All these hates and haters...


…they scare the living daylights out of me. (Partly because I’m doing Lomography as my Final Year Project, which is really big and serious assignment.) Some points they argue are actually quite legitimate. I can sum up that most of the arguments go along these lines (or a combination of them):

“I don’t get why people go crazy over Lomography??? It’s just some (hipster) fad.”

“I hate Lomography for ripping people off by selling some cheap plastic cameras at an exorbitant prices”

“I don’t believe the Holga/Diana/ [insert plastic camera name here] can take any decent pictures, those posted on the internet (flickr, etc..) are either digitally manipulated or were taken using ‘proper’ cameras”

I found these arguments taking stage mostly on Flickr Discussion Groups, some on photography forums, and a few are rantings from blogs.

Reading their comments about Lomography gives me another perspective on Lomography ( I just want to be rational and subjective)—yes, there are better modes of photography today—digital photography, instant-sharing-on-social-media like Instagram and the like, digital manipulations (Photoshop, Corel, Pxlr-O-Matic…) but on the other hand, they really woke me up.

I’m now seriously doubting whether I’ve made the right move of getting involved in Lomography.
Have I fallen victim to Lomography’s marketing schemes?
Have I been pulled into some ‘fad’ that will soon fade away, unlike the other more enduring art forms such as…digital photography??
Have I been living in this deep dream, only to wake up and find I’m deserted, lost and exhausted?
About price tags, yes, the Diana and the films burnt quite a big hole in my ceramic pig. The enjoyment? Priceless. But is it all worth it? The money, time and mental energy spent on all these?

Time is running out for me. I need to find answers.
-a very distressed Pearly.

p/s I was already well-versed with digital photography before I decided to do Lomography. so those arguments about "N00bs dabble in Lomography just because they want to start taking up photography and at the same time make their first few photos look ‘artsy’ " doesn’t apply to me.

written by pearlsphere-kameraliebe on 2013-03-21


  1. kleinerkaries
    kleinerkaries ·

    my thoughts on the statments that sum up the arguments:
    1. skinny jeans and undercuts... hipster fads by far worse than lomography as you are exposed to them everywhere! i don't force anyone to look at my photos.
    2. then don't buy them!
    3. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    i've been into photography for about 20 years now and tried a lot. at the moment i'm getting the most fun out of lomography. so what? that doesn't mean i stopped digital photography or do not use apps like instagram. i'm not a photographer, it's only my hobby. i only pick up hobbies i like, which means i like lomography. so: no problem to me there :D

  2. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    1. hipster fad : well yes, on its worst day it may be, you will always find hipsters hanging on to any area or interest of life. But on its best day Lomography is as different from that as chalk is to cheese. Their are some horrific hipster hobbie type painters...... but is anyone crying foul against them?

    2. if you don't think its worth it, don't buy it. Look for a cheaper option from ebay or a thrift store, and stop moaning about money. Be an adult and take responsibility for your choices.

    3. Well the old adage of 'a bad workman blames his tools' comes to mind. I have seen people take truly awful shots, consistently, with some of the most expensive digital/film cameras. Don't blame the camera! You took the picture, if you don't like it then look to what YOU did wrong, not the camera. Again, be an adult and dare to take responsibility for your own actions and choices.

    Also, don't buy a Baby Diana 110 and insist on getting shots like that of top of the line SLR...... be realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of the cameras, learn their particular ways. A meat cleaver and a scalpel may both be knives, but I do not choose to use a meat cleaver to cut out an intricate paper stencil!

    4. Lastly, I don't really care what moaners, haters and those that consider themselves 'Above' lomography say or think. They are wasting there own time pointlessly ranting about something they hate, when they could be more productively using that time to do something they love. To say ALL lomography is bad is silly, just as it is silly to say its all good. Take the reasonable course and get what you want from it or leave it alone, life's to short as it is, why waste it moaning?

    I keep my own mind, If I like something then I Like it, regardless of what others say or feel. Something I keep in mind is this: My second year tutor at uni said 'fantasy arts and all related genres were worthless, and that Dragons, (my particular love and inspiration) were not relevant to todays societies'...... then (besides the fact I am side-stepping the whole cultures of japan and china thing) what, a few short years later should hit the box office in film format? Lord of the rings! oh yes... fantasy art is not relevant at all!

    so, Listen not to the haters, they are invariably narrow minded of view and bitter of spirit.

  3. pearlsphere-kameraliebe
    pearlsphere-kameraliebe ·

    Hello fellow Lomographers,
    Thank you for your comments on this blog entry. Yes I know it might sound whiny and stuff. I just want to let you all know that I have nothing against digital photography, nor do I intend to quit Lomography entirely (maybe I will slow down a little, but I won't quit).

  4. pearlsphere-kameraliebe
    pearlsphere-kameraliebe ·

    @ asharnanae, I like and totally agree with your last statement about dragons and Lord of the Rings. I'm also pretty much facing this sort of put-downs. It seems like so-called "high art" cannot be of cutesy, fantasy, or stuff from Lomography. And yet, our audiences want to see exciting things like Avatar and Tron:Legacy. It's really weird and contradictory.