Rav's How I met Lomography


By all rights I should have stumbled onto Lomography years and years ago. Everything about it matches me and my outlook to a T. But that isn’t the case because as with life what should have been isn’t always what came to be.

Credits: rav_bunneh

I have always loved photography. I grew up in an era of film only. The Kodak Instamatic was boss as was 126 film. Everyone had them or 35mm or 110 film. Everyone would take there film to these small buildings in parking lots called a Photomat. That is, everyone but me because I was just a wide eyed kid.

Credits: rav_bunneh

In Junior High School I saved up my allowance for ages and bought a used Super8 film movie camera. How lo-fi can you get? In High School I wanted to take photography class every year but couldn’t because I had no SLR camera. Not until Christmas of my senior year did I get a very cheap Chinon SLR — But I loved it! However this was the Christmas of ’88 and long before Lomography.

Credits: rav_bunneh

We kept missing each other. Lomography and me. The sooner we would meet would have been better.

A few month ago I got tired of shooting digital. Even though I normally always shoot digital in full manual, it still was not living up to my childhood love of photography. So I pulled out my old Nikon N80 and loaded it with film and… the back door broke making it imposable to close the camera door. I was crushed. Where on the planet might I find a new film camera?

Lomography! Yes, there it was, like magic, a Mecca for film photography. It was around August of 2010 and I looked around the Lomography shop wide eyed. Then I got lucky and found the Fuji 7s camera for only $60 at a local store. What? Instant Polaroid film? In the year 2010?! It was like the Twilight Zone! I took photos and rushed back to the Lomography site and posted them all. I wanted to share my passion and love.

Somehow I got noticed and in the article Presenting the Top 10 Newbie Photos for September I was named. http://www.lomography.com/magazine/news/2010/10/01/presenting-the-top-10-newbie-photos-for-september

Credits: rav_bunneh

I was hooked! I saved up my piggies and got a Fisheye 2 for a friend. Friends share! Then I saved up piggies again and got myself the LOMO LC-A+ RL.

written by rav_bunneh on 2010-12-02


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    gotta love saving those piggies and sharing the love :)

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    I like your story rav =)

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    Like It dude! We have yet to meet. I work at ala moana so it's bound to happen. If you see a guy walking around with two cameras, that would be me ahaha.

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    Nice story.
    At the moment Im lucky to have a Pentax MX that can work without batteries, because Ewinter is the enemy of all battery supported things.

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    Lovely post :) Great images too.

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