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Meeting Half Way

Double exposures always yield amazing images. What if you used a splitzer and double exposed your film? Have you tried doing it? I did and here are the results.

Whirligig 1
Whirligig 2
Reach for the Stars Rumble Runner-up

Easy and Fast SPLITZ with Your Fingers

Have forgotten your LC-A splitzer or can't find it once again? Or do you just have to be fast, with no time to mount and set your splitzer? That's not a problem. You don't need the splitzer all the time to do the splitz. You can use your finger!

Darkroom Processing Tips: From Experienced Newbie to Newbie

As someone who has had about a year's worth of experience, I can say that developing black and white film isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I'd like to share some things I learned (mostly the hard way) with people also starting developing or considering doing so.

My Analogue Life: My Favourite Mistake

Surprise and anticipation are two of the very best things about analogue photography. It’s exciting, fun, and a thousand things digital photography can’t possibly be. But sometimes the surprises aren’t so super, like when an alternative processing experiment goes horribly wrong, or the back comes off your camera and exposes the film inside. And then there’s that occasional roll of damaged film that’s too damaged and the negatives end up being a long strip of nothing at all.

The Colors of Nature

Have you ever wondered why the sky sometimes is blue, sometimes green, sometimes red or orange? I love taking pictures of the sky; how about you?

A Beginner's Guide to Star Trail Photography

Let's call this an overview to the basics of star trail photography for beginners from the pros. These are a short collection of techniques I've read and learned from books and tutorials that I want to share with you.

Shoot the Stars with Diana+

Diana+ as an astronomy tool.

Lomocation: Out of This World

There isn't much analogue photographs about space travel these days but looking at the sky with the naked eye is an activity as old as time. Here are some shots I managed to capture with long exposures and late nights of the galaxies - the most difficult to reach lomocation (for now).

Scan It Yourself!

In which our hero regales us with the tale of how he decided to purchase a scanner. Or: Are you sure you're getting every shot off that roll of film you bring to your local lab?

Calgary Stampede vs Pacific National Exhibition

Expired For A Decade

The ISO 100 Fuji Neopan SS film, most common and least expensive Neopan film compared to the other Fuji Professional Black and White films. However, it is hard to find them nowadays as only few dealers stock them. Fuji Neopan SS is an old, very good fine grain B&W film that gives you seasoned and memorable pictures.

Coloring the Supersampler

In my unceasing search for more and more original photos and new lomo-experiences, this time I decided painting the four little eyes of the supersampler in four different colors.

Lomography Proudly Presents the Tori Amos Inspiration Competition

Lomography has partnered with world renowned song siren, Tori Amos, to bring you the iconic TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ and an amazing competition that will inspire Lomographers in every corner of the globe!

Paris X Singapore

Father & Son Antiques

One of my favorite places in all of Raleigh is Father & Son Antiques. If you're a vintage-addict like me, you'll fall in love.

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