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Manila CitySlicker Felix: Strolling Down Monochromatically

For their recent assignment, we asked our Manila CitySlickers to share a slice of their life in the city in black and white. Let us take a look at the monochrome snaps of Felix and the stories behind them after the jump!

Rainbow Bright Colors Around adi_totp!

Do you sometimes pause a bit from life and see the colors around you? When you are walking down the streets or you are travelling alone somewhere great? You stand still and see everything is so bright and beautiful. I bet everybody here experienced this moment, the moment you grab your camera and start shooting crazy. Now I will share rainbow bright colors around me!

Love At First Lomo: It's Wide, It's Mine

LC-Wide is my first lomo love. I met my LC-Wide last year and I fell in love with it.

Get Into The Mini Movement!

"It's sweet and petite ..." Yeah, we get it, we get it. But it's not just the cuteness of the Diana Mini that should win you over. This plastic beauty delivers plenty of options to help you easily and conveniently create kick-ass masterpieces!

An Analogue in Analogue

We all have been thanking our trusted analogue cameras for all those beautiful shots we have taken -- and the love for these fancy cameras just can't be denied; it's true and it's indescribable.

Newcomer of the Week: Lomopreacher

Almost everyone thinks that you really have to travel and go far beyond your usual turf to be able to find something interesting to take pictures of, but Lomopreacher thinks otherwise! Instead, he seeks solitude to the most mundane of things found in his own garden, along with his Lomo camera!

Buckshot's Lomoalphabet: An A-Z of Lomography

How well do you know the language of Lomography...? Are you a total beginner who thinks 'vignettage' is a type of vinaigrette? Perhaps you already know a little photographic patois? Whatever your level of fluency, this little guide should help to turn you into an expert Lomolinguist!

Happy Snaps: 25 Community Photos to Brighten Up Your Day!

Mondays are hard, going back to school or work can be a pain after an especially nice summer weekend. Need a pick me up? Brew a cuppa, let it steep a bit, sip, then simultaneously browse through our little gallery we put up to put a smile on your face! We've gathered a bunch of happy pick-you-uppers from the community that's sure to bring your senses to a temporary nirvana!

Analogue is in Vogue: The Rise of Film Photography

Film photography has had quite a journey over the past decade. Only a few years ago people were hailing the death of film. "Digital is the future", people said. It certainly looked that way. But recently people are falling over themselves to replicate film photography. iPhone apps are mimicking lo-fi photography - Lomography is in vogue. I'm seeing more and more people with vintage and Lomography cameras slung over their shoulders in London's tourist hotspots.

If Slides Had Flavors

What if slide films were labeled in flavors? Have you ever wondered which one would be the strawberry? Or watermelon? Read on to see what flavorful slides will suit your taste buds or should I say, your eyes!

Lose Yourself Rumble

It's great to get lost in something; a book, hobby, passion, sport, you name it and you can easily find yourself running around in the things you love. And that's exactly what we want you to do with this rumble! After part one - A Facebook Giveaway, it is now time for the follow up. Enter it with your pictures and maybe you'll be featured in Lost & Found magazine!

Love Unexpected March - Love Grows

What did you love as a kid? It sure sounds like a simple question but the answers are limited only by your imagination! To infinity and beyond!

LOVE Surrounds - Winner Announcement

Announcing the 10 lucky winners of the first stage in the grand, year-long, series of "LOVE Unexpected" competitions. February's stage saw over 3,500 wonderful submissions. While it was heart wrenching to narrow it down, the 10 photos that are about to follow will make your heart swell with love.

Digital vs. Analogue Photos

When I was travelling, I tried to compare the photos taken by a digital camera and an original film camera, specifically an LC-A+. Why don't we play a little game by guessing which photos were taken by which camera? It's a face-off between the old and new!

Popping Origami Camera

If you're into origami, then this Tipster is for you! You may have seen other origami cameras, but what sets this one apart is that it "pops"! Read on for the instructions.

American Masters: Charlie Chaplin

When talking about silent films and slapstick comedy, Charlie Chaplin’s name will most likely be mentioned. He is probably one of the most beloved silent movie stars to contribute to the silent film era. Apart from that, he is also an accomplished director and composer. Learn more about Charlie Chaplin on this edition of ‘American Masters’.

be my babe

Regalo Gift House: The Only Lomography Shop in Kuching

Regalo Gift House, the only shop in Kuching that sells Lomography products. You can't find it anywhere else in Kuching or perhaps even in Sarawak.

Love at First Lomo: My Broken Oktomat

My first Lomo camera was an Oktomat.The vibrant red, the colourful lenses…It was love at first sight! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use it for long. Read on to know more about my Love at First Lomo story with the Oktomat.

A Lomographer's Dream Car

How many cameras does it take to cover a van? No, this is not a trick question involving calculating the surface area of a van and then dividing it by the shape and size of an average camera. After the jump, read about a man who did this and how many cameras he ended up using.

Love at First Lomo: LC-A+, My Companion

This is the story between me and my first lomo love, LC-A+. It brings me happiness, hilarious, joyful, love, amaze and a lot of funs. LC-A+ is just part of my life.

The Lomo LC-A: 28 Years of Lomographic Wonder

Nearly three decades after its release, the iconic Lomo LC-A never fails to inspire and impress countless lomographers and film photography enthusiasts around the world. In celebration of its legacy, allow us to take you to a walk down the memory lane featuring the LC-A and its enduring guises.

LomoWall of Love Rumble Winners Announcement

The love month isn't over yet! Here's the first winners announcement for our 3-fold Valentine's Day rumble series for this year: the LomoWalls of Love!

5 Questions on Analogue Photography with Ben Wolfarth

In this new and ongoing series, we have selected some of the most enthusiastic film photography fanatics and asked them 5 simple questions that gives us an insight into their passion for all things analogue. We also get to see some of their own photographs. Today, we talk to Ben Wolfarth.

How to Make Your Own Diana Necklace

Ever thought about wearing a piece of analogue Lifestyle around your neck? When I saw the Diana F+ keychains I thought of having a Diana necklace... and why not try and make one by yourself from a little piece of wood and acrylic paints! Learn the steps after the jump.

The Language of Photography

Photography can be considered a visual language. Photos capture an event and that instance that is frozen in time can communicate a story. Let’s take a look at some elements that make up the language of photography.

Tint Your Photos with Beets

Forgot your precious color gels? Did you say goodbye to the colorsplash flash at the wrong time, or do you simply want to play with your photos and paper? This is a great trick that makes it easy to give a different feel to your photos!

La Sardina for Starters - Remember the Twist and Pull!

This is a short, simple and indispensable Tipster for new La Sardina owners. Specifically, those who are frustrated by the fact that their new 35mm darling refuses to shoot or synch with the flash. The probable cause? You haven’t pulled out the lens and twisted it until you see ‘Only Shoot If You Read Me’ text on the lens. And remember to twist the lens until you hear that magical ‘click’ sound – when you hear the click, you can be confident that your flash will fire when you shoot! Read on for a step-by-step guide to getting your La Sardina ready for its first photo outing…

Long Exposures From a Train Window

This is a quick tip to remember when traveling on a train with your Diana F+ (or other cameras that allow you to do long exposures). Don't forget to press the button a couple of seconds!

Filthy Filters

My version of "life_on_mars'" tipster on rasta filters. Find out how I created my rasta filters after the jump.

Do More with That Roll of Redscale

In which our hero divulges confidential trade secrets or, tips and tricks to try with your next roll of redscale film.

Love at First Lomo: Falling in Love in Paris

In Paris, I not only had a romantic week with my sweetheart. I also fell in love with the Diana F+.

A Brief Infroduction to Australian Slang

Though you may think Australia's official language is English it isn't. Australia has no official language, English is the national language de facto. We wanted to highlight 'Australian English' as it's a variety of English, different from British and American English, by introducing you to some awesome Aussie slang!

Love at First Lomo: My Trusty Fisheye No. 2

We all have that one camera that lead us to the addiction that is Lomography. Here's my story about that one camera.

Check Out This Addictive Calendar

Bubble wrap popping fiends (aren't we all) this is for you! A simple yet elegant calendar that looks somewhat like a lottery sheet or machine-readable paper you'd pencil in, in exams, but with one addition - a plastic sheet of bubbles that makes up the outer layer!

Love at First Lomo: Falling in Love with Diana Mini

Story how I got charmed by my Diana Mini, Love is in the Air edition and how we spend our moments together. Read on to know more about my analogue love.

Heart Shaped Film Mask

Looking to put a little Love into your photos? Cutting a custom heart-shaped mask for your camera will frame everything you adore nicely. A simple mod that works on almost any film camera.

Seeing Squares in Lomography

We do know that analogue photography is well-known for its square format - that elusive 120 film which isn't that easy to find compared to the usual 35mm brings more excitement to the Lomography we have always adored.

Love at First Lomo: Black Corner is not Cheating!

My love towards Lomography grew more and more ever since I bought my first analogue camera, the Holga 135bc. Read about my Love at First Lomo story after the jump!

Love at First Lomo: My Dearest Holga 135 BC

Before I became a lomographer, I knew nothing about film and analogue photography, until I joined this community 8 months ago. I did some research before I bought my first Lomography camera. I was looking for a camera which is reasonably cheap and is capable of producing good photos, and that is how I met my dearest Holga 135 BC.