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  • Pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    Pan_dre's Shopping Guide
    Happy Monday everybody and welcome once again to pan_dre's shopping guide. With new deliveries rushing in, we have some familiar face back in the shop today as well as a pinhole newcomer waiting for it's chance to shine.
  • Dream Team Packages: LC-A+

    Dream Team Packages: LC-A+
    The greatest constant in the photographic world has always been black & white film. From fine grain to dynamic contrast and heart-wrenching tones, black & white is the choice for time-spanning, emotional photography. And what better way to capture your timeless autumnal adventures than in full-frame 20mm super-wide angle with the greatest accessory ever produced for the LC-A+, the Wide Angle lens.
  • Pan_dre' Emulsion Weekly

    Pan_dre' Emulsion Weekly
    Here's another issue of my very personal weekly choice of film. Last weekend we were blessed with the best weather in weeks so I seized the opportunity and took my Yashica and a hand full of carefully selected film with me in the autumn sun.
  • Pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    Pan_dre's Shopping Guide
    Welcome to another installement of pan_dre's shopping guide:
  • Pan_dre's Emulsion Weekly

    Pan_dre's Emulsion Weekly
    Here's my little guide to this weeks film newcomers, back-in-stockers, instant classics and special offers:
  • Pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    Pan_dre's Shopping Guide
    Hey folks, it's time again for pan_dre's shopping guide.
  • pan_dre's Shopping Guide

    pan_dre's Shopping Guide
    Welcome to the first installement of pan_dre's shopping guide, your source for all the happings around's online shop.
  • Zenit 11 gallery - Balos, Greece

    Zenit 11 gallery - Balos, Greece
    My favourite camera breaking into in pieces right before my trip to Balos, Greece could have turned into a complete photo-disaster but, lucky me, I ended up giving my Zenit 11 SLR a go.
  • Deadstock Tale by grimbyname: Smena Symbol

    Deadstock Tale by grimbyname: Smena Symbol
    In the summer of 2006, while doing a bit of mindless web wandering, I discovered the weird and wonderful community of film-addicted lomographers, and wanted to join in. Looking through the homes and shop, while waiting for a Fisheye 2 to arrive, it didn't take me long to discover that I already possessed a bona-fide lomographic Russian deadstock tool, a Symbol bought for me by my father in the early eighties. He was a keen amateur photographer, owning both Zenit and Praktica SLRs, a Zorki 4K rangefinder, all with a variety of lenses, and his own black and white darkroom kit too. For some reason he'd decided to buy a Symbol each for me and my mother, most probably because they were cheap, about £8 if I remember correctly. I already had a Fed 4 (a 'proper' camera with coupled rangefinder and built-in light meter) that my parents had bought me for being a smart lad for passing my 11-plus exam for the grammar school, so the Symbol, UK branded as Cosmic rather than Smena, saw little use, and I don't even know if any pics remain from its early days. Smena means 'Young Generation', which is when I first became acquainted with the Symbol. Cosmic sounds rather fantastical, spacey even, or perhaps an exclamation from a zoned-out hippy. No matter, I'm not afraid to admit to having been all those things at one time or another. And the photographic evidence of much of that is hopefully locked in a secure vault somewhere. Anyway, I digress.
  • Lab Rats Special Deals

    Lab Rats Special Deals
    h2. Fuji Pro 400 expired
  • The Lomo LC-A+ Week August

    The Lomo LC-A+ Week August
    The hot and sticky days of August are upon us. Happily, full sun is a good friend of the Lomo LC-A+, and this is a prime opportunity to get off your ass, head out the door, and shoot all of those awesome projects, crazy events, and unpredictable experiments that you've been putting off. Trust us, you won't want to do it in the dead of winter, so this is your chance! To help you along, we've got an all-new limited edition Colorsplash Flash, three totally inspirational Lomo Amigos, and an exclusive LC-A+ underwater package.
  • Russian Antiques

    Russian Antiques
    Good Russian cameras are unique characters with their specific features,
  • The Fed 5!

    The Fed 5!
    image from "":
  • Vilia

    image from "":
  • Smena 8M

    Smena 8M
    The Smena 8M is a b-e-a-utiful piece of Russian deadstock. With a contrasty and saturated lens, dead-easy manual controls, and a look that says, “I AM RUSSIAN, I AM AWESOME” – with a fleeting glance at the bottom of the lens barrel – “I WAS MADE IN THE USSR!”, this babe is a hot one, but she’s pretty useful as well. The Smena can be used in two ways. Just as the manual illustrates, you can set it up in what I call my “snapshot mode” where the aperture is 16, the shutter corresponds to those little diagrams, and the depth of field is set perfectly so I have everywhere from one meter to infinity in crystal clear, saturated, contrasty view. However, with a fiddle of the aperture, and an attitude that says, “Screw you, little diagrams, I can take the REAL numbers!” –heck, I just peer aside the camera and there they are – the Smena has a whole new, creative potential. And of course, with its dead simplicity, the Smena is easily modifiable with awesome behind the lens “masks”, the sensational lens is PERFECT for x-pro, and a “re-cockable” shutter makes for insane multiple exposures.
  • The Zenit E

    The Zenit E
    The very best thing about the Zenit E can be summed up in one word – Versatility – well, that or weight (and either way get your head out of the gutter boys). So it is heavy as heck, which is great for urban exploring as you can use it as a pretty bitchin weapon if the need arises. Aside from that it has all the bells and whistles, as much as any old Russian has bells and whistles. Aperture setting, B setting, shutter speed, manual focus but the best thing is that the SLR lets you look at your picture as you take it, like a 1970s digital almost, what you see is what you are gonna get, except in 1-2 weeks instead of 1-2 seconds, anyways I digress. As you can see with my gallery this allows you to get the macro distance correct every time for sharp close-ups, oh thank the lord! Works well with black and white, slide, redscale, or just your standard color 35mm. You can also work it for a crisp overall look or get super wacky field of vision with the blurry back and the sharp central image. You can even go ahead and throw on the Holga filters for fun, do what you do, the Zenit E allows you.
  • Tripwolf Photo Competition Sponsored by Lomography

    Tripwolf Photo Competition Sponsored by Lomography
    tripwolf ("": is a cool new social travel guide that covers the whole world. It combines information from travel guide books with tips and advice from thousands of globetrotters worldwide.
  • Join us at the Photokina 2008

    Plan your trip - this year's top international Lomography project will
  • THE FUTURE IS DIGITAL? We don't think... The Great Analogue Photo Rumble - Participate Now

    THE FUTURE IS DIGITAL? We don't think... The Great Analogue Photo Rumble - Participate Now
    An earthquake-like shock shook our headquarters this week. While evaluating the grand analogue survey feedback we had to swallow the fact that the majority of Lomographers believe that - the future is digital. The shock! The Horror! We were ready to throw everything out of the window; cancel Photokina, abandon camera production and start producing microchips for digital air-conditioning systems. But alas! Just seconds before our fingers touched the “Off” switch we discovered the very same sample of people actually believe that the most essential things in life remain analogue! Life, love, fun, sex, beauty, creativity were voted by a huge percentage to be definitively analogue.“
  • Spreading the Lomo Love

    Spreading the Lomo Love
    "About a year ago, some members of Lomomanila were invited to give lectures on Lomography in popular universities in Manila. Such universities include De La Salle University, University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University. We were invited as part of the schools’ alternative program. This year, Lomomanila also went corporate. We were invited by the inhouse camera club of Hewlett Packard called “Shutters” to lecture on Lomography. It was well received and everybody had fun. We have several outstanding invitations to go back to some of the above universities to give the same lectures.