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Beautiful Lomochrome Purple Photographs by Nicolette Clara Iles

Young London-based photographer Nicolette Clara Iles has finally gotten around to trying out the Lomochrome Purple, and she has graciously shared with us the results. Have a look at her lovely photos after the jump!

Rainbow Love
Rainbow Love
J's dream
J's dream
J's dream

UK Cityslicker Georgia: The Best of London's Tube Stations

We spend countless hours on the London Underground, hopping from tube to tube, switching lines, and minding the gap. Do you ever stop to observe the finer details of some of the system’s 270 stations?

10 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Photography in 2014

Still trying to find you photographic calling for 2014? The Phoblographer has outlined 10 tips for you to try out to reinvigorate your shooting habits!

Taking Back Tipsters: In and Out of the Darkroom

The analogue images you take don't magically become photos just because you will it into existence. The darkroom is where all the magic happens! Whether you're adept at developing at home or not, here's a couple of darkroom-centric Tipsters for you guys to pore over this weekend.

Initiation to Film Destroying

In this Tipster, I'm going to show you how to destroy your film. A lot of people want to do it but few actually try it. For people like me who doesn't have access to the famous X-pro Film, I think it is the best thing to do. It is the best way to have colorful pictures, and all the products you need are in your kitchen.

Let's 'Cook' the Film: The Recipe of Film Soup!

The idea of film soup, is to allow the film to have chemical interaction with the 'soup', and produce the unexpectedly extraordinary effect for your Lomographs. Since the first film soup ever been 'served', every Lomographer has eagerly recorded down their own recipe and review. In this article, I would like to share my experience with my own secret recipe!

Taking Back Tipsters: Film Destroying Tips

It may sound strange, but yes, there are proper ways to soup, bleach, acidify and marinade your film. In this edition of Taking Back Tipsters, six community members share their experiments and experiences destroying film and illustrate how you can do it, too!

Give Your Film Soup A Theme

Film soups are a great way to experiment with analogue photography, but with all the recipes out there, it's really hard to decide what to put in your soup and what not. You don't have to worry, there is a very simple solution to that!

Experiment Number 1: Bleaching a Roll of Film

Read on to find out how I did one of my first experiments with the manipulation of 135 film.

They Call Me The Filmdestroyer

They call me The Filmdestroyer. Maybe they are right. To take care of my rolls of film is something that haven't been doing for a while. I know that they haven't done anything to me and always have treated me good but I just try to distract them.

Taking Back Tipsters: Destroying Film

Welcome the new year with a bang by trying these tipsters on destroying your film. Take caution though, as these aren't for the faint of heart!

Experiment No.3 Photo and Detergent

Here's another one of my film experiments. This time, I used detergent on my 35mm film roll! See the results after the jump.

Colorful Double Exposures with Your LC-Wide

It's no secret that I like playing around with color filters. Here, I'll show you how I created overlapping color images using green and red filters.

Cook your Film and Create Crazy Effects!

Anyone looking for an easy way to quickly and conveniently manipulate his 35mm so that it delivers the craziest and most unpredictable color effects should try this easy tipster!

Create More Colorful Double Exposure Photos Using Gradient Colors!

One day I had the idea to make color gradients with my computer and picture editing program and some other stuff to give my pictures a touch of color. You can also do it analogue style with rainbow paper!

Adding Embroidery to Your Photos

Want to add a little more 'oomph' to the photos you just printed out? Stitch in a couple of threads to add some pizzazz!

Ilford XP2 Super 400 35mm : Solutions for C-41 Process Besides Kodak BW CN

This is the most enjoyable black and white film for those of you who don't have an access to process your own b&w film with b&w chemicals because you can process it with the C-41 process.

Lomopedia: Canon AE-1 Program

A popular SLR camera among beginner and intermediate film photographs to this day, the AE-1 Program was introduced by Canon in 1981. Chances are, you already have this analogue gem in your camera shelf, wishlist, or even your grandparents' attic, so step right up to learn more about it!

An Interview with British Photographer Nicolette Clara Illes

As you may recall, we did a short feature on young photographer Nicolette Clara Illes’ lovely analogue portraiture a few weeks back. We’ve recently gotten in touch with the London-based photographer through this e-mail interview, where she opened up on how she started with photography, what her favorite subjects are, why she chooses to shoot film, and so much more!

Awesome Albums: Purple Haze by impaktor

While the photos in today's Awesome Album feature were taken a bit recently, you'll find it hard to believe once you take a good look at these gorgeous shots! Find out why under the cut!

Purple Greece No. 2

Awesome Albums: A Purpelicious day at the Botanical Garden by bobby_sekeris

Nothing shows the surreal capabilities of the LomoChrome Purple better than lush landscapes and gorgeous greenery, which is why lomographer bobby_sekeris couldn't have picked a better spot to shoot with the purple-licious film! Flip through her awesome album after the jump!

The Retro Charm of Club Color 100 (Expired 110 Film)

I'm also addicted to the pocket film mania. In this review, I want to introduce a long-expired pocket film: the Club Color 100.

Distorted Abstract Images from Burnt Film by Peter Hoffman

A Chicago-based photographer raises a question about man's connection with his natural resources through a series of distorted images made by burning exposed film. Learn more about his extreme film destroying methods for this series after the jump!

Analogue Portraiture by Nicolette Clara Iles

Young photographer Nicolette Clara Iles’ portfolio boasts of impressive portraits.