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Radiant Gradient

For added coloured fuzziness, here's how to achieve them!

Lomography X-Pro Slide (35mm, 200 iso) User-Review

Cross processing is such a long winded term and although that is exactly what happens when the films are developed it seems like an usatisfactory, bathetic, title for the end result. X-Pro on the other hand is a marketing dream! It gives it the illusion of being an extreme sport. Its cooler, much more right. It has the essence of the MTV generation that now use it. Even better though is the title Lomo X-Pro it rolls off the tongue, is fun to say and, if said in a Spanish accent, is quite sexy (how many of you are trying that now?). But is it any good to take pictures with?

Seeschloss Monrepos

The three hundred year old castle with its lake is a beautiful spot to rowboat or just hang out with good friends.


Caminha - A Medieval Village

Caminha it’s a small village of Northeast of Portugal and this year celebrate the 750 years of its foundation.

We Want Your Feedback!

We want to improve the Magazine section and find out how Lomography can serve your needs the best. Please tell us what you would like see more of or don't like to see at all!

Kodak Ektachrome Lumiere 100X (120, 100 iso) User-Review

A very rare but exquisite film, giving intense saturation and deep, gorgeous blues!

Vote For Jesus
Bed Head
Double the Fun!
Just Woke Up

The Attack of the Flying Postcards!

During 2 hours the centre of Santiago received a rain of flying postcards to celebrate the national day of photography!

Pale Propositions

We all love saturated colours and high contrast, but what about the other end of the spectrum?

Building a lomowall three (or more?) times

Can you imagine assembling a lomowall three times in several hours? Believe us, it’s true!

Peaceful Island, Somaemul

Short but unforgettable sweet journey. Somaemul means tiny island, from 'so' which means little and 'Do' as island.

Ysyakh – The Sakha New Year (Sakha Republic(Yakutia)-Russian Federation)

Due to Sakha origins of my wife I took part in traditional Sakha selebration called Ysyakh. The event took place in village Borogontsy and then I saw it in Yakutsk. The festival has originated from Inner Asian traditions.