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Tutorial All About How to Properly Scan: From Equipment to Technique

We all need to somehow scan our photos. This will be a comprehensive guide to scanning - From scanners for every budget to having alternatives to traditional scanning.

Lomography Wants You!

Do you love Lomography and would like to join our team? We need a Vienna-based Web Developer! Since we are looking for German speaking applicants, we posted the job description in German.

Portrait of brommi

The Light Leak Game with Diana F+

You can never go wrong with Diana F+. A mistake which turned out into nice bursts of colors makes me want to do it more and more -- again and again. Leave your 120mm films for a while -- Let's move to 35mm, and enjoy the happy colors of the light leak.

Diego, the blind mouse

Film Canister Christmas Lights

Have you ever had a roll of 35mm film that did not turn out well? Now is your chance to use it! (Or take some shots of different textures.) These are great for your Christmas tree or to put anywhere as decoration.

NYC | the bridge
red creature at bryant park*
Bird Flying High
Sharing the Moment II

Realtime Visualization of Users Browsing Photos

Our latest experiment on Lomography Playground: a realtime visualization of users browsing photos.

A Love Supreme

On the cover of my favorite photography book it says "Make each shot your best". I would ask my self things like, "Is it just that simple?", "Was I really making the most out of each photograph?", "Was I really challenging myself ?" Photography has always been sacred to me. I decided to see if i could really make something meaningful, and truly make each shot my best. So, I set out on what has been the most challenging and the most rewarding of all - to photograph the people life left behind in Los Angeles's skid row district.

LomoPeople: John C McKinney

The saying, "Grandfathers are just antique little boys." relates to my grandpa more than anything else. I can't help but take his picture, my camera seems to be drawn to him on a regular basis. The face I get on the other side of the lens is always a pleasant surprise.

The Family Photo

It’s almost impossible not to laugh when looking at a picture of a smiling face from long ago. There is nothing quite like seeing that recognizable smirk in a very different frame. Thanks to my parents I'm trying to spread the analogue love!

It's A Nice Day For A Royal Wedding Rumble!

We here at Lomography love a wedding, and a royal wedding is guaranteed to bring us to tears. The United Kingdom's most spiffing young monarch, Prince William, has announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. In celebration of this most proper news we'd like to see all your wedding photos. Pip pip!

I'd Probably Throw the Lomo LC-A at a Bear First (plus a special LC-A offer)

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Brunow Miner – back then editor at JPG, now founder of Pictory and Phoot Camp – briefly some years ago at SXSW and have been following with interest what she's been up to. Read more and take advantage of a 10% discount on all Lomo LC-A cameras.

Test a New Feature: Slideshow for Albums

End of last week we had a thought: wouldn't it be nice to make an additional view for albums similar to the gallery view in the Magazine?

Holga 135 - Mini Break!

Welcome the Community Newcomers - October!

Are you curious to see who amongst the new blood are getting comfy in their respective Lomographic seats? We're featuring October's top ten newcomers to the community, who've been commenting, liking and shooting up a storm! Let's give them a proper welcome, shall we?

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