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Make up your mind, photolab!

I received my Holga TIM a few months ago, but due to a lack of time I only brought my first roll of film to the lab one week ago. I was pretty excited to see what photo's would be coming out so I couldn't wait to go and pick up my photos. And then the surprise came. I had to pay for 38 pictures.

I knew that about half of my pictures wouldn’t be printed because, well, I’m not such a good photographer and I always forget to think about the light before I take a picture.

I immediately knew what was going on but decided to pay and not say anything. At home I opened the envelop and saw, indeed, 38 pictures. One on every print.
I still don’t know if I think this is an advantage or not. I could have gone back and say “wait, there are supposed to be 2 pictures in 1 print”, but on the other hand, I can just use this camera to get 72 full size pictures out of a 36 roll of film!
Maybe I’m too much of a cheap-ass. I guess next time I will put a note on the envelope before handing in my film. A lot of pictures I had taken while having in mind they would be next to another. So now I have a lot of pictures. I have a picture of a trea – boring. I have a picture of a lake – boring. But what if I’d have had a picture of a trea, next to a picture of a lake, next to eachother? I guess the charm of the TIM gets lost when printing all pictures on a different print.
A friend of mine handed in her roll of pictures from the TIM in the same lab. She got them as they’re supposed to be. Make up your mind, photolab!

Photo by odjur

written by odjur

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