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Workshop: Konstruktion Kourse

Join us for a lovely Saturday morning brunch and DIY session. Bring over your Konstruktor and sit with other folks looking to build their own DIY SLR. Its a great way to get to know your new camera!

Workshop: Wacky LomoLab Experiments

Sit with us and get some ideas for how to alter your film and get some incredible results. Then go off and shoot a roll with the intention of using one of these new techniques to add a little something to your shots. Its going to be a super cool session!

LomoAmigo Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment!

Lloyd Kaufman, the director of many of Troma's feature films took around a LC-A+ and a Lomokino with him wherever he went for Occupy Cannes! Come on an adventure with Kaufman and the rest of the Troma Team as they get up close and personal with Toxic Avenger, Sgt. Kabukiman NPYD, mutants, zombies, and so much more!

Workshop: Sprocket School

Capture the last bits of summer and get ready for back to school season with the Sprocket Rocket. Its the World’s first 35mm panoramic camera with exposed sprocket holes! Learn some techniques and get your hands on one to try for yourself.

Workshop: Endless Panoramic

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you photographs have to! Learn the technique of endless panoramic shooting.

Lomography NYC Back to School Sale!

Its time to sharpen your pencils and get ready to earn those straight A's. School doesn't have to be all work though! Ace your art class and check out the awesome deals we are running this week in honor of back to school season.

Tote Bagging the Cyanotype

Making cyanotypes is a wonderful craft and is surprisingly easy. The fun thing is you don't have to limit yourself to paper prints. You can make cyanotypes on all kinds of surfaces! Here's how I made a simple cyanotype tote bag.

My First Steps in Konstruktor Territory

After I shot a few rolls of film, I can say this much: the Konstruktor and I still have to get a little more used to each other. We'll get there, eventually, but it isn't always so easy to get nice pictures. However, when a picture does work out, the results are very nice.

Have Camera, Will Travel

I love to travel and I love to bring home gorgeous pictures. Well, who doesn't? Let me tell you my secrets to great travel shots.

Great Showdowns in Movies Reimagined in Watercolor by Scott Campbell

Confrontations get us sweaty palmed, cringing on the edge of our seats and thickens the tension you can feel it in the air. These are all too familiar feelings that we get when watching films that invoke such powerful emotions.

Today in History: Renowned Documentary Photographer Dorothea Lange Dies of Esophageal Cancer (1965)

Documenting the life and hardship of people is what made the name Dorothea Lange stick to the consciousness of people during her time as a photographer. She simply saw people in their element and wanted to portray the struggle of the ordinary working class. Her form of art still sends ripples in the world of photography today.

Amazing Flower Photography Featuring the LomoChrome Purple

Flowers are a beauty on their own. They capture the essence of nature in different colors, forms and add beauty to an otherwise bland scenery. See all their natural beauty with additional pops of color courtesy of the LomoChrome Purple after the jump.

Glory in 35 mm: Strikingly Beautiful Shots Using the Belair X 6-12

One camera. Unlimited possibilities. That’s what the Belair proves to us with series of mixed photographs shot in 35mm film.

We Forget Everything: A Tribute to Film Photography and Memories by Martin Prihoda

Photography has always been there for people who are looking to capture and remember things as they see it. It’s a process and a journey altogether, progressing and continuous. Mumbai based photographer Martin Prihoda gives us a short reminder of how much memories we take as we go on with life.

10 Newly Released Magnificent Photographs From Nat Geo's Found Collection

National Geographic has been known to bring us some of the best photographs in the world. They even throw in the most memorable stories behind every photograph. For their 125 years in the business, they share with us the most amazing unpublished photos in their collection.

Analogue Portraits by Ana Mercedes

For today’s new talent feature, we’ll be looking at the work of 21-year old film photographer, Ana Mercedes!

High Up With Gemini: Outtakes From NASA's Early Space Program

Space is a mighty wonderful thing. It’s considered as man’s final frontier and for good reasons. The enormity of it is just mind-boggling. See some outtakes of man and his voyage to space after the jump.

Guilty Pleasures - La Sardina Beach Edition

Let us know which La Sardina Beach edition camera gets your heart racing and palms sweaty for your chance to win some piggies.

LomoAmigo Diego Mapa of Tarsius shoots with the La Sardina

We're thrilled to introduce our first LomoAmigo for the Philippines: Musician Diego Mapa of bands Pedicab, Cambio, Tarsius (amongst many others!) Take a peek into his daily grind as he shoots with the La Sardina El Capitan with Flash camera!

Belair X 6-12 35mm Back Community Photo Recap

If you're a proud owner of a Belair X 6-12, then you're no stranger to the unbelievable sharpness and wide-angled perspective that this camera can produce. Ever wished you could feed it with 35mm film so that you can conveniently enjoy its premium effects? It's possible - simply install the Belair X 6-12 35mm Back! Take a look at some of the community's best Belair X 6-12 35mm photos for inspiration.

National Doughnut Day Rumble

Crazy about doughnuts? Join Doughnut Day festivities with us with this exciting rumble and celebrate all things round!

Comparing Film: the LomoChrome Purple, RS50-200 and RS100

Here, I compare the characteristics of the LomoChrome Purple, Redscale 100 and Redscale 50-200 for a model shoot.

Diana Bowers shoots with the Lomo LC-A+

Welcome to the latest edition of the Lomo "LC-A+" Amigos! This time around we check on in one of our Lomo intern amigas, Diana Bowers!

Gavin Thomas shooting with the Diana F+

Lomo Amigo and ex-intern for Lomo USA, Gavin Thomas, took the Diana F+ Chromiac Edition with him to the top ... The Cover of Rap-Up Magazine!

David Lindlbauer shooting with the Lomo LC-A+

Our third edition of Lomo "Intern" Amigos introduces you to David Lindlbauer, who once spent his summer as an intern at Lomography office in Vienna!

Elijah Wood shooting with the Lomo LC-A+

This man needs no further introduction - acting in top-billed roles for films like 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Everything is Illuminated', Elijah Wood is no stranger to the limelight - Join us as we turn that around with our intimate gallery and interview with the Hobbit himself!

Workshop: Sardina Sessions

Spend your Saturday learning all the tips and tricks needed to master the La Sardina. This 35mm wide-angle camera is great for long exposures, multiple exposures, and just playing around!

Workshop: Getting to Know the Belair X 6-12

The Belair is an incredible photographic tool that can shoot 120 film in a variety of formats. It also has a handy built in light meter so your photographs are fantastically exposed each time. Its medium format magic!

Workshop: Let's Talk About the LC-A+

The Lomography Gallery Store NYC wants to share all of its knowledge with you about the LC-A+. This fantastic little 35mm camera is the perfect companion for any level photographer. Come see what all the fuss is about!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 Features The Legendary Diana F+

To many of us who watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday, a certain camera featured looked rather familiar. That's right, it looks like our beloved Diana F+ has survived the zombie apocalypse and is being sold in a grocery store in Georgia!

Coming Soon: Analogue Vibes for Digital Lovers - Part 6

We've divulged so many clues already, and by now you’re probably overly ecstatic about our mystery product. Allow us to relay all our clues again, and give you a better idea.

The Best of the LomoKino: October Call-Out!

Calling all budding filmmakers in the community! Do you have some lovely LomoKino movies that you'd like to share with us? Every month we're on the lookout for the best ones, so that we can make a cool video showcasing your glorious analogue movies. Are you in?

Watch: Capture The Moment by Lomographers From All Over The World!

In May 2013, we asked the Lomography community and analogue photographers across the world to come together and take a photo at exactly the same times. We are excited to present this video we made of some of our favorite entries!

The Hyperscope Camera

Matt Abelson, the crazy mind behind the Battlefield and La Guillotine cameras, has another out of this world concept camera - the Hyperscope!

Coming Soon: Analogue Vibes for Digital Lovers - Part 3

When that special moment arrives, we would of course want to capture it, take a photo as a remembrance, and treasure that memory forever.

Tales from Nichitsu: Haikyo in Film by Riccardo Parenti

Last week, we introduced you to Riccardo Parenti's beautiful film photographs around Nichitsu, a popular ghost town around three hours away from Tokyo. We got in touch with Parenti soon after and asked him to tell us more about his ongoing project and experiences in the famous haikyo ("abandoned place").

Lomography Experimental Lens Kit: First Impressions by Mathias Pesjak

Itching to see what kind of photos you can achieve when you equip your micro four thirds cameras with Lomography's Experimental Lens Kit? Mathias Pesjak from Lomography HQ in Vienna has shared with us his first impressions and best shots yet, so read on to feed your curiosity and find out more!

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Mount Your Lomography Experimental Lens on Your Camera

If you are an owner of a micro 4/3 camera and you can't wait to whip up fun and creative images with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, then you have come to the right place. This tutorial will enlighten you on how to attach and use the standard 24mm, wide-angle 12 mm, or the fisheye lens.