Finding a pretty flower in the midst of weeds


I am currently working at Tanjong Pagar, in a job that has nothing got to do with my design studies, as I want to take a break from the design industry. Or at least I feel that my passion for the arts has somehow decreased.
One fine day during lunch, my friends and I decided to buy some egg tarts from Tong Heng. Thats when i stumbled upon this pretty flower in an urban area, The Lomography store!
It was a pleasant surprise as I didn’t know such a shop existed. The beautiful colours and bright lights of the store sucked me right in.
I walked in, in awe of the different cameras. Approached by their friendly staff, signed up for their mailing list, found out about the courses, got excited, found a friend to go along with me, dropped by the shop again after work, signed up for classes, and thus begins my new hobby of analogue photography!
I feel the passion for the arts and design flowing back into my veins.
Thus begins my new addiction and hobby >=D
Now i feel all amped up to apply for my university and majoring in photography!

written by raylemon on 2012-07-20


  1. aletheafu
    aletheafu ·

    YAY! Welcome! =)

  2. raylemon
    raylemon ·

    YAY! Thanks!