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The Lost Instant Camera: Kodak's CHAMP Kodamatic

Eastman Kodak tried to break into the instant camera market. I adored what they produced, but a lawsuit by Polaroid stole the joy of my CHAMP Kodamatic.

Jan von Holleben: The Photographer Who Likes To Play

Sometimes, people tend to forget to have fun with photography and take it all too seriously. But not Jan von Holleben whose series "Dreams of Flying" has inspired many others to play-shoot whimsical scenes with kids. Find out more about the artist—plus his installations at the John Radcliffe Children‘s Hospital in Oxford which will be completed today—here.

Important Update on the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography

Nothing lasts forever. Things change. Some for the better, others for the worse. Here is an important announcement regarding the famous '10 Golden Rules'. This groundbreaking news might just shake the foundation in which the Lomographic Society International stands for.

far away

The 10 Rules to Break in Photography

Rule 10 of Lomography: Don't worry about any rules.. Why? Well, read these simple ideas that will stimulate your creativity while going beyond the academic rules of composition.

Shooting with Expired Black and White Film

Shooting with expired black and white film is much easier and simpler than shooting expired colour film, so bargains can be had.

Cellophane Filters: An Easy Way to Add Color to Your Pictures

Sometimes we use a regular film, take some good shots and finally after developing the results are not what we wanted, some color and magic is missing. Here's a simple way to add more color to your pictures by following 3 steps.

Redscale winter
Redscale winter
Bradbury Building

How to do C41 at Home

After almost two years of nonstop shooting film and more than $1000 worth of expenses on processing and prints, I needed to reconsider my budget and find a way of being able to shoot more and pay less. And then I started to process my rolls at home. It is as easy as it could be and I‘ll show you today how to do it, step by step.

Tipster of the Week: Melt That Plastic in Your Camera!

How to make beautiful borders for your Diana pictures with just a few pices of plastic, tape, and a lighter!

Taking Back Tipsters: Diana F+

It's time for another edition of Taking Back Tipsters! This time, we are featuring some of the best Diana F+ Tipsters contributed by our community members. Read on to find out if your Diana F+ Tipster made the list!

St. Paddy's Day
St. Paddy's Day
St. Paddy's Day

Help Us Reach 15 Million Photo Likes on Lomography!

We are getting very close to having 15 million photo likes on Lomography and want you to help us reach the grand target. We’ll be giving away prizes for all kinds of milestones on the journey – there will be giveaways for our top photo likers, tantalizing prizes for those people who receive the most likes and all kinds of other rewards along the way too.

I-Town Inside. Guests from Moskow & IOHU's Days

Kunsthaus Graz

The Kunsthaus was built in 2003 when Graz was European Capital of Culture. It was designed by London architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier and is a very cool futuristic building – in my opinion it looks like a big blue space ship - situated near the river Mur between Südtiroler Platz and Lendkai.