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Lomopedia: Voigtlander Bessa R2A

Introduced in 2004, the Bessa R2A and R3A are 35mm autoexposure rangefinder cameras that belong to Cosina's line of Voigtlander revival cameras. Find out more about these luxurious-looking analogue rangefinder snappers in this installment of Lomopedia!

Lomography Film Scanner: An Easy Way to Get a Little More Detail in Your Scans.

Lomography’s Film Scanner is the perfect device. It makes scanning high quantities of 35mm film a quick and easy job. Given that it is not a professional scanner, the results are truly satisfying. But as we Lomographers like to modify things, there is always room for improvement.

A Beginner’s Guide to C-41 Developing at Home (It’s a Lot Easier Than you Think!) - Part One of Two

People are often surprised that I develop and even cross process my own negatives in the comfort of my own home, especially after they've seen my photos. And I am often surprised that they’re surprised, considering how easy it is to do.

How to Kiss in the 1940s

We've stumbled upon this series of photos from the LIFE Archive over at Retronaut, depicting the proper way to kiss back in the 40s. Wanna take a look and see whether your technique is up to par?

Crack The Code with lakandula

You've surely noticed lakandula's absolutely breathtaking SuperSampler doubles. There pretty hard to miss they're so impressive. How he does it? Find out after the jump.

Crack The Code with mabbom

Mabbom is letting us on his secret. This simple technique allows you to achieve colorful photos indoors or on cloudy days. Ready to find out what it is? Read on after the jump!

Pushing, Pulling, Cross-processing – What?

Certainly you have already heard of pushing, pulling and cross-processing. But what exactly is it? And how does it work? In this tipster I want to present you different ways of developing films.

After a 110 SLR? Consider the Minolta 110 Zoom SLR

When people think of a 110 SLR, they think of the Pentax Auto. However you cannot deny the fun and versatility of a zoom with macro capability.

Easy DIY Case for the LomoKino

I really wanted to sew my LomoKino a little protection, because I always have everything transported in a large bag. This time I just took a colorful fabric.

DIY Felt Bag for La Sardina with Flash

My beautiful La Sardina I won from the "Telefonbuch" Rumble I have always packed nicely. For the flash attachment, shouldn't it be packed in a good place as well?

Artichekt Exhibits Us His World Through His LomoDiary

You have probably seen one or even several of his Lomographs that showcase lovely buildings and structures around Europe -- all of them stunning and done in pure analogue!

Rollei to Release New Models at 2012 Photokina

Word is out that Rollei, the makers of the well-loved Rolleiflex series of cameras, is planning on showing off two new models at the 2012 Photokina event next week. Learn more after the jump!

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200: Many Films in One Roll

The Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 will surprise you with its incredible versatility. By varying the ISO from one shot to another, you will get a wide range of shades so much to make it appear that the photos were taken with different films.

Cars and Things Engulfed by Nature

When I was a child I was mortified about the thought of being swallowed by quicksand. In the city, marshes aren't that prevalent and as I grew older my fear, that had been fed by childhood fiction, was quickly replaced with the more realistic fear of being engulfed by toxic smog from car engines.

Spotted: David Burnett's Analogue Olympics Coverage

Look at what one Olympic photographer brought to the games with him. Read on more after the jump.

Taking Pictures of Fireworks

A thing almost everyone enjoys are fireworks, and as good Lomographers we try to be, we want to photograph it. The last verbena de Sant Pere and Sant Pau, I tested my LC-A, and it passed the fireworks exam with good qualifications!

first steps with the IR stuff...

'Bliss' Possibly The Most Viewed Photo

The default Windows XP wallpaper featuring a peaceful green meadow and serene blue sky is the most ubiquitous photo, according to the Morts Photography blog. With a "guesstimated" 1 billion views, the medium-format photo was shot by Charles O'Rear who claims it was not digitally enhanced in any way.

Film TLRs in Madonna's Videoclip

Madonna has released her latest single called “Turn Up the Radio” and at the beginning of the videoclip, shot in Florence, you can see many journalists with some analog cameras: some film SLRs and a film TLR. Try to see if you are able to identify which camera models they are.

The World's Most Expensive Lens

Earlier this year, the title of being the world’s most expensive camera was snagged by a 1923 Leica camera. And now, news about the world’s most expensive lens are making rounds… and it’s also a Leica! Find out more after the jump!

Now you can have Straps in your Sprocket Rocket!

Have you ever wanted to put a strap on your Sprocket Rocket and find out there's no right place to put it? I tried to place a strap at the bottom of the Sprocket (in the eye that screws into the tripod) but that just didn't work for me as the camera would hang upside down and that's not cool. So I came up with this idea to put elastics around the body of the Sprocket and then clip the 2 sides of the strap there. Simple.

DIY Fashion: Feather Earings

“What’s old is new again”. Yup, that’s an old saying and way back in the 70’s feather earrings were all the rage and DIY blogger, Crystal Donnely, made them by the bunch. If you want to make a pair - it’s simple and easy and you can whip up a bunch in no time. These would make a great project for a teenage sleepover.

Review: Vivitar V4000 SLR Camera with Ricoh Lens – A Surprising Gem

A review of the Vivitar v4000 with a Ricoh 50mm lens – find out why this camera would make a good option if you are considering buying your first single lens reflex 35mm film camera. For those who already own an SLR, this would make a more than decent secondary shooter!

Lana’s 8mm Vintage Videoclip, Again

Lana Del Rey’s passion for vintage 8mm videos is quite famous. After “National Anthem” and all the first videos she made herself, now she released a brand new videoclip for the single “Summertime Sadness”. Enjoy this video, with some new main features and themes.

9 Tips for a Perfect Portrait Background

Flatter your portrait subject with the perfect background, even if you don’t have professional backdrops or lighting. A little exposure and composition know-how can get you a long way toward a beautiful portrait background.

Changing Films Whilst Shooting: With the Diana Baby 110 You Can!

Yes you can! You can go from Orca to Tiger in one swift move. No rewinding and winding necessary! Read on to find out how

Vijftig: Over collecties en obsessies

Een reflectie over mijn steeds maar groeiende cameracollectie en de groei van mij als persoon. Waarom maken we foto's? Waarom verzamelen we camera's en wat betekent fotografie voor jou?

Dag HEMA Fotoservice

Ik ben dol op de HEMA. De Jip & Janneke-meuk, betaalbare frutsels voor in huis en af en toe een Oud-Hollandsche Hemaworst. Maar na vandaag ben ik een klein beetje boos op de HEMA. Er is besloten om nog een aantal van hun fotoservice winkels te sluiten, zo ook mijn favoriete stekkie...

Analogue & Lomo Cameras Spotted in DW-TV

A Berlin photo gallery sent 18 young photographers to the Berlin Film Festival, in cooperation with the film festival organizers. Let’s see how these very young minds capture pictures with a completely unusual point of view, which includes the use of analogue and Lomo cameras.

US CitySlicker Nicolas: This Isn’t Flying, It’s Falling with Style (A Guide to Levitation Photography)

With every new roll I put into my camera, I always try to do at least one levitation shot. For the past few months, after many trials and errors, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for taking jumping pictures so you guys can do it yourself!

US City Slicker Elletra: DIY Seed Bombs, an Intro to Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening is a green movement, spreading bountiful plant life in a sneak-attack like style. It can range from spreading seeds in desolate empty lots to planting flowers in those decorative, oversized pots in your apartment courtyard that never seem to actually facilitate plant life. There are even people who go as far as starting community gardens in abandoned spaces. One of the methods of guerrilla gardening is by using seed bombs, which are biodegradable clay clumps containing seeds that will germinate over time.

How to Find the Stars

The heavens can be as beautiful as you can imagine if the night sky is clear of clouds and you can see those twinkling stars above you. Some of us are blessed with the talent to identify the big dipper and orion's belt within seconds, but some of us don't even notice any patterns, even with the help of a telescope! So here's a short how to read the night sky for those curious ones!

Most Popular Photo Last Year: August 19, 2011

If yesterday we saw some tempting fruit offered by a cute girl, then today we have to do the groceries!

Amazing Wine Cork Portraits by Scott Gundersen

Ever wonder where do the corks go after they’ve been popped off the wine bottle? Well, some of them might have ended up in one of Scott Gundersen’s masterpieces! Have a look!