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Take Two with You and Fuji

Our analogue loving hearts were broken when we heard about the discontinuation of four Fuji produced emulsions. It was sure was a low point for us film shooters!

The Fine Line Between

There is always a line that divides, the line that stands between. It applies in a lot of things in our lives and amazingly, it applies to our Lomographs, too!

Tipster: How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)

Today I will be introducing the technique so called EBS, exposing both sides of the film, one of the most unique techniques within Lomographic photos. Is it hard to do it? Maybe! But once you get good luck and concentration, you might get amazing results!

Dazzling Splitzed Double Exposures Taken Using the Lomo LC-A+

Among the wondrous things you can achieve with the Lomo LC-A+ and its nifty MX button is the splitzed double. A lot of lomographers out there might already have an idea how it's done, but for those who don't, read on to find a quick tip and a handful of jaw-dropping photos that will serve as creative inspiration!

Mothers at their Best

We can change everything in this world but there's one fact that will remain permanent. It's not our house, not the size of our feet, nor the color of the rose planted in your garden.

Coming Soon: LomoKino Big Rumble Winner Reneg88's Next Blockbuster!

Hey guys! First of all I want to thank Lomography for the opportunity and sponsoring my next LomoKino short film! My team and I are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product. I'm going to give you a little verbal sneak peek of what will be going down.

Never Miss a Moment: Take Your Camera Everywhere You Go

There's a reason why we lomographers live by the Golden Rule which says, "Take your camera everywhere you go." We never want to miss a picture-perfect moment, right?

The Best of the LC-A+

Lomography takes pride in its premium cameras and we're glad that you, Lomographers, love it too! From the LC-A+, the LC-Wide, the Lubitel, and to the newly-released Belair X 6-12, the family of Lomography's premium cameras just keep on growing!

The Director's LomoKino Showreel: Time for Some Lovin' Winners Announcement

The love month has passed and hearts are still fluttering everywhere! Why? Because of this LomoKino rumble!

Oh schon wieder Montag und ich bin noch immer hundemüde!

Wer kennt es nicht? Du liegst in deinem Bettchen und ganz plötzlich wie aus dem Nichts heraus hörst du das unfassbar schauderhafte, eindringliche und wahrlich kaum auszuhaltende Klingeln deines Weckers: ES IST WIEDER EINMAL MONTAG!

Inspiriert von @Earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird
Portait by me Background by @earlybird