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Chinese Soldier's Portrait Made Using 5,500 Toy Soldiers

An artist recreates one of the most iconic war photographs in history using 5,500 toy soldiers. Read about the epic work of art after the jump!

Today in History: First Commercial Movie Screening in Paris (1895)

On this day, 116 years ago, the French capital experienced the first commercial movie screening of films made by brothers Louis and Auguste Lumiere. Let's take another journey back to the early days of filmmaking and learn more about the work of the Lumiere Brothers.

Fumiko Imano's Twin Photographs

How would you like to have an instant twin, your wacky moments together immortalized on a photograph? Let Japanese photographer and artist Fumiko Imano show you how.

Dad's Day

Cutest Camera in the World!

Here's the Zeiss Ikon Tenax I, possibly the cutest camera in the world!! If you're a cutie of whatever species or gender out there, you're going to love this camera!! It will match you!!

Rolleiflex 3.5f and the Dangers of Adolescent Rudeness

Here is the Rolleiflex 3.5f, the best TLR ever, and the first camera I bought with my own money. Here is a saga of adventure, danger, and near tragedy brought on by adolescent stupidity, meanness, and automatically following the lead of your "Moe" (think of the social dynamic of "The Three Stooges"). With a great camera comes great responsibility!


Leftovers Vintage Store

A friendly vintage store in the heart of Brixton.

Best of the Best: Francesca Woodman

"Things looked funny because my pictures depend on an emotional state... I know this is true and I thought about this for a long time. Somehow it made me feel very, very good." – Francesca Woodman

Spanish Singer/Songwriter Russian Red and her Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day

A singer and a songwriter, Russian Red from Spain just had a concert in Hong Kong and we were lucky enough to catch her for an interview! Being a lomographer for two years with her beloved LC-A+, she shares with us her analogue journey and her thoughts on Lomography.

Cinema´s Museum
Aerochrome in my Holga
found out this camera has been letting light in through the top..
found out this camera has been letting light in through the top..
A few months in the can
A few months in the can

Stop-Motion Animation: Mary and Max

Stop-motion animation is a technique used in order to make characters appear to move on their own. The characters are moved in very small increments and are photographed. Each frame is then put together to create a moving picture. Let's take a look at Mary and Max, a stop-motion animation film that was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009.

Dream Gate
My teacher's Rolleiflex

Perfect Patterns Rumble Winners Announcement

As simple as they may seem, patterns possess an innate power to draw us in and enchant us. Here are the winners of our Perfect Patterns Rumble!

Growing old together
chinon ce-4 1st try!!