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A DIY Splitzer for Your Diana

Are you a lover of the effects of the Splitzer, but you prefer to continue saving money for your next camera?

Focusing with String

When near perfect center focus is desired from your Holga or Diana +


95 Theses by Gerald Matt

Sure there are the 10 golden rules and the 10th rule that says that we should not follow any rules, but what about these theses?

Digitalize your negatives the ghetto way using the Lomography DigitaLIZA and a digital camera

Want to "scan" your negatives on the cheap? It's easy to digitalize your photos when you hold your negatives against a window, snap them with your digital camera and convert them to complete positive pictures on your computer. Find out how.

Paris on fire

Tutorial All About How to Properly Scan: From Equipment to Technique

We all need to somehow scan our photos. This will be a comprehensive guide to scanning - From scanners for every budget to having alternatives to traditional scanning.


Understanding Leaks, Streaks and Bent Images

Lecture for newbies: How to embrace light leaks and unpredictable effects from your Holga.

Tipster of the Week: Masks for Everyday Amusement

Wearing a mask can be very useful and it varies depending where we are: a mask of a superhero when you're with the one you'd want to protect, a cheerful kind of a mask for those days when you don't want anyone to see you crying or you can employ a mask of childishness for you and your camera!

Play With Your Negatives

That’s right, you heard it! Sometimes it’s ok not to think too much about what camera to use, which settings you apply and the angle that you pick! Instead let your film have some fun! And certainly, there are many ways on how you can make a film enjoy such thing like this one I did.

Ghetto Scan Those 35mm Negatives with A Window!

Do you have a window? Some Tape? and a digital camera? Then you can ghetto scan those 35mm negatives!


Fisheye the sky to make a moon in the day or night. I don’t think I invented this, I think my lomofriends did, either way, it's something I enjoyed doing and you should too.