just received my Olympus XA2... cant wait to see the results

Von: pushkar

just received my Olympus XA2… cant wait to see the results. looks like its in a gr8 condition… well maintained… minimum scratches…
just a shot a rill of lucky 20 color film… will send it to develop asap… cant wait to see the out come…

got the results.. its a kickass camera

Von: pushkar

Take a look

Test album for my new Olympus XA2 from ebay. I won it in a auction for 19$ + shipping. Lens is super sharp f/3.5 Zuiko. Film is lucky 200 color film.. its has this gr8 bluish tone that works gr8 for these seascapes.

Location is this amazing stretch of beach I discovered. Its a case of hiding in plain sight… between 2 palaces ive seen this small sandy road going from the main road to work for about 6 years… went in today to test the new camera for the 1st time… its a fantastic beach, shot with a amazing camera… its gonna be my new favorite for days to come

written by pushkar on 2011-01-22


  1. pietrone
    pietrone ·

    you'll be pleased pushkar!!! XA2 is a wonderful piece of metal!!!!!

  2. keeklo
    keeklo ·

    I have 3 XA2!! Don't ask... :-) It's just a great camera!

  3. pushkar
    pushkar ·

    I love the little camera... the results are gr8