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Long Exposure Tips For Shooting Portraits With Holga

I love using my Holga to shoot long exposure portraits because it gives very dreamy and mysterious results. Many might think it is hard, but it is actually very easy and fun!

A Little Different from Surf Photography

Mark Tipple's approach to surf photography is a little different than your usual surfer hunk riding the wild waves. In his photography series, The Underwater Project, Tipple captures swimmers' emotion and reaction as they hit the ocean water and struggle to emerge from the waves.

Another View with the Tunnelvision Lens

Usually what you get from the Tunnelvision Lens is a blur effect on the edge, like stretched and focus on the middle, or you could do a macro shot. Yes that's the usual view from this lens, but there is another view. It is shadowy, mystic, surreal, when I see these pictures. It's like multiple exposure, but when you pay attention it's not like two frames merging into one frame. Yes this is another view that you could get with tunnelview lens from lomography.

DIY: When in the Holga There's no Difference Between Sun and Cloud

You can't find any difference between the two iris settings too? Of course!

Malaysia Community's Review on Lomography Cameras

Malaysia has a lot of amazing collection of Lomographs. I've asked around the community here among the 5 active community members in Malaysia and they have taken the time to review their favorite choices of Lomography cameras, share experiments, as well as tips on which films to pair it with! Let's check it out after the jump!

My Perfect Raya Moments Rumble Winner Announcement

So we asked you to share with us your perfect Raya moment during your Hari Raya Puasa, and here are the results.

Scanning Film Using Your Mobile Phone or Tablet PC

Do you have rolls and rolls of processed films waiting to be scanned, but you can't attend to it because your flatbed scanner doesn't support film? Well, PetaPixel says you can work with that scanner if you have a large-screen mobile phone or tablet! Find out how in this article!

Both sides of the daily life

After a 110 SLR? Consider the Minolta 110 Zoom SLR

When people think of a 110 SLR, they think of the Pentax Auto. However you cannot deny the fun and versatility of a zoom with macro capability.

Spotted: The Holga RED on ABC Family's 'Switched at Birth'

The new ABC Family Drama "Switched at Birth" tackles the problems of two families, who find out that their teenage daughters were switched at birth in the hospital. In episode 3 - Portrait of a Father - Emmett, one of the lead's closest friends, proves that switching back to analogue is still the way to go.

The Filter Right In Front of Your Face- Using Your Car's Windshield

Hey all you Lomographers out there! Ever wonder how you can use your car to help you get cool filter effects? Well come on and join me on this tipster to show you how it is done.

Rad Redscales: Double the Redscale

Do you like double exposures with a partner? Do you like redscale film? Read on to learn about a cool trick my friend @istionojr taught me when we did doubles together recently!

Escaping the Bustling City with a Hiking Trip to Broga Hill

Just finished your exams? Want to flee from the busy city of KL? Want a quick escape into nature? What better way to do that than by going with your best pals and heading out on a hiking trip to Malaysia's Broga Hill!

Gakkenflex TLR

A DIY twin-lens reflex camera (TLR) made of plastics that will truly amaze you for what it can does!

Pudu Prison: The Smell Of Death

Have you ever been to Pudu Prison before? Pudu Prison was once opened to the public, however, as attendance from Malaysians are low, they shut the prison down and did not retain the prison as a historical site to pave way for a brand new building. Modernization at it's best

Accessory Review(s) of the Week(s)

For our last set of featured reviews, we're also giving you not one, but two accessory reviews! We haven't had any accessory reviews on the spotlight for quite some time, so we're sure you're looking forward to this! Check out which camera accessories caught our eyes after the jump!

Holga 120 Pan: The Lightweight Panoramic Miracle

325g. Who knew so much pleasure could be so light? Read on to find out what I'm talking about!

Which Smena? A Comparison of the 8M, Symbol, and 35

There are three types of Smena that are readily available, the 8M, the Symbol and the 35. This comparison helps to make the choice of which one to get a little simpler.

ActionSampling Around the City of Seattle!

When the Sun shines in Seattle, its kind of a big deal. Actually, its a really big deal. Time to venture out and explore the city with my actionsampler! Here is my review of this multilens camera!

Wanna be Lomography Malaysia CitySlicker?

The Malaysia City Slickers are ambassadors for Lomography all around Malaysia in their own city. If you love Lomography, with out-going personality, enjoy writing and blogging, loves organizing events and outings is a great plus, while get freebies and opportunities with lots of LomoLove from us, then this is the job for you!

All About 120 Film

There are non-conformist analogue photographers who prefer medium format after discovering its quirks and quality. Will you soon be one of them? Maybe after you find out more about 120 film here!

Quadruple Crazy: My Experience with the Actionsampler

It's amazing what one 36 exposure roll can teach you about a new camera! After getting my first roll back from the lab, I can see how I will get SO much more out of this plastic fantastic camera!

Use Filters on your Holga Flash

We all love a little colour in our flash. I was looking at buying some coloured gels. This got me thinking, I already have loads of filters sitting around, so why buy more? So, I came up with the idea of mounting a filter ring over my flash.

At the Amusement Park with Holga!

My first adventure at the amusements parks of Varese and Como (North of Italy) with my Holga 120 GN, a funny companion for a fun place!

Lomography Malaysia x I.M. Magazine 'Signage in Malaysia' Rumble

Lomography Malaysia is going to pair with our fresh, quirky, and creative magazine in town - I.M. Magazine and brings you this special rumble! Read on for details!

Quadruple Crazy: A Better Viewfinder for Your Actionsampler

Do you have some difficulty with the viewfinder of your wonderful Actionsampler? Well, this is a quick Tipster for you!

Macro Function on Lomo Smena 8M

Did you ever want to take a photo of a subject that is closer than 1m from the lens using the Smena 8M? Or did you want to make a self-portrait with your Smena 8M? I think I've got the solution for you!

Lady Grey B&W 400: A Great Film Companion Sophisticated Photos

The first time I'm using this film is on my Canon Prima Junior DX. I'm excited to try out the film as this is my first time using a monochrome film.

When Long Exposure Meets Multi-Coloured Flash

I love to see pictures taken with long exposure mode that give outcomes like light painting, light trail, star trail and etc. So I came up with an idea: what if I combine the long exposure technique with multi-coloured flash? In my experiment, I'm using my holga 12MFC flash. Read on to see how it works.

Celebrate Your Friendship with Lomography

What to do in this colourful and sunny season? A lomo outing with your dearest friends may be one of the best solutions. Well, I spent my holidays with my best friends lomo shooting in my hometown.

The Holga Mod: Modifying the Aperture Settings

If you are a hardcore Holga fan or have already taken the time to look up some sites featuring Holga mods and hacks (or to take apart your camera for that matter), you will know that the Holga, despite sporting a switch for two different aperture settings for sunny and cloudy conditions, only features one aperture. This is due to the fact that switching from cloudy to sunny causes an arm to slide in front of the lens opening, the area of the hole on that arm (which is supposed to allow less light in) is larger than that of the aperture; i.e. the amount of light remains the same.

Holga Unmasked!

See what you can do with your Holga when you DON'T use the 12 or 16 mask. It's naked, leaky, and overlapping fun. I have been using my Holga without either the 12 or 16 frame mask and have been getting some really nice results. I love the exaggerated vignetting and light leaks that occurred on every picture. These pictures all came from The Art of Waiting roll from September 2010, shot on Fuji Velvia.

Shooting with Expired Black and White Film

Shooting with expired black and white film is much easier and simpler than shooting expired colour film, so bargains can be had.

Expired Film: Developing Ancient Black and White Film

How do you develop a roll of black and white film which is 35 years old and has no information about ISO or film type? With a bit or research and a lot of luck!

Heading out to Esplanade Tanjung Api

Esplanade Tnjung Api is the latest attraction in Kuantan. It also allows the best time for you to have quality time with your loved ones.

BeLomo Elikon 35CM: Cheap but Worth It

Have you ever heard of the BeLomo Elikon 35CM? If not, you might want to learn something about this Soviet point and shoot camera from the 1990s!

Meet Malaysia's LomoCouple #2: Jibamz and Delina

They met when they joined the Lomography community back in 2008. Let's check out how this happened and the story after they met each other.

Meet Malaysia's LomoCouple #3: Faisal_aziz and Dellia

They share the same interest, therefore they get to know each other from a local Lomography community 4 years back then. They are match made from heaven! Read more about their love stories after the jump!

First Photos with Diana Mini

Overall, I am absolutely in love already. Although I have not received images I consider to be of the highest potential caliber, I am excited to see future results. Poor quality images simply mean I need to practice and experiment with my Diana Mini more and more and more.