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Wear Your Camera Wherever You Go

You've already picked out your favorite shirt and your most comfortable pair of Oxfords. Before stepping out of your house, do not forget to dangle your most beloved Lomographic camera around your neck! Polyvore.com helps us visualize how to be hip while shooting from the hip.

Tulips Land

Together with the windmills, tulips fields are the most famous landscape in the Netherlands. In 1593, the first tulip was placed in Dutch soil and since then the country has been in multi-coloured bloom.

I ♥ RED: rollei nightbird 800

'The Little Prince' tells us that one loves the sunset so much when one is so sad... and yet seeing the captivating Rollei Nightbird 800 RED's effects on my Manila sunset just blows me away and literally keeps me in a happy bubble.

REO Menis old box camera review!

I got to borrow this neat old box camera from my mom's guy, since he knows I like cameras and photography! I stuck a roll of film in there, and it worked! I will now talk about the overall experience.

Recesky DIY TLR

An exciting camera that's fun to build and fun to use.

Burnt Photos? Give a Personal and Funny Touch to Them.

Have your photos come out overexposed? Go ahead with your artistic soul!

Funny Faces Rumble

We've all got some of these in our photo collections so it's time to look for the funniest and wackiest face you can find and send it in!

New Feature: Embed Code for Photos!

Want to share your Lomography photos on your blog or personal web page? It just got easy! We introduce you to a new Lomography feature - The embed code for photos

Bunch of random shots

Experiments in Cross Scanning - Scanning Tutorial

Some ideas about scanning cross processed film, or, what I learned (until now) about scanning, especially cross processed film.


Civil War Photographs At The Library Of Congress

It is the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. Let's remember the occasion with rare photographs from The Last Full Measure, an exhibition at the Library of Congress.

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Batu Caves is a well-known tourist attraction with its 272 rock stairs as well as the 42.7m high statue of the Lord Murugan.

Lomography x Digital Arts: Show Your Colours Rumble!

We want you to push your creativity to the limit and show us your most colour filled shots, for a chance to get featured in Digital Arts Magazine!

Photos That Made You Go WOW in the Comments

Again the title pretty much gives it away: a gallery of photos with your comments containing the word WOW. With your mouth wide open in awe.

New Nearby Map in Photos and Magazine

Quite a while ago we launched the Nearby sections in Photos and Magazine. Though the feedback has been good, a lot of you asked for the ability to zoom in and complained about the lack of certain locations. So we've decided to improve it.

The Cheapskate Way to Value Negatives

To those who have no budget on slide films, worry not. This is a suggestion for you to try by using negative films. Most of us use slide films to get strong yet vibrant colours of our pictures. But this way, you might not be having the same vibrant colours but may be able to have some better results even better than slide films do.

Burn All Your Negative

This experiment will show to you on how to make some weird redscale photo using ordinary redscale film especially DIY redscale.

Come on! Let’s Do the Color Process!

Since I got into analogue photography, I´ve only developed one roll in the lab: they took one day to develop and scan it, and then I found out they hadn’t scanned the sprocket holes… I really needed a scanner and knowledge on processing/developing!!

Reducing Film Development Costs

As I started taking pictures with my first lomography camera, the Diana F+, one year ago, I didn't realise at first that it can be quite expensive to get medium format film and to let a photolab develop it. So this is what I did in the course of a long lomographic year in order to reduce my film development costs.

Accessories: Photography Bag v.2:Coolness

I currently have 7 cameras. Obviously I don't take all of them with me, but usually it's at least 3. Sadly, they don't fit into my jacket pockets. So what do we do? Get a photography bag and start looking like every digital user? No way. Here's to messenger bags!!

Lomo Wall @ Times Square Lomography Exhibition

Hurrah! The "Find A Little Bit of Hong Kong" competitions finally culminated at Times Squares Causeway Bay Hong Kong! The exhibition consisted of Lomographic cameras infected by gigantism, and a huge 4x20m LomoWall of the submitted photos! Check it out!

MX of Dutch Square Clocktower and Flowerbed.

Hip Shot Rumble

Think fast! Forget about the viewfinder for the meantime and get those hip shots in. The best one gets delicious Piggies!

Abandoned Yan Kit Swimming Complex

Yan Kit Swimming Complex is located along Yan Kit Road at Tanjong Pagar area. It opened in 1952 and was the second public swimming pool in Singapore. The pool has been closed since 2001 and is now abandoned.

The Lomography Diana+ and You

I had heard of the Holga, but it wasn't for me. I mean, who would want a plastic camera? Then the idea started to grow on me but everybody had one. I wanted to be different.

Fire Cracker Prawns and Tower Bridge

A fantastic getaway and a truly Londen-esque experience - Dinner at Dim T and a walk along the river with my favourite person is by far my top London treat.