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I ❤ PolkaDots :)

Kodak, Please Don't Kill Slide Films!

Kodak discontinues ALL SLIDE FILMS! The announcement makes me angry and disappointed at Kodak. Everybody, please speak out about this, we still need Kodak Slide Films!

Kurt Cobain's 17th Death Anniversary

Seventeen years ago, a grunge rock legend said adieu to the world. His name was Kurt Cobain.

LomoPeople Malaysia: Gladys Chan

Meet Gladys, the double exposure queen!

History of Malaysia Independence Day

It’s the month of August. We Malaysians, honour our Independence Day, celebrating it as a national holiday (of course!). Here’s a little quick info about the Independence Day. The independence of Malaysia was a peaceful independence attained by holding talks with the British. On August 31, 1957, Malaysia gained her independence from the United Kingdom.

How to Centre Your Subjects

The 35mm Back for Diana+ is an accessory I love, but at the beginning I had some hard times trying to centre my subjects in the picture I was taking.

Celebrate Malaysia Merdeka Day Rumble

'Merdeka' means Independence in Malay! It’s the Independent Day of Malaya on 31st August 1957. The establishment of Malaysia fell on 16th September 1963 when Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya to form Malaysia.

Searching for Seoul Locations: A City Guide Callout

From kimchi to KPOP - and everything in between, let's all share our favorite memories and places from Seoul. A bustling metropolis wherein traditional Eastern practices mesh seamlessly with modern technologies, it's definitely one Asian destination that Lomographers should not miss out on!

MX With the Fujifilm Instax!

I get lots of questions about doing multiple exposures with my Fujifilm Instax 7s. It's really easy, actually...

Paper Light Meter and Zombies

A (Lomo) prophecy is being fulfilled! In a zombie apocalyptic world, you will have to leave all the modern day comforts behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to electricity and battery-powered electronic automation? Paper Light Meter will help you get properly exposed shots until the end of days.

Diana F+ VS. Holga (The First Round)

This is a war between Holga and Diana F+. Who will gain victory in the end? We shall see!

Diana World Tour Toronto: Diana F+ Vignettes from Coast to Coast - Call For Entries!

The Diana World Tour is to make its first stop in Canada this July! Be a part of the sensation that is sweeping the globe and submit your Diana F+ Lomographs to be part of our Vignettes from the whole country. We want to show off Canada from coast to coast!

Lomography x Tate Britain: The Vorticists Multiple Exposure Rumble

We've teamed up with Tate Britain and we want to see your most abstract multiple exposures, in order to win camera goodies and tickets to The Vorticists: Manifesto for a Modern World

Multiple Exposure Cheat

Do you have a collection of negatives that really aren't doing much, and quite frankly never will? The type that originates from before you discovered the Lomo world and now make you wince at the blandness of their content? Don't fear, I have a solution.

Lomography Proudly Presents the Tori Amos Inspiration Competition

Lomography has partnered with world renowned song siren, Tori Amos, to bring you the iconic TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ and an amazing competition that will inspire Lomographers in every corner of the globe!

The International Lomography Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves treasure hunts, dont they? Theres just something enchanting about the fairy tales and stories of Pirates voyaging the seas in search of fame and hidden fortune. But more often than not the journey, the characters and the adventures come to an end when the treasure is found. Its almost as if the real treasure wasn't the jewels or the gold; the real prize is the hunt itself! But what if there was some way of keeping that excitement up after you've found what you're looking for? I think i may have an idea...

LomoKids: Staring Them Young

It’s never too late or too early to start shooting film.Who knows? Your kid might be one of the next influential photographers of our generation?

Undercover Pinhole

Long-exposure pinhole shots can be great fun - people become a blur, depth of field is near infinite, but how do you get shots that work when you need to stand still for twenty minutes at a time?

Show me that you are a Malaysian rumble!

Hello Malaysia! Are you ready? Lomography is coming to MALAYSIA!!

A Meaningful Analog Valentine

In a world of busy meaningless emails and texts full of gushy words, sometimes the best way to say "I love you" is to kick it old school and go analog.

Something has grown on my film!

Or how to convince a little fungus to stay to live in your film

My Analogue Obsessions: Paving Stones

For someone loving to walk, observing the ground and its details is mandatory, over all if those nostalgic details are searched for shooting. Paving stones are part of it.

A Beginner's Guide to Star Trail Photography

Let's call this an overview to the basics of star trail photography for beginners from the pros. These are a short collection of techniques I've read and learned from books and tutorials that I want to share with you.

And I'm as red as a film can be....

How to Use the Earth's Rotation to Your Advantage

I've had a lot of questions on how I took my most popular photo, so I thought I'd share how to capture star trails. Enjoy!

The backbone of Lomographer Knowledge : Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed.

Some of you may get out of focus images and some of you may experienced with dark image. Wondering why it is ? I will explain you why base on my experience.It is probably because you set the aperture and shutter speed wrongly, or it might be the ISO of the film. Don't get frustrated yet, because i'm going to share with you my basic understandings of how to work with the settings by using LOMO Smena 8m.

Films and the Beginning of Its End

The Lomo community revived a flagging film industry in the face of the hugely popular digital cameras. But with films stocks dipping, manufacturers stopping production and prices sky-rocketing, how much longer can this last?

Why should I bother with T-MAX 400?

About Kodak TMAX 400 & why it really is better than any other Black & White film. This review is for the 120 version of the film.

Mystery Product Launch Blue Hour @ Lomography Gallery Store East London!

What's that? A new mystery product?! Oh yes!!

My LomoStory: Delaware-Fotoguy

Jerry Garcia once Said "As I look back on it all now, I realize what a long strange trip it's been." Well, my road to Lomography has also been one of those "Happy Accidents" filled long strange trips.

Before I buy a proper film scanner...

It's a mouthful I know but I couldn't come up with a better name!

The Nature Rumble Winners Announcement

Thousands of Lomographers took a walk on the wild side and sent in their best nature shots. Here are the winners!

Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia: Branches, Bridge and Love

It's a small town located near Banting, and Morib, which takes about a 1-and-half-hour trip from Petaling Jaya.

Fake For Real Rumble

Multiple exposures, optical illusions and stunning pictures that nearly looks too fake to be real. Those are the creations we and our beloved Dutch friends from Hard//hoofd magazine are looking for in this Fake For Real Rumble.

Mary's Photo Diary: A Love Affair with My Canon AE-1

As promised, here is Mary's first entry for her very own Photo Diary series wherein she dissects her affinity with her favourite SLR camera.