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The World in 360º

Learn how to make a round Spinner in 6 simple steps with this tutorial!

Red-Scale When We Please

Here is how to turn an ordinary film into a wonderful red-scale.

Water Can Be a Reflection Surface Too

I bet all Lomographers must have self portraits! A reflective surface such as a mirror is a perfect place to take your self-portrait if you don't want to ask your friends to snap your photos.

Make Use of that Half-Frame Setting

In which our hero devises a personal project to capture the essence of a criminal in every day people. Or: fun with friends and mugshot photography!

How to Load Your Film to Do Double Exposures

I love to do double exposures with my Lomo friends in and out the country. I love to see different cultures, the cities and life in general in one frame of picture. But apart from mark the film to do successful double exposures, there is an easier method...

Dark Background for Double Exposures

Are your double exposures looking rather pale? Here's a quick and easy tip - just use a dark backdrop to change that!

Protect Your Film from X-Ray Damage During Air Travel

Traveling by air with film is an adventure in and of itself, but well worth it. You will need to prepare for your trip though. This article offers tips for a successful photo expedition; most importantly, getting to your destination and back without x-ray damage to your film.

Back to Basics: Film Speed

Getting blurry shots when you shoot inside? Night shots all browny looking or washed out? Got no detail in clouds or snow or on beaches? Get the right film for the job.

Long Exposures From a Train Window

This is a quick tip to remember when traveling on a train with your Diana F+ (or other cameras that allow you to do long exposures). Don't forget to press the button a couple of seconds!

Tips on Photographing Snow

Here are some tips for photographing during wintertime: setting the correct exposure values under the unusual light conditions created by snow and ice.

Back To Basics: Film 101

Good negatives make good prints. Bad negatives make prints that are too dark or are all blown out. This tipster is all about getting the balance right.

Taking Back Tipsters: Diana F+

It's time for another edition of Taking Back Tipsters! This time, we are featuring some of the best Diana F+ Tipsters contributed by our community members. Read on to find out if your Diana F+ Tipster made the list!

Diana F+: Timeless Tips and Tricks

Have you been maximizing the use of your Diana F+ camera? Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve various results.

Portrait Photography: Some Quick Tips and Easy Guidelines

There's big difference between just take a photo and shoot a portrait. In portraits, the work is even harder: you have to capture your subject's most relevant traits, his personality and peculiarity. Without forgetting a good composition. So here you are some easy tips and guidelines to plunge safely into portrait photography world!

Double Exposure for Beginners

Simple double exposures for beginners!

The Definitive Trick...or How to Get Films FOR FREE!

To take pictures, we need our cameras but without films, we can't do anything. Nowadays, prices have soared and the same people who today, take all our money, in the past they gave us the option of getting free films or albums.

Square Roots: Why I Love Shooting in Square Format

The 35mm rectangle reigned supreme throughout my youth - it's all I knew. What better way to rebel than by adopting the square! Here are my five top tips for shooting in square format.

My Thoughts on Portrait Photography

Portraits are among us since the first painting was ever made, and everybody has a portrait photo in their wallet, whether just an ID photo or a snapshot of someone special. Read about my tips on taking portraits after the jump.

10 Things You May Not Know About Black and White Photography

I've been shooting black and white film more and more recently. Here are some of things I've learnt since shooting in black and white.

3 Event Reportage Tips from Professional Photojournalists

When you think you have nothing else to shoot, try your hand at event reportage. Here are the top 3 tips that I’ve picked up from professional photojournalists whom I’ve met in the last decade.

Punch Up Your Photos with Props and Masks!

Getting bored of "don’t think, just shoot" all the time? Here’s something really simple to bring some interesting elements to your pictures! They are called props!

How to Make a Fancy New Strap for Your Diana Camera

A really easy way to give your camera a unique new look is through a nice camera strap. This tutorial will teach you how to make your camera truly your own. You probably already own all the necessary equipment, so there's no excuse not to give it a go!

UK CitySlicker FrogBear: How to Make Your Own Comfy Strap for Your Diana

I am a big fan of scarfs come winter, spring, or summer. What I'm not a big fan of is plastic on my neck in the blistering heat of the summer. This tipster presents a perfect combination of the two; all done in less than 20 minutes!

6 Elements of Design for Striking Photographs

What makes a striking photo? Often, it’s merely ordinary things composed in an ordinary manner. That’s because they always tend to have a single theme or idea, and because clutter is kept to a minimum. They are simple, true, and sincere. Today, we’re looking at the elements of design (line, shape, form, texture, color etc) that can turn a simple subject into a striking photo.

Commitment To Sparkle Motion: Sparkler Portraits and Light Painting

Twice a year we have the ability to stock up on sticks that twinkle when we light them on fire. Sparklers have a color you can't replicate. Here we will talk about how to use sparklers for lighting portraits and light painting. From common mistakes to best practices, let's lock in your commitment to Sparkle Motion!

DIY Fashion: Feather Earings

“What’s old is new again”. Yup, that’s an old saying and way back in the 70’s feather earrings were all the rage and DIY blogger, Crystal Donnely, made them by the bunch. If you want to make a pair - it’s simple and easy and you can whip up a bunch in no time. These would make a great project for a teenage sleepover.

Crafty Charms: Make a Lomo Snow Globe!

This super easy craft takes no time at all and it would make a fantastic gift for a fellow lomographer (or for yourself)! Step right this way for a fun and easy DIY Lomography Snow Globe!

The Shooting Gallery: Tips for Great Carnival Shots

Step right up and see all of the tips and tricks you need to capture the grand prize: awesome carnival shots!

Photographing Animals is Hard to Resist

I know everyone has a soft spots for the furrier species, and there's something about taking pictures of them that's so dang hard not to do. This is a tipster telling you how I go about trying to capture them and my favorite places to go to see them.

DIY Camera Case for the Diana Mini

Right now I'm just in craft fever making camera bags. As always, I'm afraid for my beauties in my big pockets, that's perfectly. This time it's about a bag for the Diana Mini.

Craft Crazy: 4 DIY Splitzer Tipsters for You to Try

Are you in the mood to try something crafty and creative? Why don't you try your hands on some interesting DIY projects, like making your very own splitzers to slice and dice your snapshots with!

US CitySlicker Hope: Tied to the Music

Tired of your earphones getting in knots? A few knots more and your plain cords will become a knotless rainbow!

DIY: Decoupage your Lomo Camera in Only a Few Steps!

You want to make your Lomo camera look unique, modern, but still romantic and cool, but you have no idea how to make it or you're afraid of gluing your fingers? Don't worry, it's easy and you can do it in only few minutes.

Rad Redscales: Vintage Hues

I always wanted to try redscale film. One day, I went to the Lisbon Embassy Store and bought a roll, but when I used it and got the results back, I was slightly disappointed. Too dark, too red. So I wanted to go softer.

Travel Portraits: Methods for Making a Connection

Going on a trip soon? You might find yourself wanting to take a portrait of some interesting people you meet along the way, so here are some great tips from PhotoTuts+ on how to connect with the people you want to photograph when you travel.

Create Yourself a Diana Mini Splitzer

Do you own a precious little Diana Mini and have you ever dreamed of shooting with a splitzer? Well I have the perfect thing for you!

Homemade Bottle-Cap-Splitzer for La Sardina / Diana Mini!

Don't throw away the bottle cap after enjoying your Cola! Keep and transform it into a homemade splitzer for your La Sardina or even Diana Mini!

Kickin' It! A Shorty's Guide to Finding Focus

I always thought being vertically challenged was a disadvantage in life, until I learned to put my short limbs to good use while learning to focus my LC-A!

Tips for Analogue Travelers

Are you presently planning any trips, whether a quick adventure or a long-term journey? Is that a yes? Well, I thought of whipping up a tipster for all you fellow analogue travelers out there. Read on and see if you find them useful!

Packing Tips for the Analogue Traveler

Now that you've decided to plan your next adventure, you are probably thinking how you can pack all your favorite films, cameras, and accessories. I come to the rescue with some rather basic packing tips that could be helpful, whether you're a novice or pro analogue traveler!