lovin'

What made me change my mind about the Lomographic Society...

A delicious analog-y for proper exposure - Getting to know Lomo (part 1)

I'm new to analog photography and still learning how to use my first camera, a Wide & Slim. I'm trying to teach myself about proper exposure, using Hometown Buffet as a light source.