Back from the Hols


Well, just arrived home from an Eastern Med cruise, most of shots were plain old happy holiday snaps done with my DSLR (I even bought a new digi compact on the ship as it was on sale and had decent controls – a Nikon P300). I did use up a good few films via my pentax 110 SLR (Lomo Orca B/W) and the Olympus 35RC – even ran a test roll through an Olympus AF50 P+S I got just before leaving. Visited Venice, Ancona, Santorini, Ephesus (via Izmir), Istanbul, Kefalonia and Split.

A stroke of good fortune was that on our evening dinner table was a pro photographer from Australia who took my out for some street photography tuition in the evening in Istanbul – a very intense and interesting experience indeed (fascinating city and a little edgy). Some digital and I am looking forward to seeing how the film stuff comes out

To cap it all, on my return Ebay had delivered my 3 new toys (zenit 12xp, Fed 4b and Konica C35) – a bit of a clean and some new batts and they all look good to go.. So now got a whole load of processing to arrange. What I need is a darkroom….

written by raymac on 2014-05-27

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  1. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Now that sound like a wonderful holiday! :) and I defo agree with the darkroom.