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Any idea which camera?

I had a roll of film developed when I first got my film scanner - I didn't record the camera I used and I left the film for about a year before I scanned it. And obviously know I've forgotten which camera I used!


About a year ago almost, I bought my film scanner. I was still getting to grips with it and with my work flow. I had heard that scanning the film as a positive, even when it was a negative, and then editing it in photoshop or similar was the best way. And I was scanning at 4800dpi with SilverFast. Frame by frame. Scanning a roll of film would be an all night effort! As such, I was still getting film processed and then working my way through it at a very slow pace, picking the rolls that I thought would yield best shots. A couple of rolls of film missed scanning and since I’ve changed my work flow, reducing down to 1200dpi for 120 and mostly 2400dpi for 35mm. And having turned off dust and stratch removal and using Scan Gear for batch 35mm scanning has really sped up my work flow! So I dug out the two missed rolls and scanned them. One I remembered was from my Vivitar PN2011 or Octopus PN919 (that album is here: http://www.lomography.com/homes/nicolas_noir/albums/1685882-vivitar-pn2011-expired-agfa-pro-200), the other however I can not remember which. It could either be a Lomo Smena 35 or a Yashica T AF, I have no recollection of shooting the film as I think it was in my camera for quite a while as well!

Photo by nicolas_noir

So this has areas that are quite sharp and well focussed, which would lead me to think it was with the Smena as when you are using 400 speed film you set the aperture to f16, giving a wide depth of field. However the light leak is fairly similar to that on my Yashica T AF produced by the window on the film door .

Photo by nicolas_noir

These next photos again are quite sharp, but perhaps lean towards the Yashica T AF side of sharpness.

These shots could be from either camera, though the Smena produces more parallax error then the Yashica, neither can focus very close though.

However I do have a faint memory of actually metering and maybe even using a range finder for this shot, which would lean towards Smena.

Photo by nicolas_noir

And the multi-exposure/over-lapping of shots is generally something that Smena does.

Photo by nicolas_noir

I’m siding with Smena, but I can not be sure – before this point I was getting prints for both cameras and neither of which looked like the photos from these scans. I feel as though I had a long suffering doubles roll in the Yashica T AF at the time which I finally finished and sent off to @coldkennels – if he has uploaded the photos onto here, I couldn’t be sure! Neither camera I use anymore, though I think the Smena should get more use!

written by nicolas_noir

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