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Have Camera, Will Travel

I love to travel and I love to bring home gorgeous pictures. Well, who doesn't? Let me tell you my secrets to great travel shots.

Awesome Albums: Kaumei by Pasty

Sometimes we don't need faces to appreciate a Lomographic photo. Silhouettes, captured in elegant medium format, are just enough to show the beauty that film photography can bring.

Make your subjects transparent: How to create Ghost Shots (GS)

Have you already seen a mysterious looking photo that features a transparent subject? Well, it's one of the multiple exposure techniques and is actually simple to do.

Awesome Albums: Flowers in Her Hair by blueskyandhardrock

Women like adorning their hair with flowers. It's girly, it's fresh, and it makes you extra pretty! After all, it's our crowning glory, right?

Dazzling Splitzed Double Exposures Taken Using the Lomo LC-A+

Among the wondrous things you can achieve with the Lomo LC-A+ and its nifty MX button is the splitzed double. A lot of lomographers out there might already have an idea how it's done, but for those who don't, read on to find a quick tip and a handful of jaw-dropping photos that will serve as creative inspiration!

Taking Back Tipsters: Splitzer Tipsters for Fisheye Cameras

Lomographs taken using the Fisheye cameras are already unique in their own way, but who says you can't experiment with fisheye snaps anymore? One thing you can try making with these fun, circular shots is to splitz them, using a dedicated splitzer you can make yourself! Find out how after the jump!

Taking Back Tipsters: Splitzer Tipsters for Diana Mini

Haven't tried taking splitzed photos yet using your Diana Mini? Then, It's time for you make a handy splitzer for your Mini mate using some easy to find materials. Find out how in the tipsters by our fellow lomographers after the jump!

20 Surreal Lomo LC-A+ Splitzer Images

Ever fantasized about "calling the shots?" Well, it's possible with the Splitzer - the lightweight plastic accessory that allows you to slice your Lomo LC-A+ images into halves and quarters just by twisting the blades. The results will amuse and surprise you - take a look at our favorites after the jump!

Dazzling Diana F+ Splitzed Doubles: The World at Their Feet

Looking for something to serve as your inspiration for you next Diana F+ masterpieces? Today, we bring you a selection of impressive Diana doubles, made funky and interesting using the Splitzer technique! Take a look at some splitzed doubles showing people with the world at their feet!

Analogue Girl About Town: Now that I’m 30, I’ve become painfully aware of my own mortality

I had this week’s article written and ready for publishing two weeks before my deadline but a lot has happened since then so I decided to write an entirely different article, one that would be more fitting. I also dusted off my trusty Mamiya C330 so I could capture the sense of this piece on film.

Making an Awesome DIY Photo Frame

DIY photo frames are a dime a dozen but this one in particular is particularly nice. Read on for the steps on how to do it yourself!

Holga - Using Coloured Filters

Ever wondered how to use coloured filters for your black and white holga shots, and what effects they have? I have the answer for you

Smena 8M Redscale Excellence!

The quick and easy way to load your Smena 8m with redscale film, or any camera with a removable take up spool!

EBS: Shooting Negative with X-Pro Style

I could not wait to try out EBS after coming across a Japanese Lomographer's tipster. Never had I expected the results from a negative film could be so fabulous! I have deeply fallen in love with EBS shooting style!

A Film Soup

This psychedelic effect came from a unique concoction that is within reach at your mum's hearty kitchen!

Film Cocktail Overdoze

No matter how bad you treat your film it will always survive!

Analogue Day Activity: Host a Lightpainting Session with Your Friends

One of the most popular techniques among the community is lightpainting – it’s fun, it’s challenging, and if successful, the results are quite rewarding! So how about taking things up to the next level?

A Beginner’s Guide to C-41 Developing at Home (It’s a Lot Easier Than you Think!) - Part One of Two

People are often surprised that I develop and even cross process my own negatives in the comfort of my own home, especially after they've seen my photos. And I am often surprised that they’re surprised, considering how easy it is to do.

Tipster: How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)

Today I will be introducing the technique so called EBS, exposing both sides of the film, one of the most unique techniques within Lomographic photos. Is it hard to do it? Maybe! But once you get good luck and concentration, you might get amazing results!

Let's 'Cook' the Film: The Recipe of Film Soup!

The idea of film soup, is to allow the film to have chemical interaction with the 'soup', and produce the unexpectedly extraordinary effect for your Lomographs. Since the first film soup ever been 'served', every Lomographer has eagerly recorded down their own recipe and review. In this article, I would like to share my experience with my own secret recipe!

Long Exposure Tips and Painting with Light

Doing long exposure shots and light paintings can be an easy and enjoyable experience. By remembering some tips and tricks, anyone can do it well.

Spinning in Freezing Iceland

Located in Northern Europe, it is an island between the Greenland Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northwest of the United Kingdom. Iceland is the westernmost European country with Reykjavik as the northernmost national capital in the world.

Destroying Film to Play with Color

I have recently completed my first film destroy mission and have been amazed at the beautiful warped colours it has produced! The best way to play with colours is to use the unexpected. So why not add a bit of excitement to your pictures and take a risk? Read on to find our more about my film destroyer which produced psychedelic results!

Commitment To Sparkle Motion: Sparkler Portraits and Light Painting

Twice a year we have the ability to stock up on sticks that twinkle when we light them on fire. Sparklers have a color you can't replicate. Here we will talk about how to use sparklers for lighting portraits and light painting. From common mistakes to best practices, let's lock in your commitment to Sparkle Motion!

Make Your Own Color Filter!

Would you also like photos with amazing red, green, blue and yellow shades? You can easily make ones to put behind and in front of your lens on your own!

DIY Rainbow Polka Dot Filters: Pot of Gold Not Included

Add some color and design to your photos with these easy-peasy, printable DIY Rainbow Polka Dot Filters. All the steps, tips, and tricks from someone who's made it to the other side of the rainbow.

Club Life with a Colorsplash Flash
El cielo de Breña